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Kunu drinks are non alcoholic beverages made from grains with spices and herbs like ginger, cloves, and sometimes chillies and african negro pepper added for nutrition and flavour. Sweet potatoes is also a main ingredient in kunu, while malted rice can also be added for that malted feel and taste. They are very satisfying and great to take on a hot afternoon. Kunu drinks originated from Northern Nigeria. and There are about five types of kunu drinks in Nigeria, namely (How many times did I mention the term kunu drinks sef): The weather is beginning to get really hot, there's need for some homemade beverage drinks in the fridge for the kids. There is a kunun aya recipe on the blog already.

Kunun zaki
Kunun gyada made with groundnut milk
Kunun akamu from maize
Kunun tsamiya
Kunun baule Kunun jiko Amshau   Kunun gayamba
Kunun zaki is the one drink that's most commonly consumed from The North right to The South, East and Western Nigeria. This kunu recipe I'm sharing today is from ku…

Self Help For Your Libido

Thanks Julia, I had to bring this comment to front page so everyone can see. She responded on the post HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU HAVE SEX.  I HOPE THERE'S NOT GOING TO BE SCARCITY OF TIGER NUTS AND DATES AFTER TODAY? You can also read how to make Tigernut drink (kunun aya) by Sadiya.
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How To Make Good Yogurt At Home Without A Machine

The word yogurt comes from Turkey and refers to a tart, thick milk. The origin of yogurt is not singular to any culture, it has always been around cultures that kept animals for milk. Yogurt is a sourish food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used to make yogurt are known as "yogurt cultures"  Homemade yogurt is great and very very easy for anyone, all you need is milk and a few spoonfuls of your favourite plain yogurt to use as starter culture. After the first, you don't need to buy plain yogurt to use as starter anymore as you can always preserve some of your own to use as starter for the next batch. Yogurt will always use Yogurt as a starter so I wonder how the very first ever yogurt was made, what was used as starter?
Here, I took step by step pictures of the making of this delicious yogurt with my phone, up to

Tigernut Drink (kunun Aya) By Sadiya

Natural Libido Enhancer: Try this drink if you want an improvement in our bedroom.Good day Aunty Eya. Trust God you are doing well. Want to appreciate you for the good work you've been doing, I've really

How To Make Nutritious Nigerian Zobo Drink By Deborah Bala

Zobo drink recipe
Nigerian zobo drink.
Zoborodo!  zobo for short is a drink made from dried flowers, it's known as sobolo in Ghana sorrel in Caribbean bis app in Central Africa, rosella in Australia .  Zobo drink is  very nutritious and medicinal.

Ingredients for zobo drink:

 Back of pineapple optional
 Back of orange optional , ginger,
 pepper soup spices
 honey ( please don't use sugar let's eat and drink healthy) cucumber. 
How to:

Wash the zobo leaves thoroughly with clean water to remove dirt wash the pineapple also and cut into small chunks. Get a clean pot, put thezobo leaves, back of pineapple, back of orange, ginger, garlic, local spices (images below) and water and allow to boil. Once it starts boiling, wait for about 10 minutes for it to boil very well. Blend the pineapple with little pepper, and the black round spice (African nutmeg. pour the paste into the pot. Cover and leave for 10 minutes or more to cool. Sieve with a fine sieve or cheese cloth Add the…