One cup Plantain porridge with green vegetable stew.
Saturday Brunch was one slice of bread with boiled eggs and beverage. Naked coleslaw for some
fiber. So yesterday, after posting my dinner here, like 2 hours later, I served myself this spicy Nigerian peanut butter with garden eggs. Fear of eating too much and what the scale will read this morning made me spend two hours burning the fat o. I did early morning jogging and walking for 11/2 hrs, returned home and spent another 30 minutes stretching, doing squats, pushups, situps etc. 

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Spicy Nigerian peanut butter with garden eggs.

Brunch: one slice bread with boiled eggs, 1/2 cup beverage, coleslaw and an avocado.

It was after all that exercising that I summoned courage to stand on the scale. Happy it's still 80 kg. I know I'm going slow and steady, not in a hurry at all but, sometimes, I still feel that guilt when I over eat. Even this morning, 1 egg should have been just fine and, eating all that I feel too full right now but sha no wahala, the scale will tell us by tomorrow if this brunch is ok or not. I like that my body is really adjusting and these days, when I eat above the 'new' quantity I serve myself, there's this discomfort in my stomach and I love that.
Dinner was 1 cup plantain porridge with vegetable stew.
I'd like by Day 30 of my weight loss journey, to record another short video of my new size so we all see how fast those folds are disappearing and the stomach too how it's automatically adjusting it's flabby sitting position. 
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