Kuli Kuli (groundnut cake) salad is something you all need to try. It's low cost, nutritious and tastes good. I didn't know, never heard of it before my girl asked to teach me how to make one meal from her State. When she bought kuli kuli and cabbage, I was like "Hope you don't plan on giving me a running stomach for scolding you oh?" She just laughed and I said ok, let's see how it goes. I know she was happy seeing us rush, the girls all brought out plates to take more after tasting. I loved it but couldn't eat much because it's my first time. If you know how to make cole slaw, this is similar.
I just warn though that some kuli kuli can be sandy, check before buying.

So easy to make.

  • Kuli kuli, quantity depends on how much of it you want to see and taste in the salad.
  • Cabbage
  • Onion
  • Tomatoes
Remember to soak shredded cabbage in salted warm water to take away that smell before adding other ingredients. Pound the kuli kuli in a mortar, cut a little onion and tomatoes, strain out water in cabbage, mix everything in a large bowl. Salad is ready to be served.


  1. Awww how I miss favorite is zogole

  2. Awww how I miss favorite is zogole

  3. Awww how I miss favorite is zogole


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