How Often Should We Change Towels?

Drying towels in the bathroom, In Naija with all the sunshine, I feel it's better to dry towels outside. I'll soon remove the bathroom line sha.
I read somewhere yesterday that our towels need daily washing because every time we wipe our bodies, dead skin cells remain stuck on there and that's unhygienic and gross. I know it's good if one can wash towels daily but, is that really necessary? Especially when you have kids. Do you wash yours and kids everyday or continue to change and pile up for weekends? When Saturday finally arrives, how many times will you load towels alone? Washing towels daily is unachievable for large families please o. I cannot even change every other day. Some things are good, but not possible in some situations. Even for families with tons of domestic helps, will they only concentrate on washing towels and not attend to other needs?

Well, if you have seven towels per individual, maybe that will be easy until washing day. For me o, I cannot have more than two towels. Two because, when I wash and it's not dry, like during the rains, I have an extra to fall back on, if not, one towel is very ok. You may not agree with me and it's ok, washing towels once a week is very hygienic. Afterall, the towel is used on a washed body. Where will dead skin cells appear if the body is properly scrubbed with a sponge?  The skin is clean from bath before a towel even touches it. Even at the end of the week, sometimes the towel still feels clean if not for some foundation stains here and there. Reason I do not like white towels sef. The only person I can give a white towel to, is the baby. Every other person uses colours that won't make me feel guilty everyday.

For kitchen towels and napkins, no one can argue that
they should not be washed daily because even the laziest kitchen manager knows that a napkin must be washed daily if not after every use sef, because, some people, after eating the draw soup and eba, rather than wipe with the washed hand first before the napkin, they just dab the clean napkin on the palm oil lips and wipe, I shouldn't even mention this here cos not everyone washes hands to eat eba, some of us do it with fork and knife :) I do too when I go out but in my house it's fingers and swallow jor, no offence sha but, isn't it better to wipe with a washed palm first before wiping the now wet lips with a napkin?

 Anyway, that's not a ladies' offence cos lipstick no gree you wipe like that, it's a gentlemen's offence. In that case, the napkin needs be washed after each use and it's understandable. But, to say wash bath towels daily is like asking for the impossible. When the kids are grown and left, I might consider twice a week washing but for now it's once and I know this is doable. If you are a family of seven and you try daily changing of towels, do you know how many towels you'll need per week? 42 towels, Sunday not included because then you'd have washed and started the round all over again.

The only little challenge with changing weekly is the foundation stains sometimes cos, no matter how well I think I wipe this face, my towel still has a way of exfoliating a little brown powder stain out.

Someone says you can't wipe your private with a towel, use it on your face and repeat again the next day, what private? Don't you squat to wash? Is it the towel or clean water and hands that wash there? As far as I'm concerned, the towel only wipes water.

But again, if you are the type of sister or bros that soaks in a bathtub and pees in there while soaking, then maybe you change towels daily.


  1. The wahala that this hygeine thing go cause ehhnn.. loolll..

  2. Anonymous3/17/2015

    Aunt towels are very large and difficult to wash. I wait till month end before washing. Life is not that difficult please people.

  3. Weekly washed for my family and I. Have been thinking of switching to every 3 days though.

  4. I wash towels weekly. That's ideal


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