White Rice With Mackerel Fish Stew And Cole Slaw

Nigerian fish stew is the easiest kind of tomato stew to cook. Fish stew hardly slaps or gives that sour tomato taste. For me, I have my easy method that prevents the cooked fish from crumbling in the pot. I make my stew by frying the tomatoes, fresh pepper and onion in a pot or fry pan, before adding to already boiled fish in another bigger pot. When tomato and fish are together, I leave to simmer for about five minutes, check for salt and seasoning before enjoying my fish stew. Tastes really good.

white bowl rice with fish and nude cole slaw

Boil washed fish with some salt and onion

added my preserved tomatoes to fish stock

boiled rice with Titus Fish Stew
 healthy, tasty,  less expensive fish stew

 boiled rice with fish stew and cole slaw without dressing
 tasty white rice with tomato stew
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bowl shaped rice with a side of stew and  vegetables
rice with odorless stewed fish
 Tomato stew and vegetables are best served with rice
 Eat tomato stew with rice and fish before enjoying your undressed cole slaw
 Rice with Nigerian Tomato stew is best enjoyed with fish when meat becomes boring.
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 rice and stew with cole slaw
How to make cole slaw at Home 

How To Make Fish Stew 


  1. Anonymous2/15/2013

    How can u make stew like dat? Hian!!

    1. Stew is cooked separately and added to ensure fish is not crushed.

  2. Anonymous2/16/2013

    lol.i've been seeing beta methods here,but this one ehn.the stew is what spoilt the show.haba!

  3. Anonymous7/26/2016

    This stew is very good. I cook like this and my kids eat so well. Very cheap and tasty. Thanks ma.


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