Kunu drink for two made with flour.
Nigerian Kunu drink can also be made with dry corn flour, millet flour,
guinea corn flour and flour from other edible grains. Millet kunu is good for even weight losers because 100g serving contains just about 300 calories and we know that even a 1.5 litre kunun cannot contain that quantity of millet. I used about 1/2 kg (3 cups millet flour, 1400 calories) for this kunu and it produced 6 Liters. You cannot drink 6 litres in a day na. The common method of making these Nigerian grain drinks is by soaking the corn, millet Etc in water over night to ferment a bit before milling and processing. 

For those who do not always have that access to the mill and love to enjoy Nigerian drinks, you can, anytime. Shop your grains in large quantity, Mill and preserve the flour in airtight containers. These flour can be used for making millet foo foo swallow and also processing into delicious gingered drinks like kunu aya and the rest of those yummy drinks. Since I'm on a weight loss journey, I decided to eat foo foo swallow with the less calories, since Eba and pounded yam are very heavy and grains have less. I milled some millet and kept in airtight containers for my swallow and that's what I have been using for sometime now until my baby asked for kunu and I said to myself. "Why can't I make this kunu drink from the already milled flour at home?"
Thought of how to go about getting that little fermented taste of kunu and went to work. The result is this delicious kunu, tasting the exact same way we know and nutritious too. Henceforth, no need shopping grains everytime the kids want kunu drink. With my flour at home, chilled kunu drink will always be available. Kids love love to drink, they sometimes enjoy fluids more than solids and without these homemade drinks, they'll just be loading on sodas.

Millet flour

Dried ginger, dried sweet potatoes, clove soaked in water overnight.
Blended ingredients. (Shop blender on amazon)

For this delicious easy kunu drink, I used the following ingredients:
3 cups millet flour
2 cups dried sweet potatoes (Shop professional measuring cups)
1 teaspoon clove
1 cup dried ginger
1 cup granulated sugar

1. Soak the flour in water over night same way the grains are soaked. Make it watery because the flour tends to soak up more water as it stays in there.
2. Also soak the ingredients in a different container so they soften enough for your kitchen blender to handle since you not taking them to a mill.
3. The next day, blend the ingredients with your kitchen blender or food processor. (Shop food processor)
4. Take a little of the fermented flour and mix with the just blended ingredients, scoop a little and add to the fermented flour.
5. Empty the mixed fermented flour into a larger basin or pot.
4. Boil water and pour in there the way Nigerian pap is made, pour the boiling water until pap thickens and set aside.
Leave to cool a bit for about an hour before pouring in the blended kunu ingredients. Stir with a long wooden spoon and mix very well.
5. Sweeten if you want it sweeter for kids. Leave to cool properly before sieving with a cheese cloth, female panty hose, or any fine sieve that won't let in lumps.
6. Refrigerate and serve chill.
7. Enjoy your easy Nigerian kunu drink.


  1. I've never had it.

  2. Wow this is lovely,thanks

  3. I am sure there is receive for pap with millet flour.Pls if you have it can you post the link.

    1. How to make pap from scratch with millet.


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