Nigerian Tomato Egusi/Melon Stew, Soup

Nigerian egusi Stew, Soup With tomatoes.
This is for the mailer that asked if you can add tomato to egusi stew. I like the taste of tomato in egusi soup or stew. I remember Lizzy posted Efo elegusi on the blog, she added tomatoes to her egusi soup.  Chubby Ella's multi purpose egusi soup also has tomatoes in it

There are many methods of cooking this tomato in egusi stew and here is how I make mine.


If you have ever eaten boiled rice, yam or plantain with egusi stew, then you'll feel me here. I add a little tomato paste to my egusi stew but forgot to add here, lolz. Adding some tomato makes it really go well with rice and gives the melon stew very bright colour. Even when tomatoes is added, it can still be served with pounded yam made in a food processor or maually or even serevd with any other swallow like eba, semo, amala, elubo, starch etc.

This pics were taken when I was still pregnant and sorry I didn't have the patience to really take all the step by step pics, I kind of rushed them but you can still follow with any of the many egusi soup recipe on the blog. 

When the lumpy egusi draw soup was posted, I made the melon lumps by pounding with a little warm water. This method is very fast, you only have to mix the ground melon and fry in hot oil stirring until it's well fried and the lumps are formed before emptying into the boiling pot of stock.

How to cook egusi soup with egusi balls (lumps)

  • By pounding the ground egusi with some warm water, salt, chopped onion and fresh red pepper. Once the mortar becomes oily with the pounded stuff, then its ready to go into the pot of soup. Cut tiny lumps and drop in your boiling pot of soup, cover and allow to boil for at least 5 minutes before gently stirring.
  • Mix ground melon with water, some Salt, pour into a pot of hot oil and fry till lumps are formed. Empty the fried lumpy melon into the pot of soup and continue cooking.
METHOD 3 and my least favourite. 
  • Mix ground egusi with a little water, continue to mash and mould or pound until it forms like a dough, with your fingers, mould little lumps and keep in the freezer for a few minutes until they get cold and kind of non sticky. When lumps begin to feel different from when you just put them in the freezer, bring out and add to the boiling pot of stock.

    NB: If you are adding the lumps to ogbono soup, make sure the ogbono doesn't soften and disintergrate your lumps. I use ogbono as a softener sometimes.
You can add tomatoes while frying the egusi if you like.
Frying egusi in oil before adding to soup pot

Stirring to prevent it sticking or getting burnt

Fried egusi is added to the boiling pot of  beef stock, stock fish and crayfish

Frying gave the egusi tiny lumps

Adding a little tomato to the stew. This tomato contains tatashe, onion and pepper all ground together
Oh well... You can make yours as thick as you want by cooking with just a little quantity of stock
Nigerian egusi soup served with rice
If you know a different method of cooking tomatoes in melon soup or stew please share.
This can be cooked with any of the many egusi soup recipes on wives connection blog.


  1. Anonymous10:57

    This is Nice, i av never add tomatoes just other pepper and I pour the stock meat fish n crayfish into d fried egusi. Will definitely try this method. Thanks and keep up the good work

  2. Anonymous11:48

    This is how my grandma taught me,1. Cook ur meat and fish with all the ingredent as in normal stew.2. Pour either Red or grandnut oil in another dry pot and hit 3.add onion and leave to brown then add ur tomato and fry till the sow teaste is off 4. Add ur egusi to the tomato and continue frying till the egusi mix well with the tomato,add ur granded crayfish to it 5. Pour ur meat water to the tomato and egusi pot and stir,teast for salt and maggi.6 a little cent leaf(nchuawu)makes the teast sweet.

    1. Anonymous18:43

      @anonymous what ur granny thought u was right,that how I prepare mine nd it comes of perfect

  3. Lizzy13:31

    You are right, frying the egusi gives it that lumpy look. Adding a bit of bitter leaf give it a perfect look plus a better/sweet taste.
    Aunty Eya u do well o. So u can stil manage to cook, u are indeed a strong woman. Hope u won't pound yam join o. Lol

  4. For super sized lumps, you can pound and mould your egusi, then boil. I love this post o! N egusi soup as well :-)

  5. Anonymous10:01

    Best served with boiled yam. Hmmmm

  6. LNC white range13:46

    Strolling to wuse market to buy egusi and waterleaf.

  7. Anonymous22:14

    Another way u can do it, you add the tomatoes to the egusi and fry both together then add to your boiling pot on the cooker. It makes the egusi soup more attractive

  8. Anonymous09:23

    yummy. I mix my grounded egusi with blended onion to form thick paste. Then i scoop it ln little quantities to d fryn tomatoes/ pepper sauce to boil 4 abt 15 to 20 mins stirng, b4 add d precookd beef stock.

  9. Never tried tomato with egusi....its nice and attractive

  10. This is nice

    Eya been a while o!

    Check me out on

  11. Anonymous15:19

    this is how i prepare my egusi i boil my meat,stockfish 2gher later add ponmo,add pepper(tomato,tatashe and plenty onions)then mix my egusi with raw egg mix it very well mould and drop it bit by bit into the boiling soup,add bitterleaf and palm oil cover to boil b4 you stir.that's my lumpy egusi soup

  12. Anonymous15:19

    this is how i prepare my egusi i boil my meat,stockfish 2gher later add ponmo,add pepper(tomato,tatashe and plenty onions)then mix my egusi with raw egg mix it very well mould and drop it bit by bit into the boiling soup,add bitterleaf and palm oil cover to boil b4 you stir.that's my lumpy egusi soup

  13. Mariam10:23

    You can also use blended and boiled tomato fruits for this soup, add the way aunty eya just did. I add more tomatoes than this to my egusi soup and it tastes delicious.

  14. Please am having problems subscribing to your newsletter. maybe the problem is from my pc.
    wanna eat this egusi soup right through my screen.!!! Egusi soup recipe...most especially the clear step by step used just like the site


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