Nigerian round puff puff made without using hands.

When I started making Nigerian puff puff, I couldn't get very round balls without squeezing them out with my hands. I didn't even
know that one could make beautiful, tasty, round, authentic Nigerian puff puff without dipping hands in the batter. From mixing the batter, upto frying yhe puff, I did not touch anything with my hands. I used a  wooden spatula for mixing and a spoon (as shown below) for scooping batter into the oil.  Now that I have become a pro in puff puff making, my kids love them so much and I make often but cannot remember the last time I used my hands. Nigerian puff puff (oily bun) is a delicious snack whether made with hands or made using a spoon or whatever to scoop.

Whatever is used to scoop does not affect the taste of your puff and doesn't even affect the shape. Making round puff puff is an art and it comes with practice. If you make once and they turn flat, check the yeast used. If the used is good and not expired ( I like to use instant yeast), then keep trying and you'll sure get it right with more practice. My first attempt at making puff puff wasn't funny at all. I had to post the result on the blog asking for what went wrong and the comments did help a lot. Now I make the best puff puff like puff puff should be... soft, a  bit oily and airy.

Good puff puff shouldn't be dry and hard like buns, shouldn't break like cake or over dried bread. It should be kind of a bit rubbery and airy and soft when pressed. The balls shouldn't be hard when pressed. 

I used our Most Read Nigerian puff puff recipe posted on the blog (multiplied ingredients by 2)to mix the batter and then used this spoon in the pictures to scoop and drop in medium to hot oil (Not very hot o). The batter needs to fry a bit slowly and rise along.

3 cups all purpose flour
4 teaspoons yeast
3 cups warm water
4 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon nutmeg
Oil for deep frying.

With this quantity of ingredients, if you make tiny puff puffs, the size served as small chops at Events, you'll get about 40 round delicious Nigerian puff puffs. You can multiply the ingredients to get more or reduce/ divide these ingredients to make less. 

Add all the ingredients in bowl
2. Mix well
3. Add the water
4. Mix well, cover tight and leave untouched for 1 hour until it rises well.

5. Fry in medium to hot oil until one side browns, then you flip over and fry till brown. Remove from oil into a strainer and Enjoy with a chill drink.

1. Use instant yeast that you are very sure hasn't expired.
2. When you pour the batter in the oil do it gently and steadily Do not spread or shake your hand. Make sure you empty the spoon on that one spot. Pour a bit slowly and let the last drop fall on that exact point it started.
3. Use a deep scoop/spoon, NOT a shallow wide mouth.
4. Oil shouldn't be too hot else your batter spreads as soon as it touches the oil or puff starts browning too early , even before it gets time to rise into balls and cook through.

Once you master the art of puff puff making, you can use any spoon and still get round puff puff. The best spoon/scoop to get round puff puff is the ice cream scoop or any round deep spoon. Dessert spoons may not work sha because they are shallow.

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