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Unripe Plantain With Garden Egg Stew

Hot Boiled plantain with egg plant (garden egg) stew

pictures of smoked cat fish

Boiled and pounded egg plant

boiled, salted unripe plantain

 Raw unripe plantain and egg plant (garden egg)

 this is a very colourful, sumptuous, well prepared and delicious plate of boiled plantain with egg plant stew. 

This stew can also be eaten with boiled yam, boiled potatoes, boiled rice and even fried plantain ( dodo). Unripe plantain is my all time favourite cause it is not sweet, and it gives that natural fluffiness and taste of plantain if well cooked.

  1. plantain
  2. eggplant (garden egg)
  3. crayfish
  4. onions
  5. pepper
  6. smoked fish ( broken into pieces with bones picked)*optional*
  7. palm or vegetable oil
  8. seasoning
  9. salt
  10. water

How to prepare this meal:

  1. Firstly, I peeled and boiled the plantain with a little salt to taste.
  2. Then, I cut the the egg plant into halves, boiled till soft and then pounded in a mortar. The boiled garden egg can also be blended if you want a very smooth paste.  ( The egg plant can also be chopped into tiny pieces and fried in cooking oil without boiling or pounding.  Sometimes I prefer to just chop and fry 'cos it cooks faster. but then, the frying takes longer because it has to cook in oil until tender. When the oil begins to dry up, some drops of water can be added to prevent the pot from getting burnt.).
  3. I heated the oil, then added the chopped onion with some ground crayfish, allowed the two to fry for about 10 seconds before adding the egg plant. The mixture is stirred and  allowed  to fry till a little bit soft,
  4. added the ground crayfish, fish ( Remember to pick all the fish bones and remove the skin too),  pepper, salt and seasoning to taste. Note that if you like it with some tomato, it has to be very little, like a teaspoon quantity so that it doesn't change the taste of the garden egg stew, and it should be added at the same time with the egg plant. I like it without tomatoes.

The mixture is allowed to boil in the oil. I added a little water to my desired consistency and allowed the stew to cook till tender. I added a pinch of salt to my taste, and then, the table is set. It is such a great variety after eating too much of tomato stew.
I so love this meal. It is natural and healthy. The taste of fried egg plant is so great. 
NOTE: Any other type of edible  egg plant can  be used for this healthy meal.
Ehen, *garden egg stew can be served with boiled yam,potatoes or even rice.*
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  1. This reminds me of my mum
    She made this one time, it was so yummy

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Aunt Eya pls I dnt understand wat u mean by we shld fry d ground garden egg till it is soft. I thot we are meant to fry it till its dry just like tomatoes.and are we supposed to bleach d red oil before using it? And pls wats d name of dat dry fish dat u are using.


    1. It depends on how you want it Chinny. if you want it dry then you leave it longer. I wanted it soft so I did not allow to continue boiling. I did not bleach the oil, only heated until it stops sizzling.

      That is dry cat fish.

  3. Please sometimes I boil unripe plantain with the skin and when cooked,I peel the skin off. What do u say about that because I see you boiled yours without the skin.

    1. sometimes Boil with the skin. I feel like peeling helps the plantain cook faster. Lol!

  4. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Y is it necessary to remove the skin of d dry cat fish b4 usage

  5. Anon 5:51pm, it's not really necessary. Depends on how you ant it. I cook with the skin most times. Only remember to scrub with salt and wash before adding.

  6. Anonymous8:02 PM

    The garden egg is it d same with the green one if no does it have anotheR name


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