How To Cook Okro Soup With Ewedu Leaves

A plate of okra  soup cooked with ewedu leaves.

Okra soup is very good when cooked green and fresh. Ewedu leaves are good for weight loss. They are both full of vitamins which can be destroyed by heat, reason
we do not overcook these greens. For mums introducing their babies to solids, this soup is it. I think babies love this soup cos it makes swallowing fufu very easy.  Try giving them with amala, soft eba, soft wheatmeal, soft semo or any other swallow but not too soft please. This soup cooks very fast.

How to cook okro soup with leafy vegetables

Okro soup is mostly served with solids. Somtimes I cook this without palm oil and serve with a little tomato stew. When cooked without palm oil, it tastes better and I love it. If allowed to cook okro the exact way I like it, I won't add palm oil. Okro can be grated if you like timy bits. I like to chew okro in my soup. This soup can also be enjoyed without any form of swallow, especially for
those of us trying to lose some weight. I hope I've started losing sha.

1kg goat meat or beef
2 seasoning cubes
Salt to taste
Water, just enough to cover the meat after steaming 
1 medium onion to steam the meat
1 teaspoon fresh ground scotch bonnet pepper. 
1/2 cup ground crayfish
1 pack dry stock fish
2 medium sized smoked cat fish
1 tablespoon locust beans (Dadawa) Optional
1 tablespoon palm oil
1 small bunch leafy vegetables. I used ewedu leaves but you can try with ugu, uziza too is great here
3 cups chopped okra

*Before you cook this okro and vegetable soup, wash and cut
the vegetables and set aside. Cut the okro with your kitchen knife or a food processor and set aside. Grind the crayfish and pepper if they are not yet ground.


  1. Wash meat, stock fish  and put in a pot with the chopped onion, seasoning cube and a teaspoon of salt. Cover and boil while you continue to check for doneness. Note* If it's goat meat, you need to add water from the beginning as goat doesn't release as much juice as beef when boiling* Boil until meat is almost done. If pot is getting dry, add some more water, add pepper too. 
  2. When you see that meat is almost cooked, add some more water to cover the meat. Check for salt, you can add the remaining seasoning cube now.
  3. Add palm oil, cover and leave to boil
  4. Add the crayfish and washed dry fish now. You can leave the fish till later if you do not want it crumbling in the soup. Add locust beans now if you are cooking with it. Cover and let it boil for like 5 minutes or less. This is your soup base so let it boil until the palm oil and ingredients are well mixed together and soup tastes great and ready but without the vegetables.
  5. Satisfied with your soup base, add the vegetables all at once since you don't want them to over cook. Check for taste, salt and enjoy the sweet aroma in your kitchen by this time.
  6. Stir in the v egetables and turn off the heat at once. Leave pot open so cooking does not continue with the hot pot. Serve with any form of swallow/ fufu of choice and watch your family and friends drool at the table.
See easy cooking steps in the pictures below:
Boiling  Goat lap with salt and onion
Adding water to boiled meat and checking for salt
Adding pepper and seasoning cubes to soup
Adding washed stock fish to soup
Adding very little palm oil to soup
Adding washed smoked catfish

Adding crayfish to soup
Stir crayfish in

Stir, cover and allow soup to boil properly
Adding  a little water after soup boils. For those who like very thick soups, you don't need to add water at this time. Remember to check for salt after every water addition
Soup boils until palm oil mixes very well, check that meat and stockfish are tender enough, check for taste, seasoning and salt before adding vegetables to soup
Adding okra to cooked soup
Ewedu leaves
Adding ewedu leaves at the same time with okro
Let vegetables boil briefly before removing soup from heat
 Okro and ewedu allowed to boil for  30 seconds before removing from heat
Healthy Okro soup good for weight watchers
A plate of fresh okro soup with ewedu leaves
Okra soup is ready
Cooked okra with ewedu soup
Okro soup with ewdu leaves, stockfish, and catfish
Check out: How to cook okro soup with uziza vegetables.

For those who like locust beans, it tastes great in this soup. I forgot to add. Sometimes, I cook this soup with a little ugu in place of ewedu leaves, at other times, I add just hot leaf (uziza) to the okro. This soup can be cooked with any vegetable of your choice. I added bitterleaf once but didn't enjoy it much. I guess that bitterleaf wasn't well washed.

  1. Okro soup with pounded yam
  2. Okro soup with tasty chicken
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  1. Amanda6/05/2013

    Wow, wow, first to comment today. Yay it feels good mehn.
    Nice soup looking tasty.

    1. Anonymous6/05/2013

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    2. Anonymous6/06/2013

      I'm sure u are from linda's blog.

  2. Okra and Ewedu leaf?nah me no likey.i don't think i'd love to try it out too.

  3. MissDee6/05/2013

    Looks green and healthy. I like!

  4. Aunty Eya, your photography skills are getting really Good! I just wanted to commend you for that. I love the photography work you did with this recipe. It's wow-ing me!

  5. Looks really nice I must say Aunty Eya, but ewedu is also a draw soup hope it wont be too much..

  6. This is called Ila Asepo!

  7. Very serious something...

    I love this! For real

  8. Priscy6/05/2013

    I've neva tried Okra and Ewedu....

    Mayb I'll do dat wen next I cook Okra

    I just wish I can taste what I am seeing right now on my screen

  9. Anonymous6/05/2013


  10. Anonymous6/05/2013

    Looks yummy!aunty eya how can I go about makn efo riro!reciepe pls!tnx!mrs frank!

    1. Thank you all.
      @Mrs Frank, here is efo riro:

    2. Aunt eya pls dis efo riro link isn't working.pls can u repost?


  11. Mummy Amanda6/05/2013

    Mee too.
    I wish i can taste wat am seeing on d screen.
    But goat meat fr okro soup?
    Dnt knw shaa.
    I lv goat meat buh d one dey sell @oyinbo here in lag r always baby goat(ewu na akaro aka).
    Dey r so soft wen cooked n even dissolves in water.
    Does anyone knws were i can get correct goat meat in lag.

    1. Anonymous6/05/2013

      They sell good goat meat at oshodi under bridge.

  12. iyesosa6/05/2013

    Soup too watery.Aunty you should have added less water and then some beef for taste because goat meat doesn't add much taste to food just that people love the smell/aroma.

    1. Anonymous6/05/2013

      She added crayfish and smoked fish. For me i hate beef.

    2. Goat meat actually give soup very good taste. Goat meat has got very strong taste and aroma.

  13. VALENTINE!6/05/2013

    GOD HAVE MERCY!!!!!! I'M SO Salivating right now. Aunty Ojay, NNE your hubby and kids dey chop something gan, proper enjoyment dey dey your house o. awwww, I love what I'm seeing on my screen mehn, this is so ooonnnn pooiiinnnttttttttttt. GOD BLESS YOUR HOME MA'AM.

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  16. Anonymous6/05/2013

    nice one, my mum's favourite soup. Aunty Eya, did you chop the ewedu or u put them whole after washing?

    1. No, not whole. Chopped with a sharp knife. Still working on my chopping skills.

  17. i can imagine eating this soup with hot hot eba! anty Eya not fair so hungry!

  18. My best soup ( not wit ewedu)
    So fresh!

  19. We call this ila asepo but I've never tried it with ewedu. I know u like your soup watery aunty Eya but does this soup draw? Very inviting I must say and looks healthy as well.

  20. Aunty Eya and everyone. Sorry this is off topic but about food. Can I swap yam for green plantain for assorted meat peppersoup? Thanx

  21. Anonymous6/05/2013

    Aunty Eya,
    I just sent a mail to your nbox,hope you have received it.Its titled 'I NEED ADVICE,PLEASE HELP OUT'.Waiting patiently.Thanks

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    1. She is perfectly fine; thanks for your concern.
      I appreciate!

  23. Yayy!!! Aunty Eya, I am loving these ur pichas! I fee like stretching my hand through the screen and take ur meat! Nice one!

    @ Deborah, U gorrit! That kind of hot eba that'll be burning your fingers and throat but you just can't stop!

  24. tummy is rumbling here! I'm on a diet and this would really hit the right spot!

  25. Anonymous6/05/2013

    Aunty Eya,new and improved blog! love what i am seeing and pls send your old camera to me

  26. Thank you all for these comments. Next time I'll cook with uziza leaves and post.

  27. Lardey6/06/2013

    ******mouth watering******feel lyk takin dis wit hot amala dis cold morn.

  28. Bholar6/06/2013

    Aunty Ojay, this soup is making me salivate. I am definitely making this soup tonight.

  29. This is a wonderful recipe. I will try it someday. Keep up the good work.

  30. Candylip11/10/2013

    Aunty Eya pls help post recipe for fisherman's soup

  31. Nice recipe! Looking very tantalizing and delicious.


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