How To Preserve Uma Broad Moi Moi Leaves By Debbie

Refrigerated uma moi moi leaves
 Hello Ma Eya.
I stumbled on a trick and decided to share its goodness with you.
I've been craving and eating moi-moi since the day I took in,followed by Igba Oka(Corn pudding or corn moi-moi) and believe me this things taste like bottom pot when wrapped/cooked with uma leaves.

Two weeks ago while removing my leaves from the fridge to make Igba-oka, I suddenly realized it's been like two months since I bought it in bulk and

that was the last batch.
How did I do it? Simple
1. Get your Uma leaves, two nylon bags, one rubber band.
2. Roll your leaves and put in one nylon, use the second one to cover/overlap from the open end of the leaf.
3. Use your rubber band to hold them together at the overlap.

Uma Moi moi/Agidi leaves
 Uma leaves, two nylon bags, one rubber band.
Roll your leaves and put in one nylon, use the second one to cover/overlap from the open end of the leaf. 
 Use your rubber band to hold them together at the overlap.
More moi moi here we come!
Debbie blogs at ROYALPRIESTHOOD 

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  1. omotayo6/21/2013

    I preserve mine with newspaper and put in d fridge and it preserves, I ve never calculated how long its been there but it worked 4 me.

  2. Yes oh! Way to go Debs!
    That's the way we preserve ours in the freezer except that we don't make use of any protective covering.

    The advantage of using this preservation is that it makes the leaves softer and manageable(for the tough ones).

    Well done debbie!

  3. Anonymous6/21/2013

    I remember this,you can also preserve ripe plantain properly wrapped with news paper and put in the fridge it can last for as long as you want.

    1. For real? Always scared of bulk buying plantain coz it goes dead soft easily but I'll try this. Thanx for the tip

  4. Anonymous6/21/2013

    Seriously I neva knew u cud presereve it.after making moi-moi d left ova leave get bad after thanks so much 4 dis tip.big hug Debbie
    Miss A

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  6. Anonymous6/21/2013

    Hhmm,ppl self. You can't bring any little conversation with your man here now haba. This is not umuada village meeting.
    @Debbie,thanx for the tip o jare.

    1. Am still appealing ooooo How can one Manage a man under pressure. Anon i need ans not a nag. Thank you

  7. Anonymous6/21/2013

    I preserve my Ugu leaves this way to and it remains fresh

    1. Anonymous11/29/2014

      Hi!please I'd like some clarifications on preserving ugu leaves,do yu tie it up and put in a fridge or freezer?for how long does it remain fresh?thanks

  8. nice tip, although i cant use leaves as i dont know how too use it. will definitely tell my frnds that make moi moi with leaves. thanks debbie


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