Positive Feedback Plus Coconut Rice Recipes

A pot of beach coconut rice.
Smiling, If only you guys know how much you make my day when I read mails like this: Thanks to all of us and we give God glory for the strength he gives us to take pics while cooking:)

*Hey Aunty Eya,

Good day. How is everything with you and your family?

I have good news: I made beach coconut rice following your recipe, it
came out PERFECT ! Hubby has almost finished it and I made just two cups. Sadly, I couldn't go beyond five spoons. This my baby in the belle na super model e wan be, e no dey gree me chop. Lol.

I just wanted to give you positive feedback. Thanks for all you do on the blog. May God bless and continually prosper your blog. (oh, I'm making corned beef moi moi moi tomorrow..hopefully). Pls don't write my name if you choose to mention this feedback on the blog.
Thank you.



  1. Good day madam Ojay,made d coconut rice plus gizzard dodo,using your recipe. It was da bomb!!!may God continue 2 bless you nd your family!!!
    Please try d combo 2gedar(coconut rice nd gizzard dodo)its wow!!!

  2. Tried makin mine but I went through d process of grating d coconunt n lost interest....I think I will give it a shot by buying Emma cocount flavour...thanks 4 d inspiration.

    1. You can chop coconut in tiny bits and blend.

    2. Like omalicha said below, u can blend. Artificial can't taste like the real coconut milk/flavour

    3. Anonymous11/03/2013

      I hated grating coconut too, But I noticed that Asian people use a special coconut grater to grate their coconut which is far more ergonomic and easy, they can even grate it with the shell on. As the previous posters stated, you can chop finely and blend.

  3. ijaysugarbel11/02/2013

    Am trying mine soon! Sugarbel

  4. •Omalicha•11/02/2013

    Boil your water in a kettle,dice your coconut into tiny bits,add ur washed and diced coconut into the blender with your boiled water(depending on the quantity ur blendin) and blend away! The whole process is like 10mins,and then u dnt have to bother about grating or using artificial flavours.its really squeezes out the milk and u can blend chaf twice.God bless you. #coconut rice and shrimps is da bomb#

  5. Hmmm like cocount rice & shrimps so yummm...

  6. Yum! I'm making this tonight

  7. Anonymous11/08/2013

    Aunty Eya this is one of those meals that never fail to excite. Don't tell me you didn't know o.


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