Curried Fried Macaroni With Shredded Beef And Vegetables

a serving of fried macaroni with shredded beef and vegetables
Fried macaroni can be cooked by any body. It is one of the easiest meals to cook. This meal can be prepared by even those who have no kitchen experience. It cooks
very fast.
 I make sure my sauce or stew is cooked before boiling macaroni. Once macaroni is cooked, I scoop it hot and mix with the vegetables and shredded beef sauce.

Any other vegetable that one likes can be added to this dish for variety.
macaroni, sweet corn, green pepper, red pepper, kidney beans. green peas, cabbage
ingredients for fried macaroni

Left shredded chicken, Right Shredded beef
chopped onion, cabbage, red pepper, green pepper
macaroni, salt,  soya oil and curry in boiling water
curried macaroni
saute  chopped vegetables and seasoning 
add corn, peas and kidney beans 
add shredded beef sauce to sauteed vegetables
shredded beef sauce and sauteed vegetables simmer 

  1. Macaroni
  2. sweet corn
  3. peas
  4. green pepper
  5. cabbage
  6. red pepper
  7. onions
  8. curry
  9. salt
  10. seasoning cubes
  11. soya oil
  12. shredded beef sauce
  13. water

scoop macaroni into the vegetable shredded beef sauce
mix cooked macaroni with vegetable, peas and beef sauce 
macaroni, beef, peas  and vegetables simmer
a portion of fried macaroni with shredded beef and peas
 A pot of cooked macaroni, shredded beef , peas, sweet corn and chopped vegetables
A very easy to cook dish, even haters of pasta tend to like this because the shredded beef and peas gave it a unique delicious taste.


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    1. Thank you Shallie. I saw it yesterday and was like, WOW!

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    3. Thanks for all the encouragements, in short eh, whenever you need strength and encouragement, they will come knocking. They will automatically locate and bless you.

  3. Anonymous3/04/2013

    This recipy is yomi yomi,am going to try it.

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