Pictorials, Nigerian Moi Moi Wrapped In Broad Leaves

cooked moi moi in broad leaves
Dear Diary,
this cooked moi moi was supposed to wait in the archives a little longer, but, I promised Amaka
this afternoon that I'd try and post my moi moi recipe as soon as possible. So, this is it. I have two methods of cooking moi moi.
  1. Palm oil moi moi wrapped in leaves
  2. Tatashe and vegetable oil moi moi in cellophane bags
 moi moi served with boiled rice, chicken and kpomo tomato stew
Moi moi can be eaten like a meal. It is a complete balanced meal. Who says beans does not contain a little of carbohydrates?  It can be eaten with rice, boiled unripe plantain, akamu or even boiled yam.
 washing and skinning beans before milling for moi moi
Scrubbing beans on a sharp grater to remove the skin is my own fastest way of skinning beans.Once the beans is put in water, skinning starts immediately
 Ingredients for making palm oil moi moi wrapped in leaves


  1. 3 cups beans
  2. 6 hard boiled egg
  3. meticulously washed moi moi leaves
  4. 1 large onion
  5. 3 Fresh red peppers
  6. 1/2 cup ground crayfish
  7. salt to taste
  8. 2 seasoning cubes
  9. Water
 Cooking yummy moi moi
To see pictures of how thick the ground beans should look before wrapping, check out the fourth picture on this link

For Step By Step Pictures On how to wrap moi moi go HERE
  • The ground beans contain the crayfish, pepper and onion already.  Add the before grinding the washed beans. Add some warm water to make it lighter.
  • Add palm oil, stirred very well before adding  salt,  and knorr cubes to taste
  • Lay the leaf on your palm, then scoop some beans into it and wrap. Wrap like when you fold a sheet of paper, with the outer part lying on top of the part close to your body. Before pouring in the ground beans, hold the leaf  in such a way that your little finger is the one close to your body while the thumb is farther away. Now bend in the side of the folded leaf that is resting on the thumb, bend it right under the folded leaf, let it stay in between the leaf and your palm. The part resting on the thumb is left open 'cos that is where the beans is poured in to the folded leaf *hope I made some sense* LOL!
  • After pouring in a little quantity of the beans, throw in a hard boiled full or half piece of egg before wrapping in the part on the thumb too. 
  • Place carefully in a pot. The stalk cut from the washed leaves should be placed on the bottom of the pot between the moi moi and the pot to prevent burning your pot.
  • After all the wraps have been put in the pot...
  • Pour in some boiling water ( a very little quantity of water) Continue to check and add water when it starts boiling and sending out that inviting aroma.
  • Moi moi wrapped in leaves takes about an hour to really cook well, be patient a little before turning off the heat.
 My simple but delicious moi moi
Cook your delicious moi moi in a large pot to prevent spillage when it begins to boil.
 moi moi served with rice and Nigerian tomato stew
You know that putting food in cellophane bags is not healthy, so I switch to cooking this moi moi in plastic plates. Then again,  cooking in plastic plates is not very healthy. It's best to cook moi moi in leaves or ceramics (Tea mugs) I just continue with my moi moi in leaves. That would mean sticking to palm oil moi moi because I just can't wrap Tatashe with vegetable oil/coconut milk moi moi in leaves.

  1. Ground beans
  2. vegetable oil
  3. crayfish
  4. coconut milk (optional)
  5. corned beef
  6. fresh red pepper
  7. onion
  8. salt
  9. knorr cubes
  10. cellophane bags ( the ones called santana)
  11. water
The method of mixing ingredients is the same except that here you add tatashe to the washed beans before grinding. Corned beef comes in after mixing the vegetable oil.
All the ingredients plus warm water are added, salt and seasoning checked before scooping, pouring into the cellophane bags and knotting tightly. Do not tie moi moi loosely o.
In this case, pour in enough water to cover the food, the pot MUST NOT be allowed to dry up!!! Continue to frequently add hot water and let it cook for about thirty to forty five minutes before tasting any o.
I never took the pictures. When I do, I will add them. 


  1. Life is so unfair. We have no broad leaves here so man must make do with aluminium foils. Do you know how easily those things break? Argh thinking about it alone is frustrating

    1. Sorry NR, when next you visit Nigeria, try to pack our Naija bread bags in your luggage, Lol! Pack as much as will carry you till the next trip.
      I wish you could pack dry moi moi leaves.

    2. misdee13:43

      Well,u can pack dry moi-moi leaves.my aunt said so. Just dat it won't last 4 long and when u want to use dem u soak it water for a while.

  2. Anonymous03:10

    You're really doing a good job. Keep it up. I cooked the plantain and fish and my fam enjoyed it. My next stop is ogbono soup. Looking forward to your next dish!

    1. @Anon, For returning to give us feedback, you've made my day! Thanks for this comment. When you cook the ogbono soup, please let us know how it turns out too.

    2. Anonymous23:00

      Atleast I ve learnt sometin. Dis blog is d best. Tank u so much ma..

  3. chubby Ella07:32

    I always wnt 2 mk moi-moi bt my biggest problem i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ washing d beans n tying d leaf(even doh my mum has bn teaching me snc i was a kid,iv neva bn able 2 get it ryt). I tink il jst stick 2 using d "SANTANA" cellophane bags. Hope 2 try it out pretty soon.
    G̶̲̥̅̊ΘΘD̸̸̮̮̃ a.m Eya.

  4. Rub the wet beans against a sharp grater and see the skin peeling off easily. I cook with cellophane bags too sometimes.
    Good morning Chubby!

  5. Wow! Aunty Ojay am very farmiliar with dis one,we call it Elile agwa(beans cake) d only place and time we get to eat it,is in d village on every Eke market day. After grandma must av sold her products at d market. I ate it dis last xmas sef. I guess u learnt it from am Igbo friend lolz.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. So, Bonario, is it an Igbo dish or a Nigerian Dish? ANSWER...

    2. Lolz aunty Ojay hope I won't sound sentimental if I say av always known it to be Igbo dish.

      ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310


  6. it is a yoruba dish as the name implies..moi moi elewe..lol..


  7. Amaka13:29

    Yippee my Moimoi recipe is here. Straight to the market to buy my leaves. I ask u about d Moi Moi some days ago Madam Eya, God bless u.

  8. Amaka22:29

    I made my Moi Moi this evening, for d first time my Moi Moi was more than delicious. But d leave wrapping was something else. It took me time b4 i got it. Thank u.

    1. Not to worry Amaka, the leaf wrapping gets better with time. Thanks for letting us know about the outcome of your dish, and, congratz!

  9. sexyboocalher22:32

    OMG!!! I am so hapi 2 v com across ur blog**so hapi** I no wit ur blog, my hubby wil realise somtin has changed....

  10. Anonymous13:49

    Am new here. Will really like to learn something new cos I cook all sorts everyday and my hubby keeps wanting something new.hope u will help

    1. By God's grace, where I can, I will try.

  11. Anonymous14:22

    I'm back again Madam Eya with another guidance from u. This time around Salad & coleslaw. Pls put it on ur to do this 4 us, thanks. Loving this blog I no lie.

  12. Nife23:37

    I put tomatoes in my moi moi and sometimes it comes out delicious other times I don't know what it even tastes like

    1. The quantity of tomato you added is what made the difference. It came out delicious because the tomato wasn't much, it came out not too delicious because the tomato over powered it.

      I add tomato paste sometimes, but, very little.

  13. Nife23:40

    How do you get the coconut milk, is it the tinned ones found in super markets or you grate coconut and extract the juice/milk

    1. It is either grated, or I buy the powdered form sold in sachets and mix with water.

  14. Anonymous10:56

    been dying to learn how to make some sauce, like curry sauce, shredded beef or chicken sauce, etc. would appreciate if you can put up that recipe.
    also, would like to know how you make salads with dressings

    1. Issorait, I will try and post soon.

  15. I just came across your blog and I am loving all that I am seeing,please ma keep posting your lovely recipes,you have a fan for life!

    1. You are welcome Oyin, thank you!

  16. Anonymous08:06

    All I can say is God bless u. Found ur blog on Lindaikeji's blog.

  17. Anonymous08:07

    All I can say is God bless u. Found ur blog on Lindaikeji's blog.

  18. jite14:12

    Good afternoon, Am speechless. I just stumbled into this site through Linda Ikeji's blog and shocked at what I saw. Never knew there was a site like this, thanks a million for the good work. You just made being in the kitchen more interesting with different recepies and food options. I am so going to be glued to your blog,

  19. Anonymous21:35

    You are doin a good job ma.

  20. Anonymous13:03

    Aunty Eya pls whats wrong in using d leave to tie d tatashe moi moi. My baby s bday is on sun. I planned cooking tatashe moimoi wt d leave but its like it isnt advisable. Which one is preferable in serving guests;d tatashe moimoi wrapped in leave or d palmoil

    1. Tatashe moi moi with leaves/ haven't tried it before.

  21. Testing the microphone cos leaving comments on newer post is now challenging for me being asked to prove not a robot, lol


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