Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pop Corn In A Pot

 hot pop corn straight from the cooking pot
Dear Diary,
I popped this corn for myself, that's why there is no sugar or salt in it. When I pop for the
kids, I add their sugar and butter. Surprisingly, they helped me empty my plate of sugarless pop corn. I love my popcorn hot and fresh, with no pop corn machine. I manage with my cooking pot each  time I want to watch me a movie with some pop corn.
 pop corn maize and some drops of oil in a pot
My popcorn Ingredients:
  1. pop corn maize
  2. drops of vegetable oil

 corn begins to pop
  1. I sprinkle some drops of oil on the bottom of the pot
  2. Add the corn and shake vigorously
  3. place pot on a cooker with low heat
  4. remove the lid when it begins to pop.
I had to spread empty rice sacks on the floor when the corn started jumping out the pot.
I leave it open to enable me pack out already popped ones and create space for the grains yet to pop.
 popping increases with the sweet aroma
 corn is almost completely popped
corn popping and splashing everywhere

 hot, sizzling, soft pop corn
 freshly popped corn
To read how I add sugar and butter to pop corn, GO HERE
Enjoy your fresh pop corn!


  1. This woman isn't smiling o,popcorn in pot!lol,I might jus try dis wit plenty of sugar though

    1. Ok o, does any one know if honey too can be added to pop corn?

  2. Wow!this came at the right time.I tried popping some corn yesterday for d first time with an idea a friend gave me,didn't come out so good.will definatly try this today.tanx Eya.

    1. How far Ope? How did the popping go? Better results?

  3. What? Wow that is fascinating. Didn't know it could be done in a pot... nicce

    1. Thanks NR, I love fresh popcorn, so this is how I pop mine sharp sharp.

  4. God has rilli used u n ur blog2 bless my household dis yr,u ve md cookin more easier,chai! Words cn rilli express hw grateful i am.Nw i av varieties of dishes i cn mk4 kids n hubby. God bless u. Meanwhile i'm stil waitin4 more cos i sleep wt ur blog open 24/7. Wink wink. Love u aloads. D IYAMU'S

    1. Thanks D! By God's grace more will come. Just remember to bookmark Ok?
      Have a restful weekend.

  5. Really, enjoy the popcorn, like we popped it. But what if i want to use the microwave, do i use a small bowl or what?