How To Make Pizza From Scratch By Moji

Inviting Pizza made from home
 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, #Smiling, for those of us whose kids can't do without asking for pizza. God has answered our prayer and we can now make it in our kitchens. When
I received this from Moji, the kids were around so I left it for a while cos opening means making pizza right away.  This is so detailed and first to try should please share pictures with us.
Ingredients for pizza: Olive oil, yeast, plain flour. Measurements on the pic. (Shop measuring cups and spoons)
Combine dough and ingredients in a mixing bowl
Using your stand mixer or hands, mix well and gradually start adding warm water 
 Add a little water at a time to prevent the dough from becoming too wet till it starts to come together
 Knead the dough till it becomes smooth and elastic
 Add some oil to the bowl to cover your dough ball
Use a spatula if like me you don't want your hands to get sticky
Cover and allow to rise for about an hour

While waiting for your dough to rise, you can start chopping vegetables on a cutting board.

Allow them to sweat in the oil
Chop chicken frankfurter or any topping of your choice

Mozzarella and cheddar. Any other combo will do but I think these work better

Cheese for pizza, you only need about a third of each  

Chop cheese finely or grate
Cheese straight from the fridge is easier to grate
Remove half of the onion that have been sweating and add half a tablespoonful of tomato puree
Add about  table spoonful ketchup, a little water to loosen the mixture and a pinch of salt
It should look like so

Add the remaining sauteed pepper and onion to the franks

Line your baking sheet with cornflour, be generous, this will prevent sticking and will burn instead of your pizza ( I have never used corn flour, I always use semo but CF is the Official ingredient)

Back to the dough, in one hour, it should have doubled in size like this
Punch it out a bit to let out air and slap it on semo or cornflour baking tray
The dough is very elastic and should stretch very easily to the edge of your tray

You can throw it in the air like a real Italian pro but be sure your kitchen floor is spotless just incase

Spread your dough, leaving a little off the edges

Add franks, onion and pepper toppings

Add your cheese

Place on the lowest rack in a preheated oven and allow to heat for at least 10 mins. Don't worry about wasting gas, God will provide.

5 to 10 mins later, VOILA, the pizza is ready
Make sure you don't leave the kitchen, it cooks really fast

Slice your homemade pizza up and enjoy
Inviting pizza from my kitchen
See you at the gym!


  1. awwww, this is so detailed and easy to follow! moji you are the best oooo< bookmarked and looking forward to preparing it as soon as possible. lol@ see you at the gym.

    1. lolllllllll.....

  2. lol..Ur comment abt not worrying abt the gas cracked me up. Can u kindly add specifics abt the measurement. Sumtyms, my measurement doesnt go ryt even at baking and its either I have a charred disaster or a product that tastes funny. I still owe Aunt Eya. Naughty me.

    1. The only ingredients that need to be specific are for the dough
      Flour: 2 cups
      Yeast: 1 teaspoon
      Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
      Water: 1- 1.5 cups

      Everything else can be adjusted to your taste

    2. just make sure the water is warm

  3. Got to love her commentaries :) nice! I love the detail and photos.

    I would be trying this definitely

  4. Young Awesome Mum6/13/2013

    Woohoo! Thanks a lot for this Moji!!!

  5. Hehehehhe
    I love who ever did dis presentation
    That "see u in d gym" tho! Had me rolling off my bed, laffing my ass out!
    Will try this, surely!

  6. wow,very detailed.Good job Moji!


  7. This is very detailed. Makes it look very easy to make too.will most def try this out.Good job Moji!welldone.

  8. lmao @ God will provide. really nice and yummy.

  9. hubby is in good trouble!!!

  10. VALENTINE!6/13/2013

    the calories content of this particular delicious and tempting pizza will last a normal adult one good month and counting. but I go brave am joor, I'm off to get myself one. I'm sure my Broda Bona will not be able to prepare this one, cos na long thing oooo. catch you all at the Gym as we sweat out the heat after ingesting!

  11. Anonymous6/13/2013

    thanks a lot for the detailed presentation. will definitely try it out. my visit here today isnt a waste of time after all

  12. Lool @ "God will provide" and "See you at the gym"

  13. love, love, love how detailed this is and your comments got me rolling. Lmao.
    Thanks Moji!

  14. Wow I love dis, tnx moji

    1. am having a girls get together on saturday and this is gonna be my first dish.....well done moji

  15. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Pls wat is franks n where so I get it from? Make una no vex abeg. Nice one Moji

    1. Anonymous6/13/2013

      They r sausages. U can use any canned sausage available 2 u or pepperoni

  16. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Niceeeee. Me likey.

  17. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Thanks Moji for sharing this.

  18. gloexcel6/13/2013

    Nice 1! Am tryin ds 4 real.

  19. Real deal. Am so sticking out my neck for this one. I won't mind the consequences. Ma Eya na block I go carry no be gym

  20. Wow...this is lovely! As if you know I have been looking at Pizza recipes lately. All the ones I saw made it sound so difficult including one where you had to make the sauce and refrigerate it for 2 weeks first! Smh
    This makes it look so easy, thanks...

  21. Anonymous6/14/2013

    Thanks dear. Looking forward to trying it.

  22. chubby ELLA6/14/2013

    Moji plssss oooooo,wat else can I use apart 4rm sausages n cheese,I dnt eat dose tins. #puke#

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You can use Chicken, mixed veg, mushrooms, fish even periwinkles! There really is no substitute for cheese. If you like you can leave it out all together, it would still taste great but not have the gooey texture

  23. Bislondy6/14/2013

    Wow! Moji,thank you so very much for this. Will def. try this soonest. Lol @ 'God will provide' and 'see you @ d gym'. Na to hit gym be next after dis oo. hehehe

  24. WoAooooooo! I couldn't stop salivating! Thank u so much for this detailed presentation of pizza.omg! So love this.its bookmarked already but plz o,hope I can get cheese at d super market cuz I can't miss this, wil try it someday.

  25. Anonymous6/14/2013

    Pls were can I buy d cheese used ?

  26. You can get the cheese at Next, Park n Shop but next hmm they have different types, shapes, sizes of cheese. This is if you are in the capital city o.

  27. Anonymous6/14/2013

    Bona were are u na ?

  28. oh boy!!! so trying this out,thank you so much moji....................gymmmmm lol

  29. Anonymous6/15/2013

    LOVEEEEEEE IT!!!!God bless U Moji..Am def gunna bookmark it.

  30. Anonymous6/18/2013

    I'd realy love to try dis cuz wia I stay " bayelsa" they don't sell it.and only one super market sells cheese in dis town, buh not mozarella or chedar :(. Pls do u know if I can use another brand, cuz I won't want to waste money on it and end up not having a nice pizza. Thanks dear. Tokoni.

  31. Anonymous6/29/2013

    Even with d little idea I have abt pizza,dis infor just made me super,thanks and Godbless.

  32. This look yummy! Plus you were even skilled enough to shape it round!

    Well done.

  33. Anonymous2/08/2014

    Thanks for the detailed info. I tried it today and it was actually good. My 1yr + daughter almost ate half of it. Thanks again

  34. Hi...Please if I want to use fresh chicken as part of my topping, do I have to cook the chicken a little? Thanks for your funny and educative blog.

    1. Yes Kenneth, season and parboil or stir fry the chicken for more yummy taste.

  35. Anonymous9/20/2014

    Moji tks for this detailed recipe. Right on

  36. Am going to do mine today, wish me luck@Moji.


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