Coated Groundnut Recipe by Joyous Paul

coated peanuts by Joyous
Sugar and flour coated groundnuts.
Here is the recipe for four cups of groundnut (Peanut).

1. 4 cups groundnut 2. 3 large eggs 3. A teaspoon of salt(partially filled)

4. 8 dessertspoon of sugar (2 teaspoons=1 dessertspoon) 5. Vanilla flavour(powdered) mix milk flavour (2 dessert spoons) and the white vanilla(1 dessertspoon) 6. Baking powder (1 teaspoon) 7. Milk (optional) 8. Flour(Four cups) 9. Groundnut oil for frying.

Before making coated groundnuts, decide on which groundnuts you want to use. Either raw or roasted groundnuts. If you use already roasted peanuts, there's no need for hot water soaking. For raw groundnut, soak in hot water, pick out the dirts and the broken peanuts. 1. Get a round large bowl 2. Pour in the four cups of groundnut and set aside. 3. Break your three eggs in a bowl and whisk till it rises to an extent. 4. You can get a filter(laria in hausa) get a dry clean small bowl and a dry dessertspoon. 5. Pour the sugar into your sieve,use your spoon to press it lightly so any lump can b broken. Do same for ur vanillas, salt, baking powder (all in one bowl) 6. Mix thoroughly with your spoon 7. pour them into your whisked egg and stir very well. 8. Add a dessertspoon of the mixed whisked egg and other ingredients into your bowl of groundnut. 9. In a circular motion, use both hands to hold the bowl and turn the content in the bowl either clockwise or anticlockwise. NOTE: you don't put your hands inside to stir. just hold the bowl with both hands and rotate. (if you start with clockwise don't go anticlockwise else you will ruin the shape.
10. Quick add some small quantity of flour and turn (stir). add a dessertspoon or two and stir again and quickly add your flour.
Note:if you don't add the flour quickly. your groundnut and the mixed egg items will get sticky and there will be lumps.
After all this, the flour will coat on the groundnut. do it to ur desirable taste until the content of the whisked egg gets finished. you may add two dessert spoons of water. Empty the now coated groundnut in a tray.
Heat up your vegetable or groundnut oil and fry. while frying,stir in one direction using the tail end of ur spoon or this frying spoon with non sharp edge. this is to avoid d coated groundnut from breaking. your coated groundnut (peanut burger) is ready.