Okra, Ugu, Ogbono Soup Recipe With Cooking Pictures To make this weekend


We have more than enough Nigerian soup recipes on the blog already, see more soup recipes  but, just to let us cook something a bit different this weekend, I added this delicious pot of Nigerian draw soup. Try it and you will come back for more. Trust me, there'll be left over if you are not firm on the
eaters. It didn't take long to cook as the frozen beef and snails thawed very fast under running water. Someone in my house does not eat carbohydrates for dinner but could not resist the aroma and look of this soup as he walk into the kitchen. He asked for it though begging me to make the eba very small so he doesn't gain back all the calories he managed to burn at the gym this evening. What is life without eating what we enjoy? There are people who only derive joy from eating good food, aside that, life is not so sweet, so, why treat food like it's poison. Never reject good food. Refusing food doesn't make us lose weight o, in fact experts say "eat everything but in small portions" Our bodies need every nutrient to be healthy and fit.. Soup and eba doesn't make you obesed if you eat the right portion, not when we pack one big bowl of garri with soup containing two pieces of beef, three pieces of snail, fish, 3 long kpomos etc, tell me why you nor go fat explode? Eat the right quantity, nor be say you eat till you belch like shrek the movie. Eat this soup and see how fresh you'll look.

Ingredients For This delicious Nigerian Soup
  1. 1 kg Beef
  2. salt to taste
  3. 1 medium sized onion
  4. 3 cups water to start with, if soup is thicker than you want, you can gradually add water in small quanties while soup cooks.
  5. 1/2 cup palm oil: This salad master pots do not need oil, I only add oil when I cook for the kids because they are still growing, when I cook for me and hubby alone, the food is colored with a little ground tatashe not oil.
  6. 1/2 cup ground ogbono
  7. 1 cup ground crayfish
  8. 2 cubes maggi crayfish 
  9. 1/2 cup Locust beans (dadawa) This is optional
  10. 4 cups chopped okra (okro)
  11. 1 small bunch ugu vegetables (Flutted pumpkin)
  12. A handful of uziza vegetable (Optional)
  13. 4 large Snails (Optional)
  14. 3 medium Smoked catfish
  15. 1 teaspoon ground fresh pepper. I used my pepper sauce   
  16. Hot Eba (Garri) for serving with the soup. Any fufu of choice
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  1. Boil the meat with salt, seasoning and onion. While meat boils,
  2. chop the okro to your preferred sizes, chop the uziza leaves, blend or pound the ogbono until smooth and powdery, blend the crayfish too and set aside. If snails haven't been washed, wash with lime or alum, rinse very well.
  3. Add snails to boiling salted water in a separate pot, leave for about 3 minutes, remove now crunchy snails and set aside.
  4. When beef and stock fish are cooked, bring out the stockfish and add water to cover the meat a little.
  5. Add palm oil and wait till pot boils again, then add the ogbono, crayfish, locust beans seasoning cubes. Now, let these ingredients boil very well for at least 10 minutes while you stir occasionally. When ogbono is completely dissolved, check for taste, add more salt if needed. By this time, you have your soup base and can smell the sweet aroma in the kitchen. For ogbono, just like egusi soup, the longer it boils the better. Add the already boiled snails and the cooked stockfish you set aside, always wash and add the smoked fish now because you don't want it disappearing in the soup. Let soup boil some more for about 3 to 5 minutes. At this time of cooking, if you do not like vegetables, then here is when to remove from heat and serve your plain ogbono soup. Since we are cooking ogbono soup with vegetables here. 
  6. Finally add the okro, Uziza and ugu vegetables, stir, leave for just 1 minute and remove from heat. If you like your vegetables  very cooked and wilted, then wait a little longer before removing from stove.
  7. Serve with any swallow of choice, I served with eba. Pounded yam will do wonders here anyway.
Happy ogbono soup cooking!

 Served okra, ogbono, vegetable soup with some hot fluffy, nice and smooth eba

 Soup ingredients: That's ugu and okra in bags, they have been in the fridge for over a week waiting to be cooked. Frozen beef, maggi chicken, catfish, ground crayfish, dawadawa, 

Some  Ingredients with frozen snails

 Frozen beef thaws under running water while I get the preparation is going on


 Eba is made already so I don't waste any more time in thee kitchen when soup is done. Please do not sieve those tiny particles in your garri because the stomach needs those as fibre

 Beautiful, delicious eba


 Okro in the food processor to save time

 Okra is ready in seconds


 Washed beef with salt and onion for boiling. Nor be fat o. This is tozo, I don't like meat but can manage if it's tozo, that's why I use it.

 Boiling snail in a different pot so they don't overcook with the meat. When soup is done, I'll just add this snails in there. They were added into already boiling salted water to make crunchy.

 Meat is done, some water added for stock

 Snails are hardened now and very very crunchy, ready for the soup

 Palm oil

 I can't find the dry blender and okra is sitting in the food processor, oya, mortar and pestle, do the job

 Ogbono is added after the palm oil boils

 Crayfish and ogbono can be ground together and added at the same time if you like.

 Adding seasoning cubes

Adding locust beans

 Vegetables in the pot

 Stirring to mix the ugu and okra

 Adding the crunchy snails and my preserved fresh pepper (pepper sauce)

 Soup is ready and fresh and nutritious

 My Nigerian draw soup

 Smoked fish is added after all the ingredients because I like to chew my fish, I like to look at the fish when I eat, so I nor want make e scatter for pot. Yes I like to chew okra too, so I leave soome bigger ones like that for myself, you can chop your okra tiny.

 Stirring in the dry fish

 Soup happily boils away, but not for long so the vegetables don't pass away in the pot

 Soup for the stomach, it can be eaten with a spoon if you do not like swallows.

 See that chunk of fish, if you add the fish too early, you'll not find any chunk at the end, you'll be searching like that mama in the advert looking for where her daughter in law hid the chicken in the jollof rice.

Have fun cooking and you can serve the soup with any swalllow of choice, semovita, wheat meal, Unripe plantain fufu, pounded yam, Akpu, Starch, Amala etc.

Freezing snails can make them as crunchy as carrots, these ones are that crunchy.

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  1. Chaiiiii! Mrs Eya this is torture ooooo
    I am also salivating!!!

    1. Thanks Nkem. I'm sending one serving by courier

  2. Anonymous10/29/2015

    I'm cooking this on Saturday. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Nkem and Anon. please be careful with ogbono, don't add too much, so your soup doesn't get too thick.

  4. Aunty Eya hi 5. I love this with the tiny portion of eba. Will try this maybe next week.

    1. Hi 5 sis Lizzy, You said we should eat more soup with less carbs na. Please do.

  5. Anonymous10/29/2015

    Very funny, Just laugh it off!!!

    Deji's pastor added him on Facebook and deji innocently accepted him. Two minutes later, a message came in for deji by his pastor and the message goes this way!!!

    PASTOR SAID: How are you deji?

    Deji replied: I am fine, pastor.

    PASTOR STARTED PRAYING FOR DEJI: May the building of heavenly favour collapse on your head.

    Deji: No reply

    Pastor: May the thunder of blessing strike you and your family.

    Deji: No reply

    PASTOR Continued: May God slash you with the axe of favor.

    Deji began to wonder if his pastor is ok? but never replied.

    PASTOR: May God stab you with the knife of riches.

    Deji never said a word: no reply.

    PASTOR Continued: May you be sentenced to life imprisonment in the eternal jail of success.

    Deji: No reply.

    PASTOR Continued: May the World Trade Centre of happiness collapse on you and your family.

    Deji still didn't reply.

    PASTOR Now Said: Are you there Deji?

    Deji Said: Yes, pastor.

    PASTOR Now Said to Deji: You should be saying amen to claim the Blessings.

    Deji turn around and replied the pastor: OK Pastor and started his prayers as well:

    Deji: May the over-speeding trailer of blessings jam and crush you and your family.

    Pastor went quiet:

    Deji continued to pray: May the earthquake of happiness swallow you and your family members.

    Pastor still quiet:

    Deji Continued to pray: May the sea of miracles drown you and your family members in Jesus' name.

    PASTOR Still kept quiet: No reply.

    Deji Now Said to the pastor: But you should be saying amen to claim the blessing now.

    PASTOR Now finally replied Deji and said:

    May thunder fire you! Idiot!

    Happy day.

    1. Thank you but,You nearly miss road o.

  6. yum yum yum!

  7. And to think I prepared and ate this exact meal on Thursday. Nice one Eya. Gonna try your recipe this weekend.

    1. Hi Msy Keke, You'll like it I promise. The freshness you'll feel after eating this soup is something else. Thank you.

  8. Is ogbono added directly to Palm oil like you are frying it?

    1. Hi Martins, just sprinkle the little ground ogbono into the boiling stock. If you like your ogbono fried like some people do, fry with palm oil in a different pot before adding to the soup. I hope this helps.

  9. Is ogbono added directly to Palm oil like you are frying it?

  10. Good work! I believe this will help a lot of women women how cannot prepare palatable meals. Fences women hill be mended where the problem is tied to stomach displeasure.

  11. Good work! I believe this will help a lot of women women how cannot prepare palatable meals. Fences women hill be mended where the problem is tied to stomach displeasure.

    1. Ugochi, thanks for reading. Your level too high o, I'm trying to understand what you mean. Can you break it down for us?

  12. Yummy Yummy, Yum Yum, Nice one

  13. Hi sis Eya,your soup looks delicious, will definitely try it tomorrow. I want to ask how much you bought your salad master pots and where cos the man I met his own price was way too much. Thanks for the response

  14. Owolabi3/10/2017

    I cooked this today and my broda asked me if i brought a girl home to cook it....we ate with semovita....very tasty....thank u so much....

    1. You are welcome Owolabi. Thanks for the feedback.


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