Ogbono Soup With Lumpy Egusi

 Ogbono soup with egusi balls.


This is how to cook Nigerian ogbono soup with egusi balls inside.,Because of the way we enjoyed this soup, the taste
and ease of swallowing semovita,
 I was forced to call it the mother of all draw soups.
The ground crayfish just made it taste out of this world.
I didn't add green ugu here, because I wanted it just plain.
 I needed to savor the original taste of egusi lumps in draw soups.

I never knew why Asaba people don't eat ogbono until I saw Myne's okro with ogbono soup, and the reasons she gave. Now I know why ogbono is not eaten by The Asaba People of Nigeria.
 melon lumps in ogbono soup
 Ingredients for lumpy egusi ogbono soup:
  • 1 cup Ground ogbono
  • 2 cups Ground egusi (melon)
  • bush meat (dried) or 1 kg beef
  • 2 medium sized Smoked cat fish
  • 1 cup Ground crayfish
  • 1 teaspoon ground fresh pepper or to your taste
  • 2 knorr beef seasoning cubes
  • A handful Green ugu vegetable  (optional)
  • 1 small onion to steam the meat
  • 1/2 cup palm oil
  • salt to taste
  • 3 cups water to start with, you can adjust by adding more water as you cook

 Steps to cooking ogbono with lumpy egusi:

  1. The bush meat is washed and boiled in a pot with some water, a lil palm oil, salt, seasoning cubes, chopped onions and ground pepper. It is allowed to boil and then simmer until the dry bush meat begins to get tender.
  2. The ground melon is again put in a mortar with some salt and a little water enough to make it bring out melon oil when mixed. Now, mix or pound until the oil in the melon begins to seep out and rub on the mortar. When the oil begins to make pounding difficult, cut in little sizes and drop one after the other into the boiling stock.
  3. Cover and allow the melon to cook well. After the melon boiled for a while, I realized the pot was beginning to dry up,  added some more water. Checked  for salt and let it cook
  4. Now, the melon is cooked! remove from the pot before pouring in the ground ogbono with enough ground crayfish. (the rest of the cooking is done without egusi in the pot, it is then put back, when cooking is almost done, and allowed to boil for a while before the soup is ready).
  5. If you want ugu vegetables in yours, then add sparingly, add when the cooking is done and stir before turning off the heat.
  6.  Serve with poundo, semovita, semolina, amala, eba or even starch.
I did not add veggies to this because, I wanted to have a taste of it without ugu.

 Ogbono soup cooked with  smoked bush meat and Fish, some egusi lumps too
NOTE: Do not leave the egusi lumps in the pot when you add ogbono.
  Ogbono is a softener, and will just soften and dissolve all the lumps before cooking is done.
Melon lumps can be kept in the fridge for some minutes to solidify a lil bit (It's no longer sticky) before adding to the pot.


  1. Queen Bee1/24/2013

    Eya,this is wonderful!
    There was a day sometime ago,I mistakenly poured egusi into my pot of ogbono soup,dat was how I had to throw away dat soup!
    .never knew one could mix like this!!
    Will try this too.
    Btw that yam,palmoil and onions is the most 'realest'(forgive my french) simple food I have eaten in a long time!its naturally sweet.but I complimented mine with goat meat peppersoup.......*still salivating*
    TAnx for sharing ur talent.

  2. Anonymous1/24/2013

    Been reading a lot of your post and I find them intresting,keep up the good job.pls wen do I add palm oil,and did u mean d egusi is taken out of the bushmeat stock?any other method apart from pounding the egusi?thanks

    1. Thanks. Add the palm oil as soon as you put the pot on the fire, that way the oil cooks well and doesn't smell raw.
      Yes, when the lumps are cooked and hardened,take them out of the bush meat stock before adding ogbono, return them later before cooking is done.

      Yes, you can actually mix the egusi with a spoon or fingers in a bowl. Just add a little warm water and begin to mix until the egusi oil begins to rub and make the mixing bowl slippery.

  3. Just do me the good of sending some of this your yummy-looking fish, I can do the remaining work of cooking the ogbono soup with egusi lumps.Lol!

    1. It's bush meat Debby. In big markets they have areas where these are sold. This one here is smoked, porcupine, Lol! I pray they stop selling them o, so that we focus on beef and goat meat * wink*

  4. OMOTEA1/24/2013

    Eya yoa are really doing a great job,I thought its only Linda's blog am getting addicted,now I can't do without yours too.,thumb up... OMOTEA

  5. Anonymous1/24/2013

    ogbono with egusi??....hmmm, never tried it but heard that it tastes good.
    Weldone Eya.

  6. Anonymous2/11/2013

    Nyce one but is it a must we pound the grounded melon can't we mix it with water and still get d same result?love ur blog kip it up

  7. No, it's not a must to pound. If you have the energy to mix with a little water until the egusi oil comes out, then CARRY GO o.


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