Nigerian Hot Coconut Rice With Peppered Chicken

     simple coconut rice with peppered chicken
This coconut rice is simple because it was cooked with just coconut milk, crayfish, pepper and seasoning. It was cooked with powdered coconut, so, I did not go through the process of grating coconuts.
Unlike my BEACH COCONUT RICE that was moderately cooked, this
one was actually overcooked and soft.

For the PEPPER SAUCE, I used it because I wanted that fried pepper taste in the coconut rice.



  1. rice 2 cups
  2. coconut milk powder 2 sachets
  3. pepper sauce to desired taste
  4. 1/3 cup ground crayfish
  5. knorr seasoning cubes
  6. 1/2 cup vegetable oil (I used soya oil)
  7. salt to taste.
  8. water

Cooking Steps For Peppered chicken Coconut Rice:

  • Fry onion in oil, add chicken stock to the fried onion, allow to boil
  • Mix coconut milk with powder with some water and add to boiling pot, add seasoning and salt, add pepper sauce and allow to boil
  • Add washed rice, check for salt, reduce heat and allow to simmer. If you want your rice over cooked and soft, then, you may need to check and add some more water and salt
  • Cook in low heat till tender and serve with BOILED AND  DRY FRIED SOFT CHICKEN. While dry frying, when you feel like the fried chicken is brown enough, add your pepper sauce to it and stir.
    For dry frying chicken, if the oil from the chicken is not enough to fry it nicely, then add a few drops of oil to the corners of your pan.
  • Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous13:37

    Aunty Eya,i am loyal. Cheiiii,my hubby will enjoy. Armed with Aunty Eya's blog,my ipad & my new kitchen only God can stop me. Pls keep it up. U hav touched my life. Dalu,Gos wil bless u.

  2. Anonymous13:37

    God will bless u i mean.

  3. Hmmm as usual sumptuous,but aunty Ojay I prefer d oda type.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  4. Anonymous14:19

    I love coconut rice, but grating the coconut is very discouraging. Eya, i stay in Abuja and have not seen the coconut milk powder. do you have an idea where i can get it. That will be fantastic and fast. thanks. so love your blog

    1. Emma coconut powder is sold in shops or at the market, there is also the liquid type in cans.

  5. Anonymous14:19

    I love coconut rice, but grating the coconut is very discouraging. Eya, i stay in Abuja and have not seen the coconut milk powder. do you have an idea where i can get it. That will be fantastic and fast. thanks. so love your blog

  6. Meg O.14:22

    The last comment is from Meg O. Thanks @Eya for your anticipated response.

  7. Hi Meg O, ask sellers of baking items. Those who sell flour, eggs,
    and other baking items OR, shops where seasoning and different spices are sold. Coconut milk powder is sold in sachets.

  8. Ijay18:56

    Aunty Eya, I love ur blog so so much! My hubby likes ur blog too cos i now feed him well now *winks* Thank you so much.

  9. I love the unique taste of coconut rice... Can one also use coconut milk liquid?

  10. Hi Spynaija, I used coconut milk liquid once and it was very good.

  11. Didi10:18

    Hi Eya, I love ur blog, but ur recipes r not complete e.g coated chicken, how do u achieve that? some people dey learn from scratch now....

  12. Didi, read recipes that have coated chicken in the Menu. There you will see links to how to prepare coated chicken.
    Read the Beach Coconut Rice Post.

  13. Anonymous16:04

    Hi, first time commenting here, nice blog you got going, for those(like me) who find it really streinous grating coconut, blending works just fine, unshell the coconut, cut in tiny bits and blend, if you don't have a blender,you can take it to the market and mill it. Saves a lot of time and you get same result as grating.

  14. Hi Bunny, thanks for the blending tip. I haven't tried blending before.

  15. Anonymous20:58

    I still don't get why rice should taste like coconut (๏̯๏) .. Never been a fan of it. Sha you guys should enjoy!

    1. I get you, RICE SHOULD TASTE ONLY LIKE TOMATOES RIGHT? Anyway, I like those your carved two eyes and semi circle nose.

  16. onny10:58

    Splendid recipie,keep it up

  17. Anonymous06:10

    Just found dis cooking blog and I'm super excited! Nice one

  18. Anonymous22:35

    For me this is a relief have made coconut rice but never used ur metod. Will do that and see how it goes

    1. Alright dear, try and let us know how it went OK?

  19. Anonymous09:21

    Nice blog better than the ones for gossip

    1. My dear, food without a little gossip can become boring you know.

  20. Anonymous08:35

    Nice one there, more grease dear

  21. Anonymous10:18

    Aunty Eya easy o, have been going thru ur blog for some time now. I will try dis out today but with d real milk. Tanks.

  22. im a strong fan of coconut rice, i usually grate when making mine, the first and last time ever i tried blending after cutting it in bits, was really bad, it turned out so bad that my family didnt eat it! I'll try this ur new method of using the coconut milk powder. thanks for this wonderful blog


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