How To Cook Nigerian White Soup With Melon Lumps

Nigerian white soup with egusi soup
Nigerian white soup cooked with egusi (melon) lumps.
Nigerian white soup originated from the South South Geopolitical zone of Nigeria. It's very easy to cook, serve and enjoy with fufu especially poundedyam. Because of its spicy nature, new moms are encouraged to take lots of this soup the first few weeks after delivery. Different countries have their own versions of white soups completely different from Nigerian white soup.

If well cooked with uziza hot leaves, this soup can be mega delicious and rich in

vitamins and minerals. I cooked with egusi lumps for a change. There is a post on Nigerian white soup on the blog already. Growing up,  We were served egusi lumps in white soupporridges, stews and even ogbono soup. I'll find time to cook and share the ones that are not yet here on the blog.

White soup with egusi balls by wives connection
A small serving of white soup with pounded yam.

Beef stock for the white soup 

Adding stockfish to start before bringing to boil

 Ground egusi pounded again with some warm water until it looks like dough and becomes oily

 Egusi in the mortar, ready for lumps

Cutting and dropping in boiling stock

 It's called white soup but I like mine with a little drop of palm oil

 Dropping well pounded, now slimy yam in the stock to thicken the soup
Adding already pressure cooked beef to soup after egusi lumps

Adding washed dry catfish after the cooked beef

Adding just a handful of uziza hot leaf

 Stirring soup to mix well and thicken after adding everything. Left to simmer for about 3 minutes after everything has been added and soup is thick and ready.

A plate of white soup with egusi lumps and stockfish showing
Nigerian white soup with egusi recipe
 A delicious serving of white soup, you can let it boil longer while stirring to thicken to desired consistency

white soup recipe by wives connection
 Nigerian white soup with pounded yam 

White soup recipe
 Delicious white soup 

Soup packed for freezing.
How to cook egusi soup with washed bitter leaf.

How to cook egusi soup with ugu vegetable


  1. This looks delicious,never knew egusi can be used to cook white soup. noted.

    1. Thanks Sylvia. Yes little can also be sprinkled to thicken in place of pounded or both.

  2. Anonymous5/02/2016

    Dis old layout is d best! Been struggling with dat new 1 b4! Please leave it dis way aunt eya

  3. And m back. Looks delicious.

    1. Welcome back Slikky, enjoy the egusi soup sis.

  4. Ehen I can freely comment now. HAPPY

    1. I'm happy for you too. Sorry about the stress. Happy commenting oh.

  5. Anonymous5/03/2016

    This soup sef, chai na to just swallow saliva oo

  6. Haá what a relief to see this layout back. Very easy to go through and comment.

  7. Haá what a relief to see this layout back. Very easy to go through and comment.

    1. Thanks FavourablyBlessed. Sorry about the stress you went through trying to navigate through the old layout.


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