Hello Eya, please help me share and ask on wives connection how to care for my ankara fabric bags and shoes. I recently fell in love with and bought a couple pairs of beautiful ankara shoes. For my leather and rubber shoe and bags, we just wipe with shoe shiner or polish and they bounce back ,now I want to clean my ankara bags but thinking about how our fabric fades with ordinary washing, I'm worried. What if I wipe with soap and the fabric begins o fade? The heels look dirty and in need of
cleaning. I suspect that quite a number of Nigerian women are into ankara fabric accessories like earrings, bangles, necklaces and so on, please ask the ladies how they care for them to make them last long. Ankara fabric owners, please help a sister out, how do you clean our accessories without losing colour and shine?


  1. Cleaning is the main reason I don't have any ankara fabric accessories in my wardrobe. I always think of how difficult it will be to maintain them. Who wants to buy an expensive ankara wear and use only once? Not me. Poster please don't wash or use soap on then, use your shoe during the dry season when there's no mud because these days even Vlisco wax that they say is the best fabric has begun to wash and fade. I washed my hollandais wrapper just once and you can tell it's beginning to fade a little. Don't use them now and in the harmattan too there's so much dust you may not want to wear those. Take them along when you travel abroad, that's where you may enjoy your shoes and bags. Good luck


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