How To Bake Cake Without An Oven (Updated recipe)

 baking cake in a cooking pot

Baking Nigerian cake is very easy whether with or without oven. What many people do not know is that Nigerian cake is actually pound cake, can be baked in a bread pan, doesn't require much mixing.
The girls and I tried to save gas at the village by baking with firewood. Everyone that ate the cake complimented it. I did not eat though because I am really struggling with reduction of my sugar intake. Visitors and family enjoyed the cake.
We did the mixing together, but the girls designed their

cake. Baking this cake at the village was real fun


  • 6 cups all purpose Flour (780g)
  • 12 eggs
  • 3 sachets baking margarine (750g)
  • 3 cups sugar (600g)
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3 teaspoons vanilla essence
  • 2 packs Icing sugar and another 1 sachet margarine (250g (for our local icing after cake is baked)
  • A heart shaped baking pan

Note: *After mixing the icing sugar with margarine, it was poured in a perforated cellophane (bread) bag and pressed out through the tiny opening to form the designs and writings on the cake. That's how we iced o.*

Everything about these cakes was done manually. After baking the first, there was still batter as shown in this picture, 
 Christmas cakes baked with firewood and a cooking pot
 Enjoying the firewood and cooking pot Christmas Cake
 Christmas Cake ready to bake in the pot, see why the top opened during baking? 


1.The margarine and sugar were mixed together by just stirring anticlockwise  with a wooden spoon. We continued to stir until the mixture became soft and fluffy.

2. Added a few drops of vanilla essence while stirring.
  1. The beaten eggs were added, gradually folding them in.
  2. The baking powder and salt added to sieved flour before it's  gradually added to the batter with continuous manual stirring.
  3. Two tablespoonfuls of honey were added because my girl wanted a honey Christmas cake, Lol.
  4. The baking pan is greased before pouring in the batter.
  5. The pot has been on the fire for about 10 minutes before we started mixing, so, by now it is pre-heated. ( A little stainless steel saucer is under the baking pan, instead of sand or stones as is normally done when baking in a pot. I prefer a plate under the baking pan, not sand).
  6. We baked for about 45 mins, until a tooth pick can go in and come out dry.
  7.  Brought out of the oven, allowed to cool for 10 minutes before removing from pan.
   Whatever method gives me great results, I go with it. 

Was very skeptical about the addition of honey but the girl insisted. To my surprise, it came out great!
 The cake top wasn't smoothened before baking, hence the bursted top.
Family and friends ate this cake and asked for more, even when I tell them it was baked with firewood.

The tip to place an stainless saucer between the pot and baking pan was great. The pot and baking pan have no contact as the pan is sitting on the saucer. This saucer covers the bottom of the pot and so helps to retain the heat from under the pot. Happy Celebration!


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  1. I think you must be a brilliant cook Eya, and judging by the photos and the compliments the cakes must have tasted wonderful.

  2. Anonymous12/28/2012

    awesome. one question though? Does the pot not get damaged because of the dry heat?

    1. No it doesn't! The girls wanted a cake and were ready to wash after baking. It has been washed with detergents and scouring powder.
      It has taken over an hour to be able to publish this reply. For those I can't respond to, I'm so sorry about village internet connection. Will resume back to normal blogging once I set foot in Abuja.

    2. We baked three New Year cakes, one after the other in one pot without break. I guess the heat and stress was too much for the poor pot and it had to shed a tear. I hear Iron pots are the best for this job because they never complain.

  3. You ve done well to ensure the children get some cake no matter what, and I think this is great!

  4. Aww how cute! Family bonding moments :)

  5. Wow very innovative!

  6. Anonymous12/29/2012

    trust we 9jas!*thumbs up* ahahaha.
    Compliments of the seaseon sistah :D

  7. awww!!! you read my mind pretty good. i was thinking about pot baking just a few minutes ago.

  8. I learnt in school in the absense of oven to bake with sand in order to maintain the pot. Now both you and Dobby have shown that aluminium plates will work too. Nice one. I often don't measure my baking ingredients too :)

  9. Anonymous1/15/2013

    Nic one

  10. Anonymous3/07/2013

    Dear Aunty Eya,

    is it alright to add some water to the batter, what of adding milk also.

  11. Anonymous4/01/2013

    can stove b used too?

  12. Anonymous9/04/2013

    I am not so much interested in all these flour recipes because of sugar in them. pls is there any substitute without sugar?

    1. You mean honey? You can bake banana cakes.

  13. Anonymous12/04/2013

    Hello. Was the pot covered while pre-heating it? If it was, how do you deal with the smoke that comes with placing an empty pot on fire for a long time? Also I assume the pot was covered while baking, right? Nice blog btw

    1. Good question. you read my mind

    2. There was sand under the pot while pre-heating and baking, so it didn't smoke at all.

    3. The second time I baked in a pot, sand was used, so the baking pan sat on sand. With this I didn't see smoke.

  14. Anonymous6/19/2015

    How long did it take to bake?

  15. Anonymous7/13/2015

    Please can I use a plastic plate

  16. Hello Ma, I think is the right time to let you know how much your blog has helped me to cook better, and varieties too. Also baking, and making my own stuff to cut cost. Thank you so much. Today is my birthday and I actually did a cake without oven for myself courtesy of what I learnt from you. It turned out cool as a first timer na, Lol. Will show you the picture if you want to see it. Keep being a blessing. Thank you Ma.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback Steph. Very much interested in your beautiful food pics.

  17. the question is still not answered. Did you cover the top of the baking pan? and if so did you add embers of coal to it to cook the upper half of the cake?

    1. I put the lid on the pot and baked but opened occasionally to check.

  18. please place sand and foil under the baking pan. That's what I do now when baking without an oven.

  19. Can I bake with an empty pot without sand or salt on my gas cooker? Is it safe? Pls I need your opinion thanks

  20. Pls can I bake cake in an empty pot without sand or salt on my gas cooker?
    Is it safe? I need your opinion thanks

  21. Pls can I bake cake in an empty pot without sand or salt on my gas cooker? Is it safe? I need your opinion thanks


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