Wheat Flour, Meal/ Fufu From Scratch

Wheat meal with blended afang soup
 Wheat is the third most produced cereal after maize and rice, with lots of potassium, protein, magnesium and Iron. It's health benefits depend on the form on which it is eaten. Wheat can be used to make pastries, bread, cakes etc. We know that one slice of whole wheat bread contains about 1.5 grams of dietry fibre.

Wheat flour sold in bags at supermarkets is very good too and makes for easy preparation but I just learnt that some contain cassava even when it's not obvious on the label.

I love eba, so. this post is dedicated to diabetics and those with high blood sugar, those who need
to stay away from yam and cassava.After enjoying this sha, I'm beginning to have second thoughts on eba and other heavy swallows cos I need to shed this baby weight as soon as possible.

Wheat flour I didn't know is so easy to process, there is no physical work involved. The wheat grains are bought, here I got three mudus and after milling, you can see the quantity in the bucket, it's much.

How To Process Wheat Flour:
After buying, clean off the chaff, mill and store  in airtight container. Lahmow posted wheat flour pancake for weight watchers. I'm already thinking of trying something different like making moi moi or akamu pap from wheat flour. See you when I try and share.
Clean wheat grains in a bowl leaving for the mill

 wheat flour just back from the mill and ready for fufu, pancakes and delicious pastries
Stirring wheat flour to make fufu
 How to make fufu From wheat flour:

  1. Boil clean water in a pot
  2. With your left hand, scoop some flour, start pouring continously but sparingly into the pot of boiling water while your right hand stirs briskly and continously.
  3. Continue to add flour and stir until you get your desired consistency and it's cooked.
  4.  Serve hot with any Nigerian soup of choice. Wheat fufu digests very fast. Heavy eaters should consume more cos it's not as heavy as eba, starch or pounded yam but very smooth to the palate.

Light dinner. wheat meal served with nutritious blended afang soup. Not heavy at all
Hot wheat meal just scooped from the pot, waiting for some yummy soup
 My baby loves wheat fufu!
Eat healthy, live healthy


  1. greedy goat10/07/2014

    Looks good. Will try and make this as I already enjoy bulghur wheat. No longer like garri anyway.

  2. Anonymous10/07/2014

    Wow aunty eya, I just had dis with my hubby for lunch using ur method of blending the afang. It was wow... Thanks aunty

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy your wheat swallow.

  3. i love wheat,infact i went to the market bought it raw and wemt to the mill to blend it.its highly nutritious and healthy

  4. I found out that what I have been seeing on the shelf here in Moscow is wheat, so I bought and blended it myself and sieved the chaff away. Honestly it's been perfectly ok for me. I don't care about the work involved but it's worth it because my health is my priority


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