Green pepper is the main ingredient in this delicious stew. Great for if your tomato stews always have the same taste and you want something different and tasty. This stew can e cooked with either vegetable oil, palm oil or both mixed together in the cooking pot. It's easy to cook. All you do is blend all the green pepper together with ginger and onion. Blend the tomato with just onion, boil till dry or drain out excess water and set aside. The frying starts with the blended green pepper that needs to be fried till dry before adding the blended tomato.
When my girls asked for rice and stew, I told them that today I wanted to taste a different kind of stew and when they saw me blending all the green peppers, they all showed surprise and disappointment wondering how they are going to manage sour stew. According to them, there's no how green pepper that much with little tomatoes will not taste slappy/sour. I promised them that once this green pepper is well fried with the onion and ginger, they'll be no sour taste at all and that is what I delivered. As I type, the pot of stew is almost empty as they all asking for more and asking 'mummy how did you do it? A
ll their talks about the kitchen smelling like fried pepper didn't stop me from adding dome 
pepper sauce because green pepper on it's own is not spicy. I had to make it a bit spicy and  rich in flavour. My second girl already said she wasn't going to eat if I fry with palm oil but can manage to take some spoons if I use vegetable oil. I told her not to worry but just allow herself to taste and see. I'm really smiling as I type right now because she took a third helping and to avoid embarrassing my baby girl I refuse to remind her and just watch with smiles as she kept asking "Mommy are you sure this is palm oil? Are you sure you are not pulling my foot? I love the taste of this stew. Something different. Not ofada stew, not tomato stew but green pepper tomato stew. A blend of both the green pepper and red tomatoes combined with my heated palm oil just gives the wonderful taste. Using vegetable oil too is awesome as you may fall into the temptation of overeating.
Chop and blend vegetables.

Fry adding small quantities at a time until it all fries and dries up.

Adding my pepper sauce for added spicy flavour.

Adding blended and boiled tomatoes.

Adding already cooked meats.

Add stock, stir and check before simmering and taking off the heat.

Green pepper tomato stew is ready.
6 large green tatashey (bell) peppers
1 cup blended, boiled, tomatoes
medium sized red onion
Thyme to boil meats.
pepper sauce or fresh rodo pepper
proteins (I used 1 kg goat meat)
salt to taste
Seasoning cubes
Palm oil or vegetable oil
Water for blending
Stock (I used goat meat stock)

Before you cook this stew... Blend green pepper with ginger and onion and set aside.
Next blend tomatoes with onion and boil till it separates 
from water, then sieve with a cheesecloth or gauze and set aside.
Boil your meats with onion and salt and set aside with the stock

  1. Heat oil and fry the blended green pepper till very dry.
  2. Add any other pepper you want to add.
  3. Add tomatoes and let it also fry till dry. Be stirring so the fry pan or pot doesn't burn, but, they can get charred, that's allowed.
  4. Add the cooked meats.
  5. Add some stock and check for taste before adjusting with salt and seasoning cubes if needed.
  6. Simmer in low heat after adding the stock and let it cook for about 3 to 5 minutes before turning off the heat. Serve with boiled rice or any other accompaniment of choice.
  7. Enjoy.