Salad And Dressing By Lizzy Obaze

Salad and Dressing served with roast chicken.
Hello Aunty Eya,

Happy new year. Hope you and your family had an exciting festive period.

I'm waiting for you to reveal the news you have for us on WC. Everyone thinks there's a baby on the way, enough suspense and please spill the beans.

So I started a very low fat and NO carbohydrate change of lifestyle/diet to help shift baby weight and generally to be healthy.

Vegetables for
salad: carrot, cucumber, mixed lettuce, sweetcorn, salad onions, cherry tomatoes and tinned mix beans salad (white beans, sweetcorn, red kidney beans, black eye beans).

Salad onion chopped and set aside
Cucumber sliced and set aside
Carrots grated and set aside

Lettuce, sliced cucumber, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, chopped salad onions, grated carrots and mixed beans salad all mixed into   a bowl.

I usually make my own dressing but I didn't make this very dressing because I had run out of herbs.

Salad Dressing: olive oil, vinegar, basil, parsley, pepper.

I drizzled the salad dressing  into the bowl of salad and mixed it together.

I served with some roast chicken. Very filling and healthy.

Vegetables for salad

Grating carrots

Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and other veggies for salad

white beans, sweet corn and other vegetables (mixed bean salad)

Salad dressing

Mixing all the salad vegetables in a bowl


  1. Anonymous1/13/2014

    The addition of chicken makes it a complete meal. Thanks Lizzy

  2. Anonymous1/13/2014

    Hi Poster, pls whr in lagos did you get your cherry tomatoes.

    1. Hi, Sorry I don't live in Nigeria. Does any1 else know where to get cherry tomatoes in lagos?

  3. Anonymous1/13/2014

    U can get it @ shoprite

  4. Anonymous1/13/2014

    Nice post lizzy! Sorry to deviate WC but hubby has severe low sperm count ,like 2mill. Which route is best: orthodox or herbal and can it be fixed?? Tnx

    1. Anonymous1/14/2014

      Try Fertileaid for men. Hubby had iot too, used it for about 3months, stopped alchohol and was exercising. Am 30weeks pregnant now don't ever remove the God Factor too. God's grace dear.

    2. Anonymous1/14/2014

      Wow!!! Hubby have been on it for 4 months with no improvement (1.4m count). How low was his? I wish I have a solution.

  5. Judith O.1/13/2014

    I'm totally digging your salad Lizzy!
    Will try this out definitely- I like the bean mix- I've never seen it before but will look for it.
    Judith O.

  6. Anonymous1/14/2014

    Gdmrn WC. And tnx for d replies.@anon 6:06,congrats dearie,GOD will keep u and ur special baby ijn amen.I've heard abt fertilaid but ow low was ur hubbys before he started using it?

  7. Yummy! Can I have some please?

  8. Anonymous1/14/2014

    I'm so going to try dis.I'm so happy he just put a ring on my finger,want to say thanks to Aunty Eya n WC readers .I have learnt so much from dis blog from cooking n how to really handle isseues when it comes to relationships.thanks guys love u all.CH

    1. Anonymous1/14/2014

      So happy for you durl

  9. This is what I need really, tryna shake off some f*t.
    Nice one lizzy

  10. It's Aunty Eya's Bday today and no1 is saying anythin tho!

    Anyway... Happy bday dear and lovely aunty Eya! Wishing you a very very blissful and gracious new year!

    1. Wrong date Ace. Aunty Eya's bday is 2moro15th jan.
      You've not been commenting on wc lately Ace, hope all is well?

  11. Lizzy this is so healthy! Will try it out but with d way my son feeds will become hungry in the less than an hour. Congrats to d engaged anon.

  12. Aunty Eya happy birthday may God continue to bless keep and prosper u. And my every Good thing programmed into dis year be your portion In Jesus name. Amen!

  13. Anonymous1/15/2014

    Happy birthday aunty Eya! Couldn't let the day pass without praying God's mercy, favor, abundance upon you! You've been such a blessing. Xoxo

    1. Happy birthday Eya!

    2. Thank you baby Sykes and Anon. God bless you.


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