Hello Aunty Eya. Thank you for all the easy recipe methods you share with us. I have been following your blog for almost a year
now and every recipe I try in my kitchen comes out excellent except that you don't add much pepper to your food but I do increase the quantity of my pepper I use your lovely recipes to cook.

 Ma, please help me ask on your blog. What are the effects of chin chin snack on a diabetic patient. Chin chin is one of my favorite snacks till date and now that am a bit diabetic, even though am not yet taking drugs i want to naturally see if the sugar level can revert to normal but chin chin is always my downfall. Yesterday, at church, my Lawyer cousin bought some chin chin from our customer and when I refused to take some, she said I can eat chin chin because it doesn't affect diabetes much. That it's  just ordinary flour but I don't agree, for me baking flour is not just ordinary plus all the other sweet ingredients and sugar Please help me clarify it. Can a diabetic patient eat tiny quantities of Nigerian chin chin snack? Post anonymously pls aunty.


  1. Hello Poster. Thank you for trying out our recipes and for loving them. Sorry I only saw your mail this morning, yesterday was hectic... For the chin chin, please don't eat chin chin if you are diabetic. I'll try and make some honey chin chin so you can use that recipe but even honey chin chin shouldn't be eaten by a diabetic because chin chin doesn't only contain sugar. White flour used as the major ingredient in chin chin is also a carb and converts to almost the same thing as sugar in your blood. Chin chin won't help lower your blood sugar levels please eat snacks like cucumbers, peppered snails, Olives, edible warms, termites, vegetable salads, suya, and other natural foods without additives. There is a post on this blog with 50 Nigerian food ideas for diabetics, search for it... That post has a meal plan and snacks diabetes can eat. Take care and please listen to your DOCTOR when it comes to your health. You'll be fine.

  2. You said that you are not taking any medications yet. If the Doctor prescribes drugs for you, please take them ok? They'll help you get better and maybe enjoy all your favorite snacks later...


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