Red Kidney Beans In Nigerian Sardine Tomato Stew With Boiled Yam

cooking red kidney beans.
This dish is so healthy and yummy. While  serving with yam, I made sure the carbs (yam, bread, rice, plantain) is less while the stew is more.  Everyone
thanked me for this emergency dish. They all asked for more. Yummy. For those who don't like seeing onions in food, you can chop into smaller pieces or blend with your pepper. I like to chew onion in all tomato stews. That taste of tomato in onion is what I enjoy.
a serving of red kidney beans with  boiled yam
ingredients for red kidney beans sauce
Please o, I don't buy fruits and veggies from supermarkets. I buy them fresh from the open market. Sometimes, picking a few things at the supermarket and having to drive through  Wuse Market traffic to get vegetables can be too stressful. To save time, after shopping for other groceries, I end up buying everything I need in one place. Again, the wahala of transporting heavy loads and walking long distances to the car park is very discouraging, but I still try my best to shop at the open market.

I love to buy tomatoes in a basket, grind, make into my pepper sauce, then store in the fridge for as long as I want. When I cook with canned items, just know that was an emergency cooking kind of. It's also emergency shopping, that makes me buy pepper and tomatoes  in small quantities at the supermarket. Who doesn't do emergency cooking/shopping sometimes should cast the first stone. *wink*

For those of us asking if this is more economical. Well, sometimes, these things are cheaper at the supermarket, at other times, they are not. The market women cheat when you can't bargain, but, at the supermarket, you know your items are weighed and no one gets cheated. 
  1. kidney beans
  2. salted boiled yam
  3. pepper
  4. tomatoes
  5. onions
  6. seasoning cubes
  7. 1 can pate de compagne. (basically for spreading on bread, but I prefer it in stew)
  8. sardine
  9. vegetable, soya or olive oil

chopped seasoned vegetables for red kidney beans sauce
add 2 Scoops oil to fry pan
add  seasoned chopped vegetables
add sardines and canned purc porc
stir sardines with vegetables
add washed kidney beans

cooking red kidney beans in sardine tomato sauce
stir,  added some water to make sauce. Added beans and cooked for five more minutes
A small portion of boiled yam with healthy kidney beans
 This beans sauce can be served with boiled rice or boiled unripe plantain. The taste is so unique and yummy.


  1. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Buhahahahahaha loools what kind of food is this one madam eya smh for you seriously pls cook real food that somebody might actually eat haaa I tire for you

    1. Anonymous3/11/2013

      You are very free to continue eating your eba in the morning, amala in the afternoon, dodo in the evening. If you chose to live in yesterday, it's your business. Nigeria is moving forward and we are moving with our dear country. Drink all your garri with sugar dear, it's a free world.
      Aunty Eya, carry go, we are solidly behind you!!!

    2. I won't delete that first comment. Why? I think I like the reply.

    3. Joy Unspeakable3/13/2013

      Why wld u think delecting it? Getting credits all the time wnt make one get stronger n better, somtimes dos criticisms (a constructive one or the other) culd somtimes be helpful evnthough dat first commenter sounded bushy n myopic and silly @ Ȋ̝̊†̥ doesnt mean his/her voice shld not be heard!

      Thatz why i lve linda ikeji's blog anytime anyday anywhere cos inspite of all the bad mouthed comments n compliments she recieves by her visitors evrytime, she's stil going strong n thicker by the day!

      So dnt always goo GREEN when pple speaks out dia opinions ok!

      I L♥√e ur work eya believe me n ΐ†̥ƨ one of my favourites too and Hλ√ƺ learnt whole alots here n so addiicted to Ȋ̝̊†̥!

      Keep on doing what u know how to do best...d sky Ȋ̊§ ur stepping stone to greater heights!


    4. Anonymous3/13/2013

      @unspeak whatever shut ur trap pls make up ur mind already

  2. Thanks Eya, this is my dinner today. This is the kind of food my husband will eat and lick his plate. I may serve mine with boiled rice. Yam in the evening may be too heavy.
    Thanks Eya for variety of cooking ideas.

    1. This isn't me,hi Jayne, I'm Jayne.Seriously it aint funny,how do we know which Jayne is commenting,oops!anty eya,nice one u got here,I'm definately making this meal,bye Jayne.

  3. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Seriously i hv been leaning a lot fro anthy Eya all i could say to u I̶̲̥̅̊§ well done ma , u hv really inspired me thank u so much. Love uuuuuuuuuuuu.

  4. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Great job aunty, God bless u

  5. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Aunty Eya, thank o. I havenever used that red kidney bean , didt even know its usefulness o. Until I started reading ur blog. Bought it, will try this. Pls which one is purc poc?

    1. It is the one in that pack on the green tray. They come three cans in a pack. It is actually used for eating bread. You can cook without it if you like. It is not a major ingredient. Sold at supermarkets. PATE de CAMPAGNE is what you see on the pack.

  6. LOL @ your explanation about not buying all your veggies from supermarkets. I wondered about that myself. I also cannot do the wuse market wahala, so I tend to go to utako market. Both markets are very close to my house. So whenever I can't be bothered to go to one, I go to the other. I also sometimes buy veggies from supermarkets for emergency feeding needs. I generally prefer buying salad veggies from the supermarkets too. I have noticed that you are very ingenuous when cooking. You come up with all sorts of spur of the moment recipes that are just so yummy. I shall try this recipe. I am encouraged to be more experimental and to think outside the box when cooking.

  7. Anonymous3/11/2013

    My first time here, see what I hv been missing. Nice blog.

  8. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Aunty Eya,God bless u real good,i,ve been learning a lot from your blog,thumbs up!

  9. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Aunty Eya,God bless u real good,i,ve been learning a lot from your blog,thumbs up!

  10. gorgeousbaby3/12/2013

    My dear, honestly I enjoyed this.Please the kidney beans, can it be gotten in it's fresh uncooked form? because me I don't like canned food at all. So what is the local name in igbo language.

    1. Sorry dear, I don't know the local name.

  11. gorgeousbaby3/12/2013

    Thanks somuch for this. Please what is the local name for this kidney beans in igbo language. I don't like canned foods. so I don't mind looking out for the unprocessed one

  12. Aunty eya stop buyin packaged veggies. Dey r too expensive. If u cnt go to wuse market, go to village market, u will buy until ya tired and its nt stressful, go to kabusa market on tuesdays. Dere r plenty village markets in abj. Wuse market is too expensive.

    1. Thanks Ruthy, Kabusa market is around which area? Can you help with the names of a few other village markets?

  13. Anonymous3/12/2013

    I love ur blog, d oda day i dd vegetable egg nd boiled yam it ws yummy... I culd not get green leaf so i used ugu instead nd it ws swt. Thx 4 everytin nw women can cook varieties of food @ home 4 der family courtesy of u.

  14. i am going to do dis ....