How To Cook Ayamashe Stew And Egusi Stew By Ope

A serving of rice with egusi stew
Finished cooking today and I remembered that i wanted to share my step by step photos of two stews i cooked
Today.. ayamashe stew and egusi stew
So sorry I forgot, that's why I only took the end pics but i thought let me share it either way and explain how I arrived at these.... hope u guys don't mind..

Ayamashe stew( I think some people call it ofada stew).but

am not completely sure sha. (Correct me if am wrong)

5 big green pepper and 1 red one
10 radio or chili pepper ( I love pepper so pls you can reduce it lol) it could be red or green
Palm oil
Eru(locut beans)
Boiled meat and shaki and pomo( cut in small small pieces like almost cube like) want full effect stew with al d
Blended pepper crayfish

How to cook it
I blended my green,red pepper with onion and rodo pepper
But with Tinky Winky water cos you don't want it completely blended..u want it kinda blended into shreded u av to control it which usin spoon to push it due to tinky water
Set it aside
Put your palmoil on fire(for dis,let d palm oil be more cos it want it swimmin on top of d stew..but nt excessive sha.)..please open ur windows cos of smoke alarm
I bleached d palmoil completely till the colour now looked like vegetable oil.almost white line..let it bleach on medium heat
After it is bleached.. I am coughing by this time. lol
I put the eru with pinches of salt in.
Then pour the not completely blended pepper..
It will make that loud sizzling sound. loool..
Put it on medium heat..season with your fav type.i used maggi chicken and salt..taste.
Cover the pot and let it do its thing.
Still on medium heat after like 20 minutes. add your grinded crayfish(its kk if you don't want just adds one particular kinda taste for mi sha lol)
Add your diced meat
Cover your pot..leave it on medium or low heat til d palm oil comes back to d surface like in d picture..
and that's it...
You have your ayamashe stew..its lovely..
(Some of my friends used to go buy it from people.and it wasn't all that.I have taught them ND they've been cooking it ever since cos someone taught me too is for sharing)
Hope I helped???

Cooking Egusi stew
Ayamashe stew
Egusi stew

Egusi soup with ugu leaves
A lot of people cook their egusi different but arrive at d same result.
This is how I cooked mine
Blended boiled pepper(red pepper,rodo,onion)
Titus fish(boiled or smoked) i pieced it in
Boiled nd diced meat/shaki/pomo( u want it reali loaded).lol
Blended egusi
I started by putting my blended egusi in water,used my hand to make d lumps disappear(d quantity of egusi determines d water).u don't want it too watery..
kinda sieved it to get rid of d sand at d bottom of d mixture
Den added blended pepper to my egusi solution..when i felt it was red and peppery enough.i stired it properly and put it on fire.
Added seasoning to taste,salt,d pieced titus fish and eru..
Covered it to boil for few mins under medium heat
I then added my cut and thoroughly washed ugu leaves,diced onion and my pieces of meat,shaki and
Stirred together.. added my red oil 
I covered the pot 
Waited for a little while and dats it.
It's ready.
I had it with rice and dodo this afternoon (Saturday)
I thought i should share this. Sorry i didnt take step by step.i forgot..

A plate of boiled rice with egusi stew and fried plantain

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  1. I'm a big fan of ayamase stew but get lazy to cook it coz its so much hard work. This looks really nice. I add dry prawns, dry stock fish n boiled egg to mine as well as d diced beef, shaki and cowleg. Like u already did, its not complete without iru. Well done.

    1. I luv ma eru too i added it

  2. Anonymous4/08/2013

    Nice 1 Ope... Imma try this by wkend BTW, pls I need help on ow to get rid of sun burn completely, I av tried all kinda stuffs, its clears and come bk.. Pls I need answers, cos its bcoming very embarassing.thanks n love u all.


  3. Hi Olaide, I use 2 have a massive sun burn patch on my face dat even concealer couldn't hide it. I used ori n it cleared completely within 3-4 weeks. I applied it morning n evening. To avoid sunburn buy a high protection sunburn cream n apply when going out in d sun.

  4. Anonymous4/08/2013

    Ori is shea butter.

  5. Thanks for posting this Ope. Is d green pepper for ofada the same type used for fried rice (green tatashe)? Shola

    1. I think so Shola since green pepper is green pepper..op am rite cos i dnt use it dats why am soundin unsure

  6. Dear Ope,

    Thank you for taking your time out to send in this post and I really appreciate your effort and I am sure others did as well. Please in subsequent posts, kindly endeavour to spell correctly; 'Reali' should be Really and 'Mi' should be Me. It is imperative for you to understand that I am not trying to knock your hustle/work but I feel its is encouraged that we spell/do things right as this blog/site is gaining international recognition.

    1. Anonymous4/08/2013

      @ Arabian princess, may be you are reading with a computer system. Writing with a mobile phone can be very difficult and it could be that is what Ope used to type.

    2. Jazmyn4/08/2013

      Ope tried very well compared to some women who send stories asking for advise without writing complete words that one can read with ease.

    3. Thank you Lizzy, Anon and Arabian Princess. Does anyone know if Ori can clear skin spots? Not acne spots, just white spots. I have used prescribed creams to no avail.

    4. I only know it makes the skin supple/shiny. About clearing spots, I am not aware.

  7. Funny that I also cooked Egusi stew one Saturday but it was my first time (I'm getting there, it wasn't bad but not as tasty sounding as this lol). Well done. I'd like to try that Ayamase stew next, but as someone said before, it's kind of a lot to do. Again, well done. :)

  8. Trust mi.its nt a lot to do.i actually find it kinda easier dan stew cooking..but give it a wil come out fabulous...

    1. Pls which green pepper are u refering to? U said u blended green and red pepper with rodo.

  9. ****Mufasa Said4/09/2013

    Yes d green pepper is d fried rice green pepper.its 11.09pm and I just made this stew and it is perfect! God bless u all oo

    ****Mufasa Said

  10. Anonymous4/25/2013

    This is d first time am learning about green pepper for Ofada stew. I use Unripe Tomatoes and rodo with Onions and shred with a blender. Nice write-up though. Kudos to Ope.

  11. JULIET3/04/2016

    Thanks for sharing Ayamse recipe will do this weekend


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