When customers subscribe to your business or start to patronize your products and then leave early, stop coming completely or unsubscribe almost as soon as they subscribe, there is a
reason for that behaviour. People don't leave early when they find unique quality that cannot be seen anywhere else. It isn't great for businesses when customers discover a product, try it and leave without sticking around. If you experience this, Customer Churn (Short term) is what is happening to your business and  that can be prevented by you the producer or owner of the product.


  • Remember to always show up at all times and work extremely diligently. Disappointment can bring about customer churn. Users arrive and can't find what they are looking for or no one is available to attend to them, they will look elsewhere, perhaps find better options and never return. Availability is very important. Be there at all times. Let users find the product easily available at all times whether on rainy days, cloudy or even sunny days.
  • Provide comfort for users, it helps prevent customer churn. For instance an Online business, visitors also called customers should be comfortable when they visit or when they come around. There should be no distracting intrusions like obstructing ads and other unrelated posts and stories. Keep the  Business language professional but simple and avoid vulgar and swear words around your products and customers. Consider that different people from different world cultures may be your customers and try to avoid being biased or racist when talking about the product or during sales. Let everyone be comfortable around your Business. When there is discomfort or complaints, respond swiftly and resolve conflicts without delay.
  • Be consistent in what you do. The reason why customers came in the first place should be sustained. The product that brought an increase in sales should always be included and be there even when new products are introduced. The source, what started or say what began the business must be maintained. It's ok to review and upgrade to new acceptable standards but do not drop the very product that started or increased sales.
  • Be competitive. If you relax, other business will spring up and attract your customers. Healthy competition is great for business. Try to know what your competitor is upto, what they are bringing into the market and keep up too. Compete with your competitors and when your customers see that your product is the best of it's kind and is unique to you, they'll stick around.
  • Customer Churn can be prevented when people get incentives. Incentives make customers very happy and they drive business. However small, when people presume that it is free, when customers feel like they are getting three for the price of two, they'll  linger, they'll wait to see when next those offers are coming up again and if possible, keep these offers at periods when sales are great, when more people need the product. The more customers visit and enjoy these incentives, words go round and instead of leaving, they will stay longer for these periods or seasons when those incentives will return.