How To Cook Frozen Unripe Plantain

Frozen plantain in a pot of water
 We eat lots of unripe plantain in my family, though I love the fairly ripe ones, can't eat much cos of the sugar content. To eat plantain in a more nutritious healthy way, we make plantain porridge or boil and eat with beans porridge or egg sauce. Those mature unripe plantains do not last for even a week before they turn ripe and this happens so fast that you either end up cooking plantain daily or look for who to give them to.

Once I tried preserving by freezing and it worked. Since then, no more wastage and I think this is good for diabetic and those who eat lots of plantain. Freezing changes the plantain skin colour but doesn't affect inside and the taste remains the same.

How To Preserve
Unripe Plantain:

  • Peel off the skin, chop to the size or shape you want
  • Wrap in cellophane bags
  • Keep in the freezer
  • Keep frozen until you need them
  • If like this plantain here, you preserved with the skin, to remove plantain skin, leave outside or soak in water for a few minutes until a knife can cut through. But, I'll advise you remove skin before freezing so you don't have to defrost before cooking. 
  • To cook with peels, put in a pot of water and place on the cooker, let it boil, continue to check for softness and peel the skin when plantain is as soft as you'll like it, after turning off the heat.
For the ones on this post. I boiled and served with ( diced fried egg plant sauce  oR boiled fried egg plant sauce )They were boiled with slices of egg plant placed on top to cook along with the plantain before pounding. Please, do not blend egg plant cos I tried once and got dark egg plant sauce. For more step by step recipes on egg plant sauce, make use of the "Search" button on the right side bar.

How to make porridge with frozen plantain, you let it defrost to a point where you can cut with a knife and peel off the skin, do not leave it unattended because it thaws fast and may just become too soft to peel.

Boiling frozen unripe plantain with egg plant

Boiled frozen unripe plantain
 Well cooked plantain to be served with garden egg sauce.
This boiled plantain is very nutritious and can be served with vegetable stew, tomato stew, Fresh pepper sauce, beans, or just plain palm oil, onion, fresh pepper.


  1. Anonymous9/03/2014

    I have actually tried it,but it doesn't taste fresh

    1. Awesome mum9/04/2014

      I liked it. Better than having all my green plantain turn ripe and sugary.

  2. Pls I put my plantain in the freezer unripe,now I wanna fry them how do I make them ripe


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