Second Attempt At Puff Puff Making, What Went Wrong?

Frying puff puff in hot oil.
My first attempt at making puff puff was a comedy show in my house. Anyone that wanted to laugh and relax but didn't know how would just look at my flat puff puff in the basket and burst into heavy flames of laughter. This second time,
I promised everyone that there's going to be a big improvement. After mixing the flour, warm water, salt, sugar and nutmeg was when I realised there was no yeast at home.

I continued anyway, covered with foil and kept in the oven for about an hour.  Fried my flat puff puff again and told myself that I must share/post on the blog  and expose my inability to make ordinary puff puff.

adding sugar, salt, and nutmeg to sieved flour

mixing with warm water

flour is well mixed and ready to be covered

covered with foil and left in the oven

frying my flat puff puff  and eating while frying to avert the laughter that may come if discovered

chaanged my method of pouring flour in oil and got a few fairly raised puff puff balls
The surprising thing about this failed puff puff is that the yummy original taste of puff puff is there, but very flat and some crunchy. Lol!
What Went Wrong?


  1. You are such an open book Eya, I really like you. You have the nerves to show even your kitchen disasters. Lol:)(:

  2. Lack of yeast happened.No yeast, no puff puff

  3. puff puff without yeast? No sweetie. And it is very easy to make. unlike akara, once you put it in oil, it 'rounds' and floats. it's not as healthy as Akara, that's why I dnt make it often. will probably do and post pictures for you.

  4. Use a deep frying pan and plenty oil. Eku ise maaam.

  5. Anonymous3/21/2013

    You are missing yeast,a very essential ingredient,in making puff-puff

  6. Anonymous3/21/2013

    Ok, u said it, no yeast 1st n i think ur frying pan/pot is not deep enough. My method is simple(with yeast anyway) and i wanna share wit u. Try mixing d yeast in luke warm water n then fold in ur dry ingredients to form a not-too-thick paste, it shoul b droppy n not watery. Cover n leave for a while n fry in deep hot oil. Enjoy...

  7. MrsAjaryee3/22/2013

    I think dr is a way ds pple dt sell it usually scoop with their hand n deep fry wt plenty oil in a shallow pot or wtevr; but u can't underestimate d role of yeast in puffpuff hence it turns to buns. Nice trial tho'

  8. Anonymous3/22/2013

    Lol!we learn everyday,apart 4rm aving d right ingredients in cooking,u shud know cooking methods matter a whole lot!don't u c d way d woman dat fries on d rd does it?dey use a deep frying pan,not dis ur type!u nid it,dey sell d small 1s!or mayb if u use a pot sha,den put plenty oil!or betta still y not buy an electric deep frier,dats if u av constant light saves gas n its fast too!

  9. Lol..Actually looks like tried anyway, now I know how to make puff puff.

  10. AHHH this is one of the most hilarious picture have seen, anty eya its still working hours oooo let my boss not fire me for laughing like a mad woman. first you forgot to put yeast, thats a very essential part of puff puff, then you need a frying pan thats deep, then its best to use your hand to scoop the puff puff.

  11. Anonymous3/22/2013

    i comment my reserve

  12. Ha aunty eya! U are always in d spirit, just yesterday i tried ds puff puff too n mine was even flatter than yours, even worst despite with d yeast. Infact, try n do another post wth complete recipe. Pleeease! U're doing a wonderful job. God bless .

  13. Yep, no yeast, no puff puff.

  14. There has to be yeast and u gotta use a deeper frying pan as they av suggested, plus after puttin d yeast n mixin cover with a foil or anything that wld keep it warm so that it can rise, when it has risen like almost double the content u put there. Then its ready to be fried, not sure of how many hours should wait for it to rise tho...

  15. Anonymous3/24/2013

    Ha! Aunty me, no yeast, no puff puff Oo°˚˚˚°!! Mix little yeast and sugar wiv warm water, not to warm so it won't kill d yeast. Wen it foams then it's good yeast, then pour it into ur bowl of flour, little salt, sugar and nutmeg. Mix let it be slightly thicker than pancake batter. Then cover and allow to rise for 40 to 45 mins. Do NOT let it exceede that time Oo°˚˚˚°!! Or u'll end up wiv bitter puff puff!. Scoop wiv hand and deep fry in hot oil. Enjoy!

  16. Anonymous3/28/2013

    I can cook, I can bake. I even sell to people o but the lowly puffpuff has eluded me. I cannot mix or fry for money. I make break o. Make my own pizza dough from scratch. Can whip up a triple chocolate mousse cake. Please help me beg puffpuff to love me small now.

  17. I have a similar story. I once made puff puff that turned out as flat as pan cakes and as hard as chin chin- totally hilarious and embarrassing. Thanks for sharing your experience, it gives us amateur cooks some hope.

  18. Anonymous12/23/2013

    Can I add milk and egg to my puff puff


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