The quantity of vegetables added to egusi soup, the thickness too depends on how you like your soupsh. I like my soups a bit watery but cooked this thick to make my family happy. I like light egusi soup with a sprinkle of vegetables, they like thick soups. This ugu leaf egusi soup cooked with cow tail is an easy recipe. It was one of
my most shared post, soup was so so delicious, the rice fufu I made and served with it turned out beautifully yellow and smooth. It was posted on the blog a few years back. While doing blog maintenance early this year, some posts including recipes were deleted including this and I couldn't find the energy to start writing and cooking and taking pictures all over again. If you cook and take pictures, then sit down to write recipes ehn, you'll understand why I felt too weak to do this all over again. Miraculously, I bumped into some pictures and short recipes shared on Social Media and started to download. The pictures her are my saving grace. I posted a short recipe on Nairaland then and thankfully, that is what I'll just copy and share here. I'm so happy, will later repost all the ones I recovered.

Ingredients for cow tail egusi soup:
1 kg beef
1 small cow tail
Salt to taste
4 knorr cubes
small onion to steam the meat
Pepper to your tolerance level
1 mudu egusi, that's about 5 cups or 9 milk cups
1 cup ground crayfish
4 medium sized smoked catfish
Dried Stock fish (optional) Would have loved to add stockfish to this soup if I had some at home.
2 tablespoons palm oil or more
2 bunches of ugu vegetable (fluted pumpkin)
Water enough to cover the meat for stock
For the fufu, I served with this tuwo shinkafa. You can buy rice, mill and keep your flour for this fufu. Or see how I made this rice fufu (Tuwo shinkafa)

First of all; cook your cow tail with salt and onion in a pressure cooker till done.
Wash the cow skin with salt and water and set aside.
Wash the dried cat fish with salt and warm water and set aside.
Wash and cut the ugu leaves and set aside.
Get the egusi ground, mix with some water till thickened or like a paste and fry in oil as shown in the picture above until it becomes like tiny crumbs, then set aside or alternatively, you can pound the egusi with salt and warm water until .it begins to release oils, set aside.
Get the crayfish ground and set aside, then begin cooking proper with steaming beef.

  1. Steam beef with dried stock fish, salt, onion and seasoning till almost tender, add water enough to cover the cooked beef and simmer for stock.
  2. When stock boils, you can increase the heat and start adding other ingredients. Add crayfish, pepper and oil, then cover the pot and leave to boil.
  3. Add the fried egusi, deboned fish and stir, then leave to boil for a few minutes. Check for salt and seasoning and add if needed.
  4. When soup is ready, you know from the taste and thickness. If too thick, do not add water until you have added the washed vegetables because they may release water into the soup. Boil for about 1 to 2 minutes, stir and adjust taste and thickness if necessary.
  5. Serve with any fufu of choice. I served this my homemade yellow rice fufu (tuwo shinkafa).

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  1. I am from Georgia. Country Georgia and i cook the egusi the same way this lady cooked and i liked it badly.. I cook it because of my husband he is from Nigeria and he was shocked waterproof after eating it he didn't believe it was me that cooked it... Thank you soooooo much

    1. Anonymous11/01/2018

      kudos to you


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