How to prevent pregnancy naturally with uda (Negro pepper)

 Dry uda seeds (Negro pepper).
Hello Eya. Good morning ma. I stumbled on your blog from wives connection Facebook page and have since benefitted so much. God bless you. Please I need help with natural family planning and I know there are experienced wives and mothers on the blog who can help me out. My husband is against me using family planning methods because of his fear of side effects. I just had a baby in May and now I'm pregnant for another. I need help please. Someone told me that uda water is very effective in preventing pregnancy, in fact she claims that our grand parents used it in the past without
side effects but I'm not sure if she's correct. Has anyone tried it? This my friend has 2 kids, the youngest is 7 and she says uda water is the only natural family planning method she knows. Please I need other women to help me confirm this natural family planning method so that once my baby is delivered, I start immediately before story story.
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  1. Hello poster, I have never tried uda water but got this from mamalette
    Step 1: Purchase a large quantity of UDA and put this in a pot e.g. 250 grams which should be about half the size of a tin of Milo.

    Step 2: Add about 60cl of water e.g. a bottle of Nestle water

    Step 3: Boil the UDA in this water for 5 minutes and allow it to cool.

    Step 4: Once the boiled UDA water has cooled down you can store it into a container of your choice e.g. you can use your plastic bottle and place it in a refrigerator.

    UDA water can be preserved in a refrigerator for one month at 25 degrees centigrade i.e. normal storage compartment in the refrigerator.

    Do not put in the freezer so that the active ingredient will be stable although is more active when is not stored for too long.

    Step 5: Immediately after sexual intercourse with your husband, shake the bottle very well and pour the UDA water into a glass. A glass of this contraceptive water should be just fine. Some women also prefer to take this before sex(this is because some spermatozoa are stubborn).

  2. Anonymous12/31/2017

    Can one make this therapy without refridgrating it?

  3. Yes. Uda is a natural contraceptive and to some level, aids abortion too.

  4. Wow
    I know it's good to flush out blood after a woman put to bed. Or a lady suffering from menstrual disorder. It helps.

  5. Ogbonnaya Ibeogu12/31/2017

    It will fail you like mad and you'll come looking for who to help you terminate that pregnancy.
    Better go to your gynaecologist or family planning clinic for more effective methods of contraception

  6. It may work for her doesn't mean it will work for u coz our body ain't same

    1. Yes it work nothing like our body syetem is different is woeking oooo.

  7. Marietta Bello12/31/2017

    I Don't know about it preventing pregnancy but this udah is used to make a very nice dish for any woman that just puts to bed and we went to visit. I joined in eating the sauce prepared with udah and before I got back home , my period started. It happened to me twice on different occasions. Period wey neva reach oo.

  8. Prisca O12/31/2017

    It works 100%. Especially during unsafe period after sex with hubby. Boil uda + ginger + uziza and drink. No shaking until u're ready for another child

    1. Anonymous8/21/2018

      Pls is it the whole uda or u extract the seed?

    2. Anonymous11/14/2018

      Hello, what quantity should i drink to make it effective??

  9. Ruth Ekile12/31/2017

    It works very well..

  10. Blessing Hassan12/31/2017

    Please can someone make this therapy without refridgrting it or it will be taken immediately after preparation?

  11. please someone that has been taken this uda water decides to stop and want to concive when is the right time for that


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