How to cook One Thousand Four hundred and fifty Naira okro vegetable soup that serves 12

Affordable okro soup
A serving of pocket friendly okro vegetable soup.
This soup tastes really really good believe me. I enjoyed it yesterday, ate some more left over today. Okro lovers will enjoy this with pounded yam, semo, garri, amala, tuwo and all forms of fufu. I want to see how one can eat healthy and delicious with less. The exchange rate is not smiling at all. If you are abroad, you spend just a hundred Dollars on lunch, do you know that you have just eaten about thirty thousand naira in one meal? God save Nigeria, may we never get to that low where we need to carry money in ghana must go bags to go grocery shopping. You may be eating three square meals daily without even scratching your head but truth remains that people are really really suffering in
this country.


  • Five Hundred Naira biscuit bones. This amount should buy you half a kilo of beef if you don't like bones.
  • Seven Hundred Naira smoked fish
  • Two Hundred Naira okro
  • Fifty Naira ewedu leaves
The Following Ingredients I had at home already:
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Seasoning cubes
  • One table spoon palm oil
  • Onions
  • Water
  • If you love locust beans more than me, you can add just one fifty Naira pack, I didn't this time.

Just added some oil to the stock after boiling biscuit bones.

With my good bargaining skills, I got this smoked fish for seven hundred Naira

  • First I boiled the biscuit bones with onion, salt, pepper and some knorr beef seasoning cubes. When the bones cooked soft enough I added the palm oil and covered to boil for 5 minutes before adding the smoked fish and vegetables. Checked for seasoning and salt, left to cook for about 40 seconds before turning down the heat. Served with hot garri.

Just deboned, washed and added fish to the stock.

Added okro, onion and ewedu vegetables at the same time.

Delicious soup

Enjoy your weekend Lunch with this okro vegetable soup
Happy Weekend
Happy Cooking!


  1. Kontinue with this ur price tag, I go soon come ur house collect my aprico money.

  2. Zeezee7/07/2016

    Lovely Madam Eya!! Please we need more of these kinds of recipes in these times o!! Please post pics of the biscuit bones. i dont know what it looks like. Can I just ask the butcher in the market for biscuit bones?


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