How To Cook Unripe Pawpaw (Papaya) Soup

unripe pawpaw in ogbono soup by wives connection
A serving of ogbono pawpaw soup, served mine with hot garrri.

Papapya or Pawpaw soup is cooked with diced and dried unripe pawpaw. It is a delicacy of the Obudu people of Cross River State Nigeria. They are found around the Ranch Resort and share a boundary with Benue State. Pawpaw soup is cooked with ogbono, egusi, Nigerian white soup or even
vegetable soup. It adds richness to the soup and the cooked pieces are really delicious and crunchy.

How To Prepare pawpaw soup:
First of all, harvest the unripe papaya, wash, peel, clean the inside and throw away the seeds then dice and sun until very dry. You can use your preferred method to dry but make sure they are very dry before storing.

To add to soup, I first of all soaked in cold water when I started steaming the meat, when my soup was cooked, I just drained the water and added pawpaw to soup. Waited for about 3 minutes before turning off the heat.

Health Benefits Of Pawpaw (Papaya)

  1. Improves digestion
  2. protects against hear disease
  3. protects eye sight
  4. Helps treat arthritis
  5. Nourishes hair
  6. Prevents cancer
  7. Helps maintain healthy weight
  8. Helps treat hypertension
  9. Boosts immune system
  10. Protects against heart diseases
  11. Helps the renewal of muscle tissue
  12. In Nigeria, unripe pawpaw is used as a home remedy for treating jaundice in babies

 These are little pieces of unripe pawpaw, washed, peeled, diced and dried. They are soaked in water for at least 5 minutes before being added to the cooked soup. This soup is good, very delicious. I loved it.

Ingredients for this Ogbono pawpaw Soup:
  • I kg Goat meat
  • crayfish
  • 1 bunch stock fish ears
  • small onion bulb for boiling the meat
  • salt and seasoning cubes to taste
  • 2 teaspoons my pepper sauce
  • 1/4 cup ogbono (ground)
  • 4 uziza leaves
  • Water

Adding uziza leaves to soup

 Pawpaw added just before stirring

how to cook unripe pawpaw soup

papaya soup recipe
 Pawpaw soup with nutritious goat meat

unripe pawpaw soup recipe
Ogbono  Pawpaw soup

I didn't bother posting all the step by step cooking pics because that will be repeating ogbon o soup posts on the blog. If you can cook any Nigerian soup, just add this at the end and cover for like 3 or more minutes. Ready to eat.

To cook ogbono soup, follow the recipes below and then add your dry pawpaw at the end of cooking. Remember, It can be added to other Nigerian soups.

1. Ogbono soup without meat

2. Ogbono soup with lumpy egusi

Nigerian soups

3. Ogbono soup with vegetables

4. Ogbono soup with beef and fish
Fluted pumpkin in ogbono soup


  1. Anonymous3/24/2016

    That is awkward

  2. Hector3/24/2016

    Dnt just cook Dat trash in my house. If I want to eat pawpaw, I'd buy it fresh! cool

  3. Try it first and see.I thought adding pawpaw to soup is awkward until I tried it yesterday. Dry unripe pawpaw tastes nothing like the ripe pawpaw we cut and eat fresh. If you like kpomo, you'll love this crunchy in your soup. Unripe pawpaw also has many health benefits, tastes great too in Nigerian soups :)

    1. Anonymous4/26/2016

      Will definitely try. Sounds interesting. Tnx for the info. There's nothing wrong in trying.

  4. Wow! We learn everyday. I never knew paw-paw could be used in soup. This is interesting.

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  5. Mrs Eya I will not try this oo.dnt evn like pawpaw not talk of it being in my soup. No tanks I will pass.

  6. i do make pawpa source with other vegies like green pepe, carrot and tomotoes and onion, it go down well when eat with rice or spaghetti


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