Nigerian Rivers State Native Soup Recipe By Chubby ELLA

 A serving of Rivers  native
Procedure for cooking Rivers native soup:
1. Steam your meat with onions,pepper and maggi.
2. Clean your shrimps and ngolo(take off the back of the shrimps)
3. Steam your ngolo, shrimps and kpomo separately for a few minutes(half done)
4 .When the meat is soft enough ,pour in Ųя stockfish, dryfish, lil bit of palm oil,crayfish, pepper, onions, maggi     and cover to boil.
5 .Keep checking so it doesn't stick to the pot, when the  palm oil is well mixed, pour in the  half done shrimps, kpomo and  ngolo, stir and  cover again for  3 minutes then pour in your uziza. 
cover for
 a minute or less and turn off the heat.
 Rivers native soup is ready.
steam  beef with onions, pepper and maggi
 Ingredients For rivers native soup.

  • Ngolo
  • shrimps
  • kpomo
  • uziza
  • stockfish
  • dryfish
  • periwinkle
  • palm oil
  • onions
  • pepper
  • offor
  • crayfish
  • maggi 
  •  salt
  • water

 shrimp, periwinkle and kpomo

 healthy rivers native soup
It feels like I will be the first to cook this before any of you readers!


  1. Queen...10:02

    Wow! I have always longed to learn how to prepare this meal,I have been in Port harcourt my whole life but never knew who to ask.. Thank you so much for this *dancing alingo*

  2. Hi Chubby, is there any other name for offor and ngolo?
    Are they sold by vegetable sellers or in shops?
    Please reply, I need to have a taste of this soup!

    1. Anonymous13:17

      I don't know the English name for Ngolo but the periwinkle sellers are the ones that sales them too. For offor, ask the Egusi sellers cos they sells that too.

    2. Anonymous15:31

      *coughs * viv abeg proof read.....B

    3. Anonymous14:58

      Eya! Ngolo is known as oysters

    4. Anonymous18:44

      Ngolo is clams... not oyster

  3. Yayy!!! Ma best soup!
    I miss home!

  4. Louisa14:41

    I'm Yoruba but I absolutely loooooove Rivers Native Soup! Thanks so much for sharing this. I will definitely try it out soon and I hope it turns out great.

    This is a very nice site. Please keep it up!

  5. I see offor among the ingredients but not in the recipe. Where does it come in, Eya and Chubby?

    1. Chubby, please answer this one!

    2. Anonymous11:01

      Mix the offor with a little bit of water to form a paste n add in just b4 the shrimps n kpomo.Offor is used to thicken has a sister called achi too. Ngolo is a biiger version of your normal green periwinkles. They are big n dark rown in colour

    3. Anonymous15:05

      Eya in the place of offor, yam can also be used to thicken the soup. All u have to do is cut a slice of yam and boil alongside with d meat once u notice the yam is soft, u remove it and pound it then cut it into little balls and put it in d soup while putting ngolo and other ingredient.

  6. Anonymous15:35

    Chubby ,thank you dear but we wey dey yonder we no fit get ngolo,periwinkle and what is offor? perhaps a pic would help.....would improvise......Bomsy

    1. Bomsy, abeg be patient o. I'm sure Chubby will soon appear with answers for us.

  7. Offor is also known as soup thickner.Ask those ppl dat sell egusi & d rest.tnx eya & chubby 4 dis.

  8. Anonymous16:32

    Offor is a thickener like achi woman who sell native stuff sell it, its usually ground with oil nd sold in the powdered form...

    1. Anonymous18:24

      I guess i can use achi or is d taste so different? Bomsy

    2. Anonymous12:44

      Bomsy yeah I guess soo
      @Eya u r welcome, I love ur blog cos I love food nd I love cooking

  9. chubby ELLA18:58

    Sori ladies,jst got here. Offor i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ a thickener lyk "anonymous" said,its lyk achi bt its usually mixed wit palmoil wch makes it yellow in colour,ask anyone dat sells soup ingredients lyk egusi,ogbono etc,dey shud knw. As for wen 2 put d offor(my mistake),afta adding evry oda tin,u pour in a little n keep stirring,it shudn't b 2 thick or 2 light(depending on ​♓☺W Ɣ☺ΰ‎​‎​ lyk it) b4 u pour in Ųя uzuza. (Sori i replied late) i hope u enjoy it.

  10. me again(chubby)19:01

    Il send in a pix of wat offor looks lyk.

  11. Anonymous09:55

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    1. Anonymous20:20

      Hope you paid blog owner before appearing anony?

  12. Anonymous16:52

    Pls wat is ngolo? Hvnt heard of it b4 & how do get it

  13. Anonymous23:50

    Ngolo is oyster. It like mussels or clams. The beauty of rivers soup is when u av variety of seafoods in it.

  14. @Anon11:50pm, thank you! I didn't know Ngolo is oyster. That means we can get it from seafood sellers or periwinkle sellers in the market.

  15. Anonymous10:50

    Thank God dat i came to dis site dis morning,my hub to be just called me today,asking me to cook rivers native soup.thank u guys

  16. Anonymous13:13

    You are welcome @Eya. Yes U can get ngolo from d women that sell periwinkle. Ibos call it 'ngbe' u can even get dry ones as well if u ask them. Forgot to drop my name. LILIAN from PH.

    1. Hello dear,Ngolo and Ngbe are two different 'sea food'. People often mix the names up.

  17. It's OK Lilian, Thank you.

  18. Anonymous16:09

    This soup is always the bum! It is best with fresh fish. And you use pounded yam to thicken the soup. Mgbe is Mussels while Ngolo is in the same category as perwinkle but has an off white large shell. I do not know the english name.

  19. Anonymous07:28

    Pour d thickener(ofor)inside palm oil n stir till its smooth then u can add d meat stock n cook. Dis way d soup won't b lumpy.

  20. Anonymous00:36

    To clear people's mind, Ngolo is in the snail species. Its white in colour but looks like a snail just that its very small in size. Ngbe in english is what we call Oyster. Jhoy Green

  21. Tonye20:14

    This soup to my mind and from practice is best cooked with fish. The riverine rivers man does not know meat really and so the best main ingredient is fresh fish. I love red snapper or shiny nose with as many sea food including snails and the thickner that the original rivers man will use is a slice of yam cooking in the soup, when its soft it is brought out and pound and returned to the soup to thicken the soup. I am a Rivers lady from kalabari stock and these are what we would ordinarily use instead of offor or achi. I guess the meat is a variation to the original soup.

  22. Tonye20:15

    Ngbe is what is refered to as clam in English

  23. Anonymous11:47

    @Tonye thanks for educating us on the original riverine recipe of the native soup (tomina fulo). However, 'ngbe' is oyster, clam is ofingo, ngolo and periwinkle are all species of sea snails. Please where can one find ngolo around lekki axis of Lagos?

  24. Anonymous20:08

    I love good food. How do i sign up to this site

  25. Anonymous21:59

    Chubby u really didn't special if its oziza seed or d leaf dat is used. For me I was tot to use jus leaf bk in Ph but on ma own I decided to try using both so I add a litu of d seed it really tastes grt. Ngolo is vry vry diff frm ngbe dats oyster. D common name of ngolo is water snail altho I don't kn how true dis is was jus based on a research I did cos I worked on seafoods as my final year project work as a microbiologist. But d english name is Whelk. U can go to google and type 'whelk a seafood' to see how it looks. Its jus like a biga n more round form of periwinkle.meanwyl I'll try to get a pix of it I took personally den in sch.

  26. I think whelk is ngolo please how is oyster and clam prepared in Nigeria?

  27. Anonymous15:58

    when do you add the periwinkle

  28. Pls when exactly do I pour in the offor cos I didn't see dat in the preparation menu.

  29. Anonymous14:59

    pls what is the english name of offor ?


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