How To Cook Vegetable Draw Soup Serve With Yellow Foo Foo

vegetable draw soup with hot, soft yellow swallow fufu.
Vegetable draw soup is cooked with ground ogbono and ugu(fluted pumpkin) or
uziza (hot leaf) vegetable, it can also be cooked with okra, ugu and ogbono. This soup makes swallowing of any type of foo foo very easy. Eba, pounded yam, amala, semo, wheat meal etc, they all rush down the throat when the soup is draw soup with green vegetables, just like a racing car on a smooth, express runway.

I love draw soups. Most babies, even those who are choosy with food cannot resist swallow with draw soup. For parents with babies over six months  old who do not like solid foods, I'd advise you try them with draw soup and soft swallow (mind the pepper o). Most mothers can testify that their choosy babies enjoy draw soups with foo foo, the only reason they can't give these babies what they enjoy is because there is no time to sit down and cook a pot of draw vegetable soup. 

One of my girls doesn't like to eat swallow, but she enjoys her foo foo served with draw vegetable soup, or egusi draw soup. Unlike egusi soup that can turn sour easily, draw soup can withstand hot temperatures for longer periods. If preserved in the freezer, I think it can last and remain fresh for as long as you want. 

Why I love yellow garri is because of the soft and fluffy feel when cooked with hot water. Yellow garri can still be enjoyed as left overs the next day, the palm oil in it kind of acts as a natural preservative to the garri. What makes the color yellow is the palm oil added. 
With palm oil in my yellow garri, I know it is not just carbohydrates I'm eating, my body is also gaining some nutrients from the vitamin A in the palm oil.
boil goat meat with stock fish, salt, onion and seasoning
add water to drying stock, with palm oil, salt 
add ogbono and ground fresh pepper
add ground crayfish and smoked fish
add washed cow skin 
add washed periwinkles to soup
  • 1kg Goat meat
  • 2 packs stock fish
  • 3 large cow skin (kpomo)
  • 2 large smoked fish
  • 3 cups periwinkles
  • 1 cup ground ogbono
  • 1 bunch ugu vegetables (fluted pumpkin)
  • 1 cup ground crayfish
  • 1 cup palm oil
  • 1 tablespoon ground fresh pepper 
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • salt to taste
  • 1 small onion
  • water to cover meat, can adjust later
check for salt and seasoning in soup 
soup boils and cooks before adding vegetables
add washed fluted pumpkin (ugu) vegetables
stir soup and turn off the heat
a serving of vegetable draw soup with yellow Eba
Draw soup with enough periwinkles is a delicacy, serve with soft Garri
Hot vegetable draw soup is best enjoyed at lunch. For those who prefer light lunch, 
this can be served at dinner. However,
 serve more soup than carbs (foo foo).


  1. Anonymous2/25/2013

    madam Eya you are doing a wonderful Job! im a nigeriam in europe and i can tell u your blog helps a lot! keep doing a great job!nice recipes!

    1. Awwww, thank you my Naija sister. Thanks for reading this blog.

  2. Dis luks real delicious. Aldoh I'm nt a fan of draw soup I can tel dat.I wld luv dis. Wish der ws a search tab on dis blog so I cn alwys search 4 old recipes weneva

    1. Hi Ivy, thanks for loving the draw soup. There is a "search Tab" under the New Menu Timetable. Type any old recipe in that space and click on search.
      If you are using a phone, scroll right down and click on "View Web Version"
      Then scroll back up until you see "SEARCH BLOG" at the top right hand corner.

    2. Until you see *SEARCH THIS BLOG*

  3. Shayor2/25/2013

    Here comes my best soup! Yummy! Meanyle, i cooked Ella's Rivers native soup, it was awesome! Tnx Eya n Chubby Ella!

  4. Chichi2/25/2013

    anty eya i'm braiding my hair you've made me hungry with this soup

    1. I'm so sorry ChiChi, forget this soup and complete your braiding OK?

  5. Anonymous2/25/2013

    Wat abt d ingredients, wld appreciate if u list dem out. Good job

  6. Anonymous2/25/2013

    Sis Eya, at this rate I hope my baby will not get too big that I won't be able 2 push when d time comes lol. This soup has been book marked 2 b tried out soon. BTW I cooked egusi with bitter leaf following ur recipe and my fam all loved it. I'm addicted 2 dis blog now o. Lizzy

    1. Don't worry Sister Lizzy, the lord is your strength. The baby will not get too big.
      Thanks for trying out the egusi recipe, and for sharing.

  7. Haba aunty Eya,what a way to start d week,am prepared lets go there.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Bona, Bona, you like food pass me sef Lolz!

  8. Anonymous2/25/2013

    awww periwinkle ....i really miss them,can't find them here in europe..

    1. No problem dear, you can substitute with dry prawns.

  9. Anonymous2/25/2013

    Am lovin this blog soteeeey! Am becoming paranoid that ur blog cld just crash and we lose all this chaii! Suggesting u gather them recipes up and write a naija recipe book, wld be cool ,cos me I don dey jot dem recipes fr private use o! I cnt afford to lose all this vital info.. I no wan hear say crash,cos it wld be disastrous abeg o! lwkm!! This blog is too special 2 me abeg, I cnt shout ooo! Loool... Don diddy!

    1. Lolz, Don Diddy, I will try by God's grace. I think it's better to gather many more recipes before the Recipe book thingy. For now, let's try and be optimistic dearie. No crash ooo, your special blog will be here for you. Lol!

  10. You have done it again, sis, lol. Well done.

  11. Very very well done Eya,kudos to have brought unimaginable joy to many homes.u need to see d way I advertise this blog on blackberry and facebook,u'd think its my blog lol
    The LORD is your muscle dearie.
    Eku ise

    1. Which me? To God be the glory! Lolz, God bless you for all the adverts. I am truly grateful. God will send your helpers to you, whenever you need them.
      Thanks dear.

  12. Anonymous2/26/2013

    Tanx for thinking 4 married women like me.wen I'm confused about what to cook all I need to do is check if aunty eya is cooking.thanks for sharing.

    1. Hahaha! We thank him for making it possible. Thank you too.

  13. Anonymous2/26/2013

    Pls help with ewa ago yin recipe I couldn't find it.*sad face*

    1. Hi, For those of us asking for old Recipes, Scroll to the right Side Bar, To "Blog Archives" Click on January 2013 to see older Recipes.

      For those using Mobile Phones, Scroll down until you get to "VIEW WEB VERSION" Click on it, click again to zoom in, scroll back up, keep right until you get to "BLOG ARCHIVES" Click on February 2013, to see Older Recipes.
      Hope this helps.
      Putting all the recipes on this page is making it load too slowly. Kindly make use of the "Blog Archives Box" on your right. Thank You.

  14. Anonymous3/22/2013


  15. Anonymous4/06/2013

    My fab soup! Luv mine with bitter leaves

  16. Anonymous4/27/2014

    Hi. I love ur twist on the soups..... I can smell it and smells good Hahaha....can you innovate soups done in the bean north like beans and ground nut soups pls.thanks.keep the good work.

  17. babeeluv4/30/2014

    Thanks eya for making me want to cook,made mine today rilly enjoyed it

  18. Anonymous2/05/2016

    Wahoo am really going to be a great cook
    My future husband will be so lucky to have me lols.I love you ma'am keep doing what God has deposited in you,and you shall be greater than what you are today...your husband is very lucky to have you as a wife.God bless you and your family.
    From Gift


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