How To Cook Ogbono Soup Without Meat

Ogbolor soup recipe

A plate of ogbono soup with a side of eba (garri).
There are two types of ogbono in the market. The one that is harvested during
the rainy season around July and the other harvested during the dry season around November. The rainy season ogbono gets thick in soups but not as drawy as the dry season type. The ogbono that is harvested in the dry season is the very good type. A little of it gives so much. This type does not require you to add much to the soup. 

The dry season ogbono also has the ability to keep being very gummy and drawy even after long periods. The one harvested during the rainy season tends to stop being drawy after some time.

It is best to buy ogbono around December, January and even anytime before July August. Not that the other one is not good o, after all it can give you a thicker pot of soup than the dry season type. Ogbono sellers know the difference but may not help cos they want to sell their goods. Both are good anyway.

Ogbono soup can actually be cooked without meat. The taste doesn't change. Cooking with meat helps to enhance the taste of any soup. What happens when you buy meat and forget it at the butcher's, when you open the freezer to take meat and discover it was exhausted without your knowledge. Or when you bring out your meat and realize that it is getting worse because the voltage wasn't high enough to keep it frozen or when there is just no meat anywhere and your school allowance and pocket money is running out? 

You can still eat healthy and delicious if you have your crayfish and fish at home.

This draw soup tasted so good. I will do it again! I wish I had added periwinkle, but don't really regret much cos mfi this days is so over salted that you have to wash with gallons of water before cooking else you end up with a pond of salt as soup. Stockfish can also be added.

1 cup ground ogbono
3 large dry catfish
4 large kpomo cut into smaller pieces
3 knorr cubes
Salt to taste
3 fresh pepper or more depending on how much you love peppers
1 small onion to boil the fish and kpomo
1/2 cup palm oil
1 cup ground crayfish
1 small bunch ugu (fluted pumpkin vegetable)
5 cups water (250ml *5) You can add more water as you cook if the soup is thicker than you want.

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Washed smoked fish
and kpomo in the pot
Fish and cow skin
Adding crushed Knorr cubes, water and salt 
Boiling fish and kpomo with onions
Adding a little palm oil to soup
Palm oil boils and mixes before ground ogbono and crayfish are added. Both were ground together.

Ogbono and crayfish boil

Boiling ogbono soup
Adding pepper to soup. Pepper can be added at the beginning when you boil fish and kpomo
Adding green ugu vegetable ( ugu flutted pumpkin vegetable)
Checking for salt after adding the vegetables. Ugu vegetable mixes in for a few seconds before the heat is turned off
 Ogbono soup cooked without meat
A serving of ogbono soup with eba (garri)
Very well cooked ogbono soup
Testimony time: 19, 20  my plate is empty.
Ogbono soup can be cooked with the ogbono fried in oil before adding water and other ingredients. Some people fry to help destroy lumps that might try to form while cooking. 

Vegetable takes care of those unpleasant lumps. Once vegetables are added, all the lumps disintegrate. Ogbono soup can be cooked very very thick, in that case you have to fry your much ogbono or add vegetables. I cooked this soup with little ogbono so, there is no how lumps will form in the soup. The quantity looks big in the pic because it was grounded together with crayfish.

Ogbono soup can be served with semovita, pounded yam, garri, amala, starch, wheatmeal, foo foo, akpu and any form of swallow.

Try ogbono soup with meat too.

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  1. Anonymous5/15/2013

    Commenting aint fun anymore aunty eya *crying*.

    1. Sorry, you can still comment as Anonymous.

  2. Anonymous5/15/2013

    eya,tnx so much,in these challenging times,innovations n informations like dis help d fmly budget,i cant wait,am fixing dis 4 madam n d kids today today,i don go mket o!

    1. Hope they enjoyed your soup without meat?

  3. #TeamMeat :)

  4. Nice,one can also add those big cray fish. Licking my mouth

    1. thoise big crayfish? yummy. Thanks Olivia.

  5. Hv been frying my ogbono long bfr i got married...neva knew d essence of fryn it,till now.
    Thnks fr d ogbono,cooked wtout meat while in sch
    BTW..i heard tomato paste cn b added t egwusi soup,if true,abeg teach us

    1. Hahaha, yes Dimma, a little tomato paste with egusi is good.

  6. Nice one, I never knew the difference of Ogbono until now.

    1. Thank you David. Again, the ones harvested during rainy season can be enjoyed the way we eat mango fruits. The skin and flesh is very sweet.

  7. Anonymous5/15/2013

    Aunty Eya, fresh pepper makes Ogbono less drawy. Use ground dried pepper instead. Pls take note.

  8. Aunty Eya, fresh pepper makes Ogbono soup less drawy. ground dried pepper is better. Pls take note.

  9. Replies
    1. Shayor!5/17/2013

      is dis Moji my cousin??? dis is feyisayo, holla if its u dearie...

  10. Way to go Aunty Eya,well done

  11. Good one Eya. Have you tried adding makerel fish and then eating with agidi/eko. I think it tastes really yummy. Well done

    1. Yes Tess, Adding Mackerel is heavenly but I haven't tried eating with agidi. Bookmarked for that trial.

  12. Different methods I read everyday!
    I fry mine before adding to the boiling point of ingredients.

    Aunty Eya, I noticed you added chopped onions to the boiling stock. I was told adding onions will kill the drawing power of the Ogbono. I guess yours was immuned to the power of the onions.

    Aunty, have you tried cooking Ogbono without vegetable leaves? I'm sorry everyone to spoil your appetite but it look like watery faeces!

    1. @Rubynnia, I am so addicted to boiling meat, fish, snail and everything with onion before cooking. Yes dear, mine was immune to it.
      Ogbono without vegetables taste very good if you add a lot of roughly ground cray fish.

  13. I put mine in hot oil, not by frying it and boy, its does not have the look yours is having now.
    Onion I heard is not good buh mehn I still put it in my boilling stock.

    Dried meat is also perfect.
    Ogbono likes drying meat and fish.
    Love me some Ogbono soup any time of d day...adding bitter leave makes me love it d more

    Nice one aunty Eya

    1. Hi Omgekofo, me, I wonder who is saying onion is not good, how do we then boil our meat, onion helps to soften meat fast and gives it's own flavour to food. Onion lowers cholesterol level. I love onion so much I chew it raw when I know I'm not going out.
      I will try adding bitterleaf. Dry bush meat is the best for this soup with a lot of crayfish and smoked fish.
      Thank you.

  14. Anonymous5/15/2013

    Agreed that there are two types of ogbono but u totally got tHe harvest tin wrong. The good one is d real ogbono from the same type of docanut but the outer part can't be eaten. The oda one has a sweet outer fruit but the nut inside is less slimmy and comes out looking like tired. U can buy ogbono at anytime but knowing the good one is d issue. Also, if its in season like everyoda food stuff, its cheaper at dat time. I kn this cos I grew up in Edo and ogbono is our main soup. Well done Eya, ur soup looks nice. sandy

  15. Aunty eya, hav u tried using uziza in ogbono soup, I tell u, its d bomb! Add a little chopped uziza jux before d ugu,make sure its original uziza, fake is too much esp here in d east. How to kno gud uziza: cut a little leaf frm d bunch of uziza and squeeze it wit ur fingers den smell, if u percieve dt unique uziza smell den its d ryt one, if nt check d next seller. And @dimma u can use tomato paste to cook egusi soup, some ppl do bt I use fresh tomato, I chop and saute jux before I fry d egusi, it reduces d sour taste of d egusi and gives it dt reddish sexy colour dt u only see on maggi tv commercials. Lol. Ruthy

    1. Thank you Ruthy. I didn't know about fake uziza. Yes I like uziza in ogbono. I haven't tried uziza and ugu together in ogbono.
      Thank you.

  16. Anonymous5/16/2013

    I just finishd preparing ogbonu soup witout meat, following ur recipe.....Nice.

  17. Shayor!5/17/2013

    lol @ fake uziza...nothing wey we no go see.. i'd start watching out for that now. tnx

  18. Wao I love this blog. Visit my blog for your Legal tips.


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