White Yam With Green In Tomatoes Egg Sauce. Method 1

 yam with green vegetables tomatoes and eggs
Boiled yam served with green vegetables in tomatoes sauce is a delicacy for my family. This is like one of Hubby's favorite dish. Many times, healthy meals are not really
fun to eat, we just try to tolerate because we want to live and eat healthy. Not in this case. This is one healthy meal that is fun eating. The fun heightens when you see some drops of clean sweat on your forehead and remember that you are eating healthy. This is one healthy meal that even kids love.
  1. Adding salt early can harden the food and make it take longer to cook.  Allow your yam, beans, plantain or whatever to boil before adding salt
  2. Do not break eggs directly into your pot because you don't want to eat egg shells, neither do you want a bad egg in your pot.
I preserve my fresh red pepper by making them into pepper sauce and storing in the fridge. For how to make pepper sauce, GO HERE

 add some salt to boiling yam
 green,tomatoes,eggs,pepper sauce 
 ingredients, green amatanthus, tomatoes with onions and  royco seasoning, eggs with  onions and royco seasoninh, pepper sauce

 Ingredients for green vegetables in tomatoes sauce:
  • Green amaranth ( GREEN)1 bunch
  • eggs 5
  • Large tomatoes 3
  • onion medium size
  • royco cubes 4
  • pepper sauce 1 teaspoon
  • vegetable oil
  • water and of course the main the main which is
  • salted boiled yam 
The local name for amaranthus is "GREEN" Ask green leafy vegetable sellers for GREEN.
 eggs with a little water added and stirred
 tomatoes, onion, seasoning and pepper in hot oil
 add  whisked eggs to hot oil
 let eggs and tomatoes boil
 Cooking procedure for green vegetables in tomato sauce:
  1. Whisk eggs with some water (3 desert spoons), chopped onions, pepper sauce or ground pepper and seasoning before adding to hot oil
  2. Add diced tomatoes and allow to boil before stirring
  3. check for salt, add washed green vegetables and stir until you are Ok  before serving

 tomatoes and eggs cook in vegetable oil
 add vegetables to egg sauce
 stir vegetables well and check for salt before adding any
 green vegetables cook in egg sauce
 serve cooked vegetables with yam
 a healthy pot of vegetables in egg sauce
 serve vegetables with yam, unripe plantain, irish potatoes or foo foo
To buy white yams, insist that you scratch off a little part of the skin, if it doesn't change color after some seconds, then it is white yam. To see more Tips on Shopping for yams, Go HERE
Seasoning cubes are made with a lot of salt this day. I was fortunate to check for salt after adding the royco seasoning cubes. Thankfully, there was no need for salt.
Please, do not let vegetables sellers cut off all the stalk of your green amaranth, check for softness by breaking one stalk, if it breaks easily then it is still fresh and young. The fiber and crunchiness of tender stalks is what I really enjoy when chewing the vegetables. After serving everything, I remembered some people outside who didn't get food, so, I had to make another fast one and serve with the remaining yam. Later, I will post that METHOD 2.


  1. This is an innovative way of having your veggies present in meals! I like it.

  2. OMG, I love this, well any yam meal will get me, but with eggs and veggies tomato stew! Wow Eya, pity me small :)

    I'm camping at your house next time I'm in Abuja, LOL..

    1. You are soooo welcome Myne. I love white yam too.

  3. Anonymous2/08/2013

    Kip u d gud work,luv ur blog

  4. Anonymous2/08/2013

    Kip up d gud work,luv ur blog

  5. Anonymous2/08/2013

    Kip up d gud work,luv ur blog

  6. Anonymous2/08/2013

    Neva tried dis wit dis veg will give it a shot

  7. Eya pity us na.... biko

  8. Anonymous2/08/2013

    I have always seen ur invitation 2 ur blog on Linda's blog but I checked it out 2day nd I'm very impressed,wished I had done so earlier.the only issue is dat I can't scroll thru d page wt my key pad keep avin 2 use my fingers 2 move thru d page.can ds b rectify as it is very hectic.

  9. This is goin to be breakfast for me n boo tmrw morning thanks Eya

  10. @Anon 1: 50 pm, I just reduced the number of posts per page hope that works. Sorry about slow loading.;(

  11. Wow!!! am making this for breakfast tomorrow. Aunty Eya well done oh.

  12. it looks really good the egg makes it look like efo and Egusi .. I like it!

  13. Have been eating a lot of yam porridge recently. I can eat yam in any form everyday:)

    Have a good weekend.

  14. Queen Bee2/08/2013

    When I have excess green esp when I used it to prepare a soup,I usually throw it away cos I don't know what else to do with it.*covers face*.TAnx Aunty Eya for letting mi know dis

  15. I made this one time just out of what new to do and it turned out so nice. Thanks a lot Eya for this recipe share.
    Have a super blessed day!

  16. Anonymous2/08/2013

    This is really nice, I tried it once cos I ws tired of makking tomato and egg sauce for d boiled yam so I added d green and added sardine as well. It ws fantastic!

  17. Yup its yam,and I can't help but like it. Could recall how mum do force it down our throat before we leave for skul,coz me and ma siblings don't like d amaranthus,we prefer d flutted pumpkin.
    And dats what I use in preparing ma own. Still come out gud sha,maybe not like aunty Ojay's.lolz

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  18. Anty eya,you won't kill me oh!mehn cant wait to try it out. Weldone anty,kip it up....

  19. Anonymous2/09/2013

    Eya,this is nice but what is d point of adding water to the eggs?...Bomsy

  20. Anonymous2/09/2013

    Hi Eya, haven't tried it wiv green usually use d ugwu leaves nd its equally nyce. Wld def try it wiv green veggies. Well done

  21. Hi Bomsy, the little water has a way of loosening up the eggs, so that they come out in tiny particles like little egusi lumpsin egusi soup.
    I guess I didn't add enough water because the eggs still came out in big pieces. Lol!

  22. Thanks everyone!
    @Michie Girl
    @Jura Ocholi
    @Abi Tobi
    @Adura Ojo
    @Queen Bee
    And all Anons, thanks for your lovely comments. God bless you!

  23. Anonymous2/09/2013

    Highly impressed nyce blog love dis n ll sure try it

  24. Helenaira2/12/2013

    This is really beautiful,you have a way of putting veggies in all of your cooking,which is very healthy,will try it out

    1. @Helenaira, please do. You will like it.

  25. Replies
    1. Yes Blue Love, though I haven't tried with other veggies, I think you can use them.

    2. My mum used to add water leaf,I didn't like it then.

  26. helenaira2/12/2013

    thanks for all the veggies idea,will surely try mouth watery already

  27. Anonymous2/19/2013

    Was always seeing ur blog post on Linda Ikeji's blog and I decided to sneek a peek and I tried this out and its amazing. I'm dating a white man and whenever he sees me cooking, he's always mocking me that Nigerians don't av varieties of food I.e eba &soup,rice varieties,plantain,beans and yam but now I'm excited iv found ur blog meaning I'll get to expand my choice of meals. Kudos to u!!!

    1. Welcome sister, no more mocking. Sneak your system into the kitchen and surprise him with NAIJA Delicacies.
      Thanks for trying out my recipes,
      thanks for returning to share.

  28. Anonymous3/03/2013

    Dats a nice one, I love yam, yam with veggies, hmmmmmm wil b good.

  29. korede3/12/2013

    Dis. Is going down 2nite....I ll get back to u wen am done

  30. korede3/12/2013

    Yes oo I prepared it n it was delicious even my husband eat all his food without any reminant

  31. fine girl7/05/2013

    I'm gonna try this egg for my husband but I want to use moringa leaves for it with boiled unripe plantain for health reasons, hope it comes out nice...

  32. i have tried this with ugu leaves before........... i'll try it with green; i'm sure it would be nice too..

  33. Anonymous10/24/2013

    I just prepared and ate this with my family...yum!

  34. This is a great idea, never knew I could also add vegetables to eggs... Will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing.


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