Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stuffed Nigerian Moi Moi With Garri

 moi moi served with chilled garri
Ingredients for garri with  moi moi:
  1. well cooked moi moi
  2. a bowl of garri
  3. 4 cubes of sugar
  4. 1/3 teaspoon of salt
  5. cold water

A balanced meal of Garri and moi moi 
Procedure for making garri:
  • Add some water to the bowl of garri
  • filter out the chaff in the garri if you don't want the fibre
  • Add the sugar and salt, stir and taste for salt and sugar
  • serve with moi moi

 making chill garri with cold water, sugar and salt
 corned beef moi moi with cold water garri
To see how to cook corned beef moi moi, GO HERE
 an empty plate of  balanced garri with stuffed moi moi
A meal of moi moi with chilled garri is best enjoyed on a very hot afternoon, after trekking some distance in the sun and burning some calories.
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  1. You just made my mouth water...

  2. I cant help but say thumbs up to u ,got thru dis blog via LIB,my hobby is cookn n i so njoy ur blog.I lik moi moi n i most tims mek mine wit cellophane bags n i realy want to try dat one wit broad leaf but dunno wia to get it,wil i get it from doz igbo women in d mkt?n secondly,m from adamawa n we av grt dishes too,wil send som recipes you u soon.

    1. Thanks Diella! Ask vegetable sellers for moi moi leaves. I am so happy Diella, there is no Adamawa dish here yet so, thumbs up to you.
      We are expecting the pics. Once they arrive in my mail box, POSTING TO THE BLOG!