How To Cook Egusi Soup With Waterleaf

Egusi soup cooked with waterleaf.
 Nigerian Egusi soup can be cooked with vegetables like (ugu) (fluted pumpkin), amaranthus (Aleho, green), tomatoes, bitter leaf, Spinach,water leaf and so on. Egusi soup tastes great wih all those green leafy vegetables but honestly, waterleaf has a way of softening the soup and making it so enjoyable. When I cook egusi with ugu leaves (Fluted pumpkin) a pinch of ground ogbono is added to soften soup a bit without making it drawy. With waterleaf in egusi soup, you don't need no softener, just enjoy.
For those who can't find waterleaf, use spinach.

4 cups egusi
2 kg beef
1 stock fish head
1/2 cup ground crayfish
2 medium sized smoked catfish
pepper to taste
1 bunch waterleaf
1 tablespoonful palm oil (You can add more)
1 medium sized onion to steam the beef
Salt to taste
Seasoning cubes
5 cups water to start with, you add more as you cook to get your desired thickness.


  1. Steam beef and stock fish with onion, pepper, seasoning and salt till almost
  2. tender, add water and let it boil.
  3. Pound the ground egusi again in a mortar with some salt and 1 tablespoon warm water until you see some oil, if there's no mortar, mix with a spoon and bowl until fluffy like eba.
  4. Add the egusi and palm oil, let it boil before you stir, add crayfish and check for taste.
  5. Cook like your normal egusi soup, you can follow this step by step egusi soup recipe
  6. Let soup be completely cooked before you add the smoked catfish and waterleaf.
  7. Serve with some fufu, eba, pounded yam, semo and any swallow of choice.

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 Egusi soup is cooked ready for waterleaf addition

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Just added waterleaf, turned off the heat and stirred very well to mix

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 Egusi soup cooked with less oil
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Delicious Egusi soup cooked with waterleaf, served with eba.

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