Hello mums in the house. I am a mum of two and hubby says no more. However I will like to have one more baby in future, with his consent of course; i'm talking about another 5-10years time, God willing.

As such I want to go on family planning. I need a method that I wont easily fall pregnant on as well as one that wont render me infertile/make it difficult for me if/when I am ready to take in. I spoke with friends, sisters and colleagues and below are the methods I have in mind, and my perceived pros and cons of each method.
1. THE PILL: Leaves one with the least side effects as the effects leave the body very fast when one is ready to
take in again. However I know at least three people that fell pregnant while on the pill, maybe due to the consistency that needs to be maintained in taking it (same time daily, etc), I'll prefer a long-term method.
2. COIL: some women say it makes them prone to infections. Then I know two people who fell pregnant while on it and had heir surprise babies. Also, my sister used it and feels it prevents pregnancies by acting as an abortifacient as she had a few miscarriages while on it. I'm not too comfortable with it due to these errors.
3. IMPLANON, NORPLAN etc: This is most likely where I will go. I only know of one person who had a surprise baby while on implanon. Also, it is long term (3 or 5 years) and effects are reversible within a year of removal. Downsides are it messes up a woman's cycles and some women complain of bloatedness, headaches, skin rash, etc while on this method.
4. DEPO/Injectables: I can afford to be going for these injections every two or three months for another couple of years but my mum was rendered infertile by using this method. Thank God she had already had kids, lol. Now my step sister stopped her shots since 2011 and has not been able to get pregnant since then; has been having recurrent miscarriages. Thus, I am scared to use this method since I still want one more baby in future. However, I don't know any one who fell pregnant while on it.

Pls mums that have used these methods should share their experience so I can make the best choice with my doctor. My hubby hates condoms and so do I. We currently practice natural family planning but I am tired of counting days plus my heart is always in my mouth whenever my period delays by a few days, lol.

Thank you.


  1. Patiently waiting for responses as this has been something I've been concerned about.

  2. The IUD is the safest bet for you. Long acting (5-8yrs), safe and very little chance of oppsie baby. I believe that's the one you referred to as the coil above.

    It's very safe, doesn't cause infections and certainly does NOT work as an abortifacient! It changes the ionic balance of the uterus and prevents fertilization and implantation. It cannot abort a baby. Your sister may have seen blood clots during her period and though it was an abortion. It's not. The only way you could get pregnant while on it is if it gets dislodged either during sex, menses, or tampon use. This can be avoided by going for your annual check up.

    Stop listening to what people tell you. Every single body reacts differently to contraception. If you try one and it doesn't work you can simply take it out. In Nigeria there are lots of misconceptions thanks to dem say dem say. Contraception does not cause infertility, the person may have had an underlying problem.

    Go and see you doctor and they'll find one most suitable for you and your lifestyle!

  3. Baby Doctor5/02/2016

    Choice of contraception depends on several factors, Including any preexisting health conditions you may have and whether/how soon you want to have more children. Your best bet is to see your doctor and make an informed decision. Having said that, I would not advice that you wait as long as ten years to have another baby. The earlier you can complete your family, the better for you and the children.


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