Afang Or Okazi Vegetable Soup With Ease.

Stirring my Calabar Afang soup with a wooden spoon.
This is a meal I can comfortably eat every day, provided it is served just once a day. This vegetable soup takes time to cook if you do not know the trick of getting everything ready and set, before turning on the cooker.


  1. 4 cups pounded afang leaves, after cutting o Vegetable (Ugu can be used instead for those who do not like afang leaves. Cooking method is same)
  2. 1 stockfish wrap
  3. 2 bunches Waterleaf OR Spinach
  4. 3 large Kpomo (cow skin)
  5. 1 kg Beef
  6. 2 medium sized Smoked catfish
  7. 4  large Snails (optional )
  8. 2 cups shrimps (optional)
  9. 2 cups mushrooms
  10. 2 cups Periwinkles  mfi). Without the shell
  11. 1 cup ground Crayfish
  12. 2 Seasoning Cubes plus 1 cube to boil meat
  13. Salt to taste
  14. 1 small red Onion to boil meat
  15. 1 teaspoon ground fresh Pepper
  16. 1 cup Palm Oil
  17. Water enough to cover the meat, you can adjust later with more water if soup gets too thick.
  • Put the washed beef and stockfish in a cooking pot without adding water.
  • Add chopped onion, salt, some pepper and the one seasoning cube. Cover and allow the juice from the washed beef to cook until the pot dries up a bit.
  • Now, Add some water to cover the meat so it makes stock for your soup, check for salt and let it boil before adding the washed snails, and kpomo, then allow to boil on the stove for about 10 minutes. If the stockfish and kpomo start getting tender before soup is ready, to avoid them falling off, remove from the pot and keep in a separate container. Once snails boil and get hard and crunchy, remove too and set aside till later. 
  • Now, Add palm oil,  Let the beef continue to cook until it is tender. If there is need for more water, salt or seasoning, you can add to taste. Your ground crayfish  and smoked fish should be added at this time and allowed to cook for about 3 minutes. Remember that overcooked smoked fish falls off. It doesn't need much cooking. (Shop blender)
  • When the meat and smoked fish have boiled a little, You then pour in the cooked stock fish, periwinkles, snails and kpomo that were set aside. If there is some mushrooms, you can add them  now. 
  • As soon as the mushrooms are added, the washed and pounded or ground Afang If you are cooking with Ugu, there is no need for pounding or grinding with mortar and pestle). Just add to boiling pot. Stir gently with a wooden spoon to avoid crushing the delicate mushrooms and smoked fish. Stir until the content is properly mixed together, check for salt and let it simmer for about 1 to 2 minutes before removing pot from heat.

     TIPS:  Leave the cooking pot open so that the green vegetables do not continue cooking cos of heat. If you allow the vegetables to boil, then the freshness is lost. I love my veggies GREEN!! Sometimes, I add the crayfish at the same time with the vegetables. *Do not parboil the water leaf because doing so will destroy the nutrients. If you must parbpoil, don't let it overcook. You can squeeze out some juice from the waterleaf  like the Efik people do but do not over squeeze please. You can parboil the water leaf and drain excess water before adding to the soup if you want.
  • Mix your garri with enough boiled water to prevent it from turning hard.
  • Serve hot and enjoy. It can be served with pounded yam, semovitaamala, etc.
 Even if you decide to leave all ingredients out, do not leave out crayfish, stockfish and smoked fish. They give afang soup that yummy taste we all love.  
 Vegetable (Afang)  Soup With.
Eba on a saucer. (Shop dinnerware)

Afang soup
 Hot Eba With Vegetable Soup.
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  1. Yummy yummy! I like the affang soup.Pls reserve a space for me on your dinning table. I ll have to follow the steps to achieving a good turn out like this. Well made.

    1. hahaha! There is enough to go round o! I am dishing your portion already.

    2. Alloy Chikezie4/29/2014

      Ooooooh, U don make hungry dey catch me now! Choi.... Yommy! Nice one

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    3. Anonymous10/14/2015

      Eya, I have 2 questions for you. I tried this soup the week before and here are my observations. PS: I would like a reply from you.

      The first time I ate this soup, the afang leaves could be seen (okazi)
      I blended mine but I didn't really like the result. I think next time, I will just cut it up and dump into the soup. I CAN'T pound and don't intend to. So the question is, is it okay to just cut the okazi leaves and not pound or blend it? Would this make any difference?

      Number two, I used the periwinkle with shells. I washed and washed and washed with enough salt and water. I even cut the tail but i noticed when sucking it, I was still tasting sand and dirty stuff. ayama! I don't want to give up on using periwinkle with shells. What can i do next time to avoid this? Steph

    4. Sorry about your afang soup result. I think that blending requires so many ingredients else your soup won't be tasty as the blended leaves taste very strong in the soup. You can cut and recut and recut again until they look so like pounded, then use, the result will be great. My favourite is pounding before use though.

      For the periwinkle, use the ones removed from shell. If you prefer them with their shell, then you need to cut the tips off, parboil them with water and watch the dirty stuff come out, then you rinse with plenty water, rinse until the water becomes clean and clear, then add to the soup.

  2. this dish looks really cool o... aaha aha! see as I dey salivate for here eh.

    Although I'm not familiar with the name of the green leaf *afang*, you mentioned, shei I can use any green leafy abi?

    1. Yes you can, and it will come out just great!

    2. Any green leaf hope you didn't use efo or green,bet me if you use that ain't no way it is going out well... lol

  3. Anonymous11/29/2012

    *amsalivating*...swallow ....mehn! i love my brown pomo and can eat this meal 3 times a day o! ...*swallowagain*

    1. Yes O *swallow* I can eat this everyday too but not more than once a day.

  4. Just when I thought the Indomie was inviting, this looks delicious. I'm really having *longger throat*. I'll sure use your blog to improve on my cooking skills.

  5. Eya, why now? Don't you know I am fasting? I have to bind the spirit of longer throat after seeing thess pictures.

    lol, madam, you have succeeded in breaking my fast through lookery. I just swalled one morsel of eba in my mind.......

    1. Hahahahahaha, sorry o, it's past 6pm so you can break it with this vegetable soup. You can swallow like twenty morsels if you like. Feel free!

  6. 1. Eyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    2. This looks so inviting! kai!
    3. I need your house address,the date and time you'll be cooking this soup next
    4. Real glad you moved/exported the other blog
    5. Pls bear wif us mobile readers and activate the mobile site on this blog again
    6. Gracias. Oh no...Merci(hws french coming bydway).

    1. 1. Yes, my name.
      2. You are cordially invited choi.
      3. I don't need to cook it again this year cos there is so much in the freezer. You can eat from the that. The house address, how do I send it? by courier? text message, chat or ...?
      4. Thank you Tamie. Moving has made the aork easier I must confess.
      5. I just activated the mobile site. So Sorry o.
      6. French is Ok I am moving with a snail's speed sha. Learning continues. Au revoir Tamie.
      quele age as-tu Tamie?
      quelle langue tu parles?

  7. Eya, this is absolutely my fave soup of all-and you know I am Akwa Ibom, so we have lots of nice soups from my end, but I love this best of all. I am already off to cook it, lol.

    1. Enjoy your meal! You should give us some expert tips on cooking afang because Akwa Ibom State and healthy soups? OMG.

  8. I enjoyed this soup during my nysc days. My akwa-ibom friend spoilt me with afang soup and yellow eba.

    Seeing these yummy pictures is making my mouth watery. I should cook this soon o. Chai!

  9. Anonymous1/11/2013

    Very yummy

  10. Anonymous1/13/2013

    Chai! i am doing my NYSC in aiwa ibom or calabar. OMG Eyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dont commit murder o, coz i will swallow my laptop now..

  11. Anonymous1/17/2013

    OMG! See soup,choi! U jst got my interest. Thanks for givn me diff varieties of food to bé cooking for my family. Besides,i nid tips on easy fd to snack for my hubby. He loves snacking

  12. Anonymous1/24/2013

    Please you dint mention when to add the waterleaf. Is it before or after the addition of Afang.

    1. Both are added at the same time. no one should over cook.

  13. Plz,when adding the water leaf,is it allowed some time to bring out its water before adding the Afang? Also I noticed you always put off the heat as soon as you pour in your veggies,after stirring. Won't it taste uncook even though it is stil green? I tot it should be allowed a minute or two with low heat.

    1. If you allow water leaf to bring out it's water, it will make your soup watery.
      No, it doesn't taste uncooked. Check with your tongue and even chew, if you are Ok, then turn off the heat.

    2. Anonymous4/29/2014

      Aunty eya. I dare nt try dis ur method@ home cos mumsi wuld tonguelash me. Its a gd way of cookn. But d waterleaf shuld boil atleast 5 mins b4 addn afang.

  14. You also mentioned cooking meat with pepper,please is it fresh or dry Ground pepper. I Anticipate your reply. Thanks.

  15. Anonymous4/29/2014

    Thanks joy for asking almost all my Aunty Eya, is it possible to use iru or okpei for vegetable soup? Pls reply.

    1. I think it's possible though I haven't tried it.

  16. Anonymous4/29/2014

    Hmmmm yummy yummy.

  17. ogechi4/29/2014

    thank u anty eya and d quick response via my email

  18. Anonymous4/29/2014

    Hello eya, u didn't post my mail. Quick ejaculation

  19. Anonymous4/29/2014

    Chai,anty eya #smh# to open this kind of thing for staff room this morning be as eget Oo°˚˚˚°! I don dey hungry already. Infact,e no go easy this weekend.i go follow A̶̲̥̅♏ step by step ♍α̲̅kƸ ¶ no ♍α̲̅kƸ mistake =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)).Thanks anty eya.regards to baby.EPHY

  20. My husband loves afang and since I am not a fan, I never bother to make it. This looks so good, I am tempted to try it.

  21. Anon 13:56, yes you can cook without pounding but need to cut and recut into tiny bits. Blending is great when you don't cook with much stock. Water added to blend plus much stock equals watery

  22. For the periwinkle ,wash with salted very warm water. Continue to change water until clean before adding to soup.

  23. hello ma, I must commend your cookings I hv learnt a lot from it too thnx. but can I say that afang is our Calabar meal and I must add that onions is a very big NO in Afang soup...because its interaction with afang gives something else ...even periwinkle is optional n personal choice n not part of the recipe...I enjoyed your meal though

    1. Anonymous6/28/2016

      How do you boil meat without onions. From the recipe here, Aunty Eya didn't pour onion in the soup, she used it to boil her meat and that's how I cook mine too. btw, I'm Akwa Ibom.

  24. Anonymous7/20/2017

    Ugu cannot be used when cooking Afang... only Okazi (Afang) and waterleaf is used
    Ugu is used for Edikanikong Soup


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