Lazy Man Fried Rice With Grilled Chicken And Green Fruits

Lazy man fried rice with grilled chicken. 
If you have never cooked lazy man fried ricebefore, then kudos o. I can't count how many times sef but can say how
many times I have cooked correct correct fried rice wi all the Shrimps,  liver and all. Come to think of it, the taste is the exact same thing. Lazy man fried rice cooks fast because the lazy bones won't let me fry in batches.  I just sautéed  the few ingredients available and added.  That makes me a wonderful chef you know :) it's not easy to manage ingredients and still make some delicious and nutritious,  if you ask me, I think that is genius.  That's one thing God gave us women that men don't have o. I don't mean chef men o. Men like the people around us and our husbands,  if any food recipe lists 30  ingredients, they cannot manage with 29 but I can comfortably cook whatever that is with half the ingredients and I know a lot if women can.

Like this fried rice, I dare any man to come up with something this simple yet so delicious.
 Adding the sautéed vegetables to cooked curried rice.
Ingredients for Lazy Man Fried Rice
2 cups basmati rice. This quantity served four including children sha.
Curry I boil the rice with enough curry for bright colour. If you like tumeric, you may use it.
Seasoning cubes, plenty o.I used 2 chicken Maggi for this rice plus another half for the veggies.  All these vegetables are tasteless, they just absorb yourseasoning to taste good. If you manage with seasoning,  then, you are going to have  a tasteless pot of fried rice.
Soya oil to sautee  the veggies
1 large tatashey
1 large carrot
1 large green pepper
2 cloves of cabbage.
1 medium sized onion

This rice should have even stock but it doesn't. I worried a bit though, that cooking rice without stock would be terrible but the yummy pot proved me wrong.
Na water I take cook this fried rice,ordinary tap water with seasoning.

 Lazy man fried rice, ask me why I add those  olives there?  I don't even know.  In my desperation  to prove to you guys that my food presentation is getting better,  I'll just be looking round d round the kitchen, looking for what will add colour to my pics. Na wa, if only those I served knew my reason for the olives, I  don't think they'd have enjoyed the combination the way they did.  For me o, I didn't want olive sour taste in my rice so I kuku comot all the olives keep for corner before facing the two mountains of rice.
How To Cook lazy  Man Fried Rice:
First, wash the rice, boil normally with enough curry  and salt.  While rice boils, dice all the vegetables you want to use ( there's no liver to boil so relax). Sautee the vegetables with some oil and seasoning, when vegetables are a bit wilted,  the onion looks kinda translucent, that means turn off the heat and add vegetables to cook rice.
Stir gently and serve.  QED.

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  1. Anonymous11/22/2015

    Aunty Eya Thanks for sharing. I want to try this for lunch today.

  2. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much. I made nice and colorful fried rice 25th Dec and 1st Jan. My family rnjoyed it. Thanks to you. I have neva knew how to prepare fried rice b4. I also made shredded beef source and many more all bcos of you. Am most grateful

    1. This feedback just made my day! Thank you so much De Lolo.

  4. This is really a wonderful post.

    1. I appreciate your comment, thanks.


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