Rice moi moi served with fish in dadawa sauce.
RICE moi moi is a type of moi moi that I make by grinding grains of rice together with ingredients and wrapping up the mixture in leaves to steam and cook.  My rice moi moi can be served without an accompaniment but I love to serve this blended rice wraps with some protein and vegetable stir fry. 
A trial of this my new creation rice moi moi will convince you that this is moin moin. If you can and if you like the locust beans taste, try serving it with locust beans sauce and
you won't regret it. However, if locust beans doesn't agree with your taste buds, serve with any sauce you like and enjoy.

After I posted the unripe plantain moi moi recipe last week, my rice loving toddler asked if mummy can make rice moi moi too. I couldn't refuse, told him yes and set to work. Today, rice moi moi is born and he totally enjoyed it served with his favorite locust bean fish
sauce. This moi moi is easy to make and you can always twerk adding your own favourite ingredients that you know will sail well with rice. Delicious. Before he asked for rice moi moi, he was like but how come we only cook fried rice, coconut rice, jollof rice, rice and stew, palm oil rice, rice and gravy, rice and sauce, rice and vegetable stew but mummy never cooks rice moi moi for us? I always tell them everything is possible if you put your mind to it and cannot come now and start telling my 4 year old that there is nothing like rice moin moin, it has to be made and we successfully cooked the first rice moi moi ever. Lol. It doesn't take much time to cook. The dadawa and fish sauce too is a stir fry that cooks fast.

2 cups rice
6 fresh tomatoes
8 tatashey

4 rodo peppers or more depending on your love for peppers
seasoning cubes
1 medium sized onion
ugu leaves
Boiled eggs
1 cup vegetable oil

3 smoked Kpanla fish
1 medium sized onion
1 large green pepper
1 large fresh tomatoes
1 wrap locust beans
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 seasoning cube

1.Soak the rice in warm water for 1 to 2 hours.
2. Wash and blend together with half the tomatoes, tatashey, ata rodo and onion till very smooth
3. Blend the remaining half of tatashey, onion, ata rodo (scotch bonnet) and tomatoes
4. Fry the blended vegetables till dry and add to the blended rice
5. Add crayfish, salt, seasoning cubes. Stir very well and check for taste.
6. If consistency is not runny, add water or stock to make it free flowing, runny like pancake batter.
7. Stir well and wrap with shreds of ugu leaves one shred per wrap. Drop in a boiled egg or piece before wrapping.
8. Steam for about 45 minutes to an hour, turn off heat and leave to cool a bit and harden before serving with your stew or sauce of choice.


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