How To Cook Ugwu Melon Egusi Soup With Pounded Yam

Egusi Soup Recipe

Egusi soup with vegetables
 Egusi soup also known as melon soup.
Egusi soup also known as melon soup in Nigeria can be
cooked plain or with vegetables. Egusi soup cooked with green vegetables is very nutritious. I can take the soup alone without foofoo or any swallow and still feel full and satisfied. This soup cooks fast. The reason I add egusi (melon) early is to give it enough time to cook. Sometimes, I fry the egusi in palm oil before adding to the soup. That way, the egusi becomes a bit lumpy. At other time, I add a little warm water to the egusi (melon), stir and mix or pound until oil begins to come out of the melon before dropping in tiny lumps into the pot of soup.

This egusi with vegetable soup can be served alongside Eba, Starch, semo, poundo or not too soft Amala. This soup is much, can serve up to 10.

  • 4 cups ground egusi (melon)  
  • 11/2kg goat meat 
  • fluted pumpkin  vegetables (ugu leaves)
  • 1 large smoked catfish 
  • 1 pack stockfish  
  • 2 tablespoons palm oil
  • seasoning cubes to taste
  • salt to taste
  • 1 small onion 
  • 2 large peppers  
  • 1 cup crayfish 
  • water

How to cook egusi soup

Cooking Steps:

  1. Boil washed goat meat with salt, pepper and onions for about 10 minutes
  2. Add water if you notice pot is drying up. Add seasoning cubes Check for salt
  3. Add stock fish,  melon and crayfish when meat stock begins to, boil
  4. Allow egusi to cook for about 8 minutes before adding palm oil and washed periwinkles, stir, check for salt, cover to boil till you are satisfied with the thicknness of the soup  and taste of the melon
  5. Agg the ugwu vegetables, stir and leave for about 3 minutes before turning off the heat. Leave soup pot open so that the heated pot does not continue cooking your green vegetables.
  6. Serve with your foo foo or any swallow.
Remember that egusi vegetable soup tastes better after one day, so, cook much and save the rest.

  • See step by step cooking pictures below...
Egusi soup served with pounded yam
ugwu melon soup with pounded yam
Ingredients for egusi (melon) soup
 Some ingredients

Thawing frozen meat to cook egusi soup
frozen goat meat kept to thaw
Cooking egusi (melon) soup with step by step photos
boiling goat meat with onions, salt and ground pepper
Cooking egusi (melon) soup with step by step photos 01
adding water and seasoning o the stock
Cooking egusi (melon) soup with step by step photos 02
add ground egusi (melon)

Cooking egusi (melon) soup with step by step photos 03
add washed stockfish and smoked fish
Cooking egusi (melon) soup with step by step photos 04
add ground crayfish
Cooking egusi (melon) soup with step by step photos 05
add palm oil 
Cooking egusi (melon) soup with step by step photos 06
add periwinkles (mfi)
Cooking egusi (melon) soup with step by step photos 07
stir and check for salt
Cooking egusi (melon) soup with step by step photos 08
add washed ugwu (fluted pumpkin)
Cooking egusi (melon) soup with step by step photos 09
stir ugwu in and check for salt
Cooking egusi (melon) soup with step by step photos 010
stir, check for salt and add if needed 
Egusi (melon) soup with a side of pounded yam
ugwu egusi soup with soft smooth pounded yam
Washed bitter leaf or hot leaf (uziza) can be used in place of ugwu leaves. Adding cow skin (kpomo) will bring added pleasure when devouring this tasty soup.


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  1. Anonymous2/22/2013

    I love this post, It reminds me of those days I was still a bachelor. I cook exactly like this, am a very good cook. But My wife doesnt and I have indirectly try to teach her but she wont take that from me. Dunno how she can learn from your tips.

    1. Oga, your reply is down, after Myne Whitman's comment...

  2. I saw you post in my email and looking at the first photo. hmmm! I felt like eating ugwu soap. Nice one. Pure CSS Scroll Up Button For Your Blogs

  3. This is too much Eya, I must be your guest one day, lol... I love this recipe

    1. Hahaha! I'd feel honored to have you as my guest, Myne.

  4. Hi Anonymous, thanks for reporting her. She will learn indirectly from this blog. Just tell her that you discovered something shed like, then give her the blog address. Do not read the blog together with her unless she invites you.


    1. Do not compare her cooking to any post you see here. We all have our different methods of cooking that work for us.
    2. Do not tell her that you want her meals to taste or look like the ones on the blog, **leave her to make that decision herself.
    3. Any day she prepares any food from this blog recipes, compliment her cooking without making mention of the blog.
    4. Nothing more to add.
    5. Oga, You hear me so?

    1. Anonymous2/22/2013

      Great advice, my hubby cooks better than me though!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Anonymous2/22/2013

    aunty alwaysonpoint Eya, tank u so much for dis post, I'm sure d life of my egusi soup wil change cus its bn notin bt terrible **wink** keep up d good work dear.

  7. Anonymous2/22/2013

    aunty alwaysonpoint Eya, tank u so much for dis post, I'm sure d life of my egusi soup wil change cus its bn notin bt terrible **wink** keep up d good work dear.

  8. Anonymous2/22/2013

    D spelling is "Ugu" and not "Ugwu". Dey both hv diff meanings, "Ugwu" is a name in Igbo n most Enugu pple use it as der surname while "Ugu" is a vegetable I.e fluted pumpkin. Nice dish though, kip up d gud work.

    1. Oh, I see. Ugu, issorait thank you Anonymous.

    2. Anonymous2/22/2013

      U are welcome.

  9. Anonymous2/22/2013

    For me, this soup looks too watery sha, but i guess some people like their Egusi soup watery like this.

    1. When soup is too thick, I can't swallow with ease. My soup has to have some sauce in it for easy swallowing of my foo foo.

  10. Anonymous2/22/2013

    Iv always bn taught this is d only way 2 cook Egusi soup. That's wif ugu.
    I'm curious at 2 wat other leaf ppl use if dis is der 1st time knowing abt d use of ugu!
    Or do ppl cook it wifout any leaf?
    If not, wat other leaf?
    I don't mind trying wateva method meself!
    P.s...I'm inlove wif Eya (plenty Homo)...
    I have bn bookmarking till my finger falls off! Lol
    Billie jean

    1. Queen Bee2/22/2013

      @Billy,u can cook egusi with bitter leaf,or green or even waterleaf!
      Aunty Eya would tell u others these are the ones common dou.

    2. @Billy, there is a post on Egusi with bitter on this blog. You can use any vegetable you like even hot leaf (uziza).

  11. Queen Bee2/22/2013

    Aunty Eya,I had to go out for lunch immediately I opened ur page dis afternun!and ofcourse this is what I ordered for!...TAnx for making mi suddenly hungry!
    But I noticed u didn't fry the egusi as u said in the write up?did u just pour it like that and is it to produce a different output?

    1. Hope you enjoyed your lunch. Sometimes I fry to get a different flavour and for tiny egusi lumps. I poured this one into the stock without frying.

  12. Anonymous2/22/2013

    Pls aunty Eya, can u make a food menu for my 17months old baby? I want him to get all d nutrients he needs as a growin child but don't know hw to go abt it,tenks in advance.

    1. Pls kindly give that baby everything you eat apart from too much pepper. Make draw soups with soft swallow and watch your baby perform wonders with the food.

    2. Anonymous2/22/2013

      Ok. Tenks a lot for d tip,I will do just dat. M sooo givin him d draw soup n swallow n I hope he likes its n performs wonders lyk u said oooo n oda foods too. Tenx once more.

  13. Nice one aunty Ojay,almost same method I use in cooking na own egusi. But I prefer mine thick and with enof crayfish.
    Plz aunty Ojay for how long,I mean d actual duration u can leave d egusi on fire before adding other ingredients,coz dats d part dat confuses me. Above u said 8mins but I doubt if its owk for d egusi itself to be done,coz if its not done it causes purging.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. You are right Bonario, Between 8 and 15 minutes should be OK naa.

  14. Aunty Ojah nice one, I am learning well from ur blog. Btwn
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  15. I'm soooooooo making this soup tomorrow! It's my favourite.

  16. Anonymous2/22/2013

    Yay! another of my fav! Haba! dem send you come Eya! :D
    I like bitter-leaf with it aslo, to give it that bitter-sweet flavour :D

    1. Maybe na Baba God send me o.

  17. Hi Eya,
    Have you got your cookery book published yet? Nice to pop over again. I have been trying to be on some sort of a diet, don't mind so much in Winter as I can cover up all my bulges. I like your sense of humour Eya, you remind me of someone I knew in the last town I lived in, you could almost be sisters in lots of ways.

    1. Hi Brenda, good to see you again. Lol @you not minding a little more @winter. For the cookery book,, I am thinking of gathering more recipes before the book thingy.
      How about you Brenda? Are you done with your book?

  18. Anonymous2/22/2013

    I am loving those periwinkles o! Preparing this tomorrow. Thanks Eya, Great work!

    1. Hi Trendy Sturvs, how did your cooking go?

  19. Nenye Osey-Nwoko2/22/2013

    I just made this. But I fried my egusi sha,and I used beef. Thanks Aunty Eya for another yummy post. Well done!

    1. omotayo2/23/2013

      Aunt Eya, anything am checking this blog, I go hungry.. This meal is tantalizing but I don't know Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω 2 pound yam Ɣ am from Ondo state. Any other way apart from poundo yam cos I hate that 1, it doesn't taste like †ђξ real pounded yam.
      I need 2 visit Ɣ☺ΰя home during my next leave. Nice job ma'am

    2. Thanks too Nenye.

  20. Ma... I do not know how to make the one u fry the egusi with hot oil to make it lumpy. Can u please teach how to do it using the frying method. Thanks. :)

  21. Ok Kayinsoola, mix the ground egusi with a little water before frying in hot oil. While frying the water begins to dry up and form lumps in the egusi.

  22. Anonymous2/28/2013

    Eya oh.hmm thank you.I'm a young wife with a son but I hate cooking because my husband doesn't like to eat, he watches his diet like crazy but ever since I stumbled on your blog thru LIB, I have been hooked, I tried your crispy chicken, melon soup and a new way to prepare fish tomatoes for stew all in one day.thank you so much for reviving my lovelorn cooking pls keep up the superb work.

  23. That is just awesome thing to share here. I am new to your blog but loving your writing skills.Some very vital things to bear in mind.Thanks for Sharing


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