Onion Egg Tomato Stew With Ripe Plantain

dodo ripe plantain with egg sauce
Onion Egg tomato stew with ripe plantain
The taste of stir fried onion in tomato egg sauce can be so
yummy. Kids love this dish, that's if  pepper is not too much for them. This tasty stew can be served with boiled rice, boiled yam or boiled unripe plantain. I love it with fried yam too.
tomatoes, pepper, eggs, crushed seasoning cubes and onions for stew

  • Eggs 3
  • seasoning cubes 2
  • Large tomatoes 3
  • pepper 3
  • Medium sized onion 1
  • soya, olive or vegetable oil
  • Fried ripe plantain

add oil to fry pan
add chopped vegetables and seasoning to hot oil

  1. Add two spoon scoops of oil to fry pan and allow to heat
  2. Add washed and chopped seasoned vegetables, stir and add seasoned whisked eggs
  3. Allow to boil a little, then stir, check for salt and onion tenderness. If satisfied with the cooking ( I like mine crunchy and fresh).
  4. Remove from heat and serve with dodo, boiled yam, fried yam, boiled unripe plantain or boiled rice

add whisked seasoned eggs
stir and  cook till onion is a bit tender
serve stew with dodo
fresh dodo with egg stew
onion tomato stew with fried ripe plantain
a serving of dodo with egg stew
When fresh tomato is left to over cook in egg sauce, it begins to taste sour. Do not over cook the stew. It is best enjoyed crunchy and fresh.  Onion, tomato and pepper combination turn out great when cooked briefly.
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Enjoy hot dodo with egg sauce.


  1. Chasis Engine3/09/2013

    No bad belle o, I mean, Eya, why not cook your favourite ogbono soup since you don't know how to cook this one well?

    1. Anonymous3/09/2013

      let's see what perfect dish you've made.

    2. Gas Cooker3/09/2013

      Thank you Anon 10: 53AM.

    3. Gas cooker ...hmmmmmn...names dey sha..

  2. looks really good eya.

  3. treasured3/09/2013

    Na bad belle jor. Which one she no cook well.you can cook with different styles and stuffs in it.if you don't like it, cook yours and send pictures.
    @Auntie eya, keep up the good work.sometimes simplicity is the key...you know there would always be critics ...u season of relevance and recognition is here...
    Testimony time:tried the white soup,coconut rice.crispy chicken(hubby finished it b4 the rest of the meal was ready)it was fantasic.his smiles and appreciation *you know * no get part2.
    God bless you...see thou eya diligent in her biz,she shall stand before kings and not mean men...

  4. Anonymous3/09/2013

    Dis one even pass bad belle,go n cook urs n send pics. Abeg aunty Eya keep d recipes rolling in I love d simplicity involved in it. Thumbs up

  5. Anonymous3/09/2013

    Eya I'm curious. It seems u buy your pepper and tomatoes at d supermarket instead of at the local market. I notice ur pepper and tomatoes always come in dat jand-packaging with cling film and even a price sticker! Or is dat from shopryt? Is there a reason 4 this?

    1. Galaxy babe3/10/2013

      I think the reason is convenience. Open markets can be too noisy and stressful sometimes. That's me sha.

  6. Anonymous3/09/2013

    Eya don't you add maggi or other spices? Just salt?

    1. hot ginger3/09/2013

      u ppl sef na wao, can't u see the crushed maggi in the egg and on the chopped tomatoes? Eya abeg no even amswer dem o.

  7. Hmmmmnn funny how dats d same thing I had for breakfast except that I added green pepper. But I noticed you didn't add salt!

    1. Anonymous3/09/2013

      maggi has too much salt these days naa. the crushed maggi in the egg and on the chopped tomatoes should give enough salt. That's my 2 cents.

  8. Anonymous3/09/2013

    Also its like you purchased your tomato from the supermarket!because of the packaging and price tage! Is it more economical to do so? Or is it fresher than the tomato in the market. Pls I want to know the difference between the two as I always thought that the supermarket tomato had preservetives and with all this awareness about cancer don't want to eat anything form of artifical stuff. Thanks

    1. Anonymous3/09/2013

      Deja vu. Seems you and anon 1.38 were thinking alike.

    2. Jazmyn3/09/2013

      I also buy from the supermarket because the harvesting date is on the tag. The open market gives no expiry date jor. It's even cheaper at the supermarket sometimes and more convenient compared to the market sun and rain. Thanks Eya dear.

    3. Queen Bee3/09/2013

      Jazmyn,Hehe!so tomato get expiry date?
      Hmmm nothing person no go hear for here!hahahaha!
      We for don die since be dat from eating expired Tomato!

  9. Anonymous3/09/2013

    Pls tell ha if I was d first 2 comment she would av deleted it nd rained insults on ha self we r only asking ? So giv replies rotfl eya no vex ehn I jes dey follow u play sweet @ mi luv yaaa

    1. Jazmyn3/09/2013

      Eya please go on sabbatical, don't answer them, let them miss you die.....

  10. Anonymous3/09/2013

    Kai Eya I tire for u jor, if u don't have something to cook, I beg leave am. This one na rubbish. I sabi cook better egg soup than this.

    1. Jazmyn3/09/2013

      Liar Liar Pants on fire. wetin u come find for here?
      Eya abeg leave dem 2 me. Me alone I fit handle all of dem and extra sef.

  11. Anonymous3/09/2013

    Rotfl una no go kee person eya go sleep no blogging 4 d next 1 week

  12. Anonymous3/09/2013

    Who are ds mannerless people?Abeg,me I've been enjoying ds blog witout una yeye bad mouth o! Don't bring ur bitterness here pls,restrict it 2 ur lib n llb. Ds blog has blessed me no be small!if una like;insult me o,na ur way,una no no any better! Funke

  13. Hehehehehehe I seriously dis anon is very funny,aunty Ojay hope u're laughing too.
    A whole billie jean and queen bee came here and respected themselves,and u anon choose to tow dis path,I won't allow u add sand for my egg stew and plantain.
    Aunty Eya,I suggest u ask one of ur househelps,I guess d unhappy one is doing dis.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Shayor3/09/2013

      Bonario!! U r cracking me up! @ a whole Billie jean and Queen Bee...lolz...maybe dis anon is Maximus ooo! *lips sealed*

    2. Queen Bee3/09/2013

      Ha!brutus bona' even u?u are my person o*sad face*....just kidding.lolz
      Yes o,have to respect myself here o,cos its a serious matter,no be LIB wey na play we dey!
      u want Aunty Eya to ban me from coming to this very very important blog?hell no!

    3. Anonymous3/11/2013

      Hahahahahaha Bonaventure!!!!!! Yes o Aunty ask ur househelps! I so agree wit Bona!!

      @Anon kindly respect ur sef na biko! Its not byforce to comment o!

  14. Anonymous3/09/2013

    Sorry to say and this is not a hater comment o but please Eya the repetition of recipes in your blog is becoming too much..Today you fry egg and add onions and you'll give it a name,Tommorrow you make the same egg and add green amaranth and you"ll give it a different name..Another day you make indomie and put carrots n cabbage,you'll call it one name,the next day you make the same indomie and add green pepper and gravy and you'll post it and call it something else..The same goes for your soup and rice recipes too
    Please try and be more diverse,you can learn a lot of other dishes from the net including dishes of other African countries too..Just a concerned reader giving my advise

    1. Anonymous3/09/2013

      Thanks for your observation dear observer. I'm sure Eya will read too. But can you look up at her blog title and description? It says Nigerian Meal Recipes. You can cook Chinese and Japanese and send her pics, Eya is so liberal with posting other readers recipes so, I guess she will post yours here too. Tufiakwa.

    2. Shayor3/09/2013

      In addition to d response above, the blog is Wives town hall connection..in other words, it is not a strictly cooking blog. Eya is not a proffessional cook so she just cooks watever she and her family feels like eating n from her church mind, shares it with us..so if she feels like drinking garri n groundnuts today, and garri n kulikuli tomorrow, she would still post same...her posts are meals directly from her kitchen. Maybe when she starts getting sponsorships, d blog may take anoda dimension o, but for now, its straight from her kitchen and we love it.

    3. Shayor3/09/2013

      *Professional *feel like

    4. Queen Bee3/09/2013

      Aunty Eya,pls don't mind these pple,I tink they are failed food bloggers that want to rub dirt on u so they can stop ur shine!
      IMO she doesn't post the same things at all,if u are a good cook and ready to learn,u will always see the difference!
      Btw Aunty Eya,my family is supposed to tank you dis evening cos I was about to go serve them leftover jollof in the freezer till I saw dis post and decided to make it exactly ur way.trust,it was awesome!
      I also made that egusi soup and vegetable ogbono....was so good.
      My hubby tries hardd not to eat out dese days cos of my new improved talent.TAnx a lot

    5. Anon 6:40PM, see ur ignorance? If you cook tomatoes and egg today, you then cook tomatoes, green vegetables and egg next week, tell me why you think those two are the same dish?

    6. Anonymous3/09/2013

      BAD BELLE concerned reader!!! you go surf the net and bring recipes for us. Hre we learn NAIJA Recipes not Net recipes. Eya is doing a good job preserving our Nigerian Culture for Nigerian generations yet unborn.

      There was a time I started feeling like "since Nigerians , we love to copy everything America, I felt in years to come, people will forget Nigerian dishes just like many languages have been forgotten. I was really worried that a time will come when Nigerians will not know ogbono soup or be able to cook edikang ikong soup. With what is happening on this blog, I tell you, I am pretty relaxed that even my great great great grand children can follow this pictures and produce traditional Nigerian dishes.
      I am not done sharing this blog address. I will make sure even my grand daughters have it. God bless you Eya. Haters go hang in your bedrooms.
      Silent Follower.

  15. This is just how well I love to make and eat my fried eggs, with lots of tomatoes. But since I want to eat less dodo, I will enjoy this with Irish potatoes.

  16. Anonymous3/09/2013

    Anon 6:40pm,thank u for saying my mind. I mean if eya is not. A professional cook then she should also go and learn rather than boring us wt egg wt green today and egg wt yellow tmrw. Who doesn't know how to. Cook eggs or noodles again? Mtsweeeeeeeeee.

  17. Ehh...hen?! So this is what has been going on on our blog since morning. I have a feeling it is the same person posting as different anonymous. I bind the spirit of antagonistic people on this blog IN JESUS' NAME! Amen!!!

    Pls, this is not LIB or LLB where you spit ur venom up and down. It seems you are tired of that one, you are now looking for somewhere new to yarn barbash! Pls O... Carry una bad belle commot o... This is Wives Connection not DISCONNECTION! If your spirit is not at peace here, kindly go back and take your broken seats where you left them on the L blogs, not here!

    Even if Aunty Eya shows us how drink garri, I will love it because I just feel happy knowing that most of us share a common culture without even ever meeting each other. I prepare my egg like this all the time but I was excited to see it here because we prepare it using the exact same method but I am not related to her in anyway amd I learnt it directly from my mum.

    So, if you cannot enjoy the big picture, pls leave the gallery and take your myopia with you. I wish I had the blog password, I will just delete your comments 'sharparly'! Or is it because she does not censor comments?

    Anyway, I have already rebuked ur bad spirit so I will not say anything again.

    Aunty Eya, thank you for giving us something interesting everyday.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Shayor3/09/2013

    Yes o, Ahdaisy! Dt is what has bin going on...ehen, latest anonymous, if Eya is boring you here, don't you know your way back to Linda Ikeji? Have you not noticed that dis is a peaceful blog? Ok, no vex say Eya dey bore you, I apologise...And you Eya! It seems you av been paying ppl's internet subscription and you are not paying mine, cos dt seems to be the only reason why you can bore them and dey stay put! Pls cancel ur ojoro and pay for my subscription too oooo! Hehehehehe

  20. Ha! This people have come o. Abeg Eya, as for me I love your blog. Food i can easily relate to and see. Funny enough this was what I had this morning. I looove seeing onions in egg stew or tomato stew.

  21. Anonymous3/10/2013

    Weldone aunty Eya for your effort and time. Helping to preserve homes, teaching us variety and also paving room for readers to interact and learn positively from each other. U are celebrated today(mothers day) as one of the good mothers..God bless you and keep doing good. From www.thedeevacentre.com

  22. Anonymous3/10/2013

    Humans Can b annoying @times º°˚˚°ºoo Y can't we praise one's hard work witout criticising. Eya don't allow these chalertas run u down º°˚˚°ºoo wt dia bad belle. Keep d ball rolling hmm, any body dt feel he or she is nt comfortable wt ur blog shld tak her liv in peace


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