Plantain and beans.
I can't believe it's one month already! Just like yesterday that I sat down and decided on losing this
weight once and for all. My brunch at noon was very local oh. Nigerian peanut butter with garden eggs, an avocado, boiled eggs and coconut. That was too filling and I couldn't clear the plate, left the coconuts yet I still felt too full, next time, I'll just take half that quantity abeg. Early Dinner by 4pm; 1/2 cup beans and 4 slices plantain with some vegetables. Still took a mango later sha. 
I would have added todays weight here but I like to check after exercising and burning some phat. Later...
Avocado, garden eggs, boiled eggs, coconut, Nigerian peanut butter.

Thank God easter has come and gone, now we can all go clean with our food portions and hopefully lose some more weight before the end of April. At the beginning of March, I was 86kg, At the beginning of April, I am 80kg. By God's grace, even though I am going slow and steady (I don't want to lose weight too quickly because of the little side effects), I'd like to be below 80kg. By the end of this month, I'll be happy to weigh 76kg and just balance there jejely *Is that impossible?
I think it's possible and I believe that God has given me the power to make that happen, I only need to tap into self discipline, tap into focus, tap into determination, tap into self control, tap into believing in myself and working towards my goal. I have seen people who were very obese, make up their minds and before you say jack, they are adjusting dresses and shopping new size clothing. I have seen people get determined and lose weight naturally till they get to their goals. No one says it's easy o, it's not at all. Nothing good comes easy. Success requires hard work.
The personal trainers and body builders we see today, some of them were obesed at some point before making that major decision to correct things and now you won't believe they were once fat. 80 year old trainer Shephard took that decision at 56, and see where she is today, she decided to change her life at 56 and most of us are even younger and should do better but we drag our feet and think it's too difficult or it's for some special people? No! If an 80 year old woman could decide at the age of 56 to change, and she succeeded, now her new lifestyle has kept her so healthy she trains other people. Her body at 80 is still so full of strength and vigour. We destroy ourselves by the choices we make in Life. When we do not care about being in shape or living healthy, is it magic that will fix our worn out and tired bodies. If you leave your car the way we leave our bodies, what will happen within just one year? Constantly checking up, fixing, changing tires, fueling and all that but our bodies? We just watch nature do whatever it likes. We watch the body increase and increase until the poor heart begins to suffer and suffer and suffer just to pump enough blood round the body. The liver begins to suffocate under the burden of serving this BIG body we now have. What about the kidneys, they begin to cry and get depressed from the pressure of working over time because while our bodies grow bigger and bigger, these organs do not, they remain small and continue strive to serve in a difficult working environment that we have created for them.


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