Nigerian Plantain Porridge Recipe

A plate of plantain porridge with green vegetables.
Plantain porridge with green vegetables.

A plate of plantain porridge with green vegetables.
Plantain porridge can be cooked with or without vegetables. This is cooked with ugu vegetables but sometimes I cook porridge with uziza or mint leaves. Unripe plantain porridge is very healthy. Those avoiding sugars can eat without
feeling guilty.  

Bush meat or goat meat is also very good with plantain
porridge. Whether you cook with bush or goat meat, remember to add smoked catfish.I don't like the taste of crayfish in plantain porridge that's why it's not  here.

Unripe plantain porridge can be mashed and given to babies being introduced to solids. And please,I think Basil leaf is not scent leaf. Mint leaf is scent leaf. 
Fairly ripe plantain can also be cooked this way. Uziza (hot) leaves give this dish a great yummy taste.

A bunch of unripe plantain
Adding washed smoked fish to boiling water
Adding knorr seasoning cubes
Adding pepper
Adding plantain to boiling pot

  • Water the level of plantain in the pot
  • 3 medium sized Smoked catfish
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tablespoon ground freshPepper
  • 1/2 cup palm oil
  • 5 fingers unripe or fairly ripe Plantain
  • 2 tablespoons Locust beans
  • A handful shred Uguuziza vegetables or scent leaves
Adding salt to boiling plantain
Adding palm oil to boil
Palm oil boils and mixes well
Adding ground locust beans to plantain
ugu vegetable for this porridge plantain
 Adding vegetables to cooked plantain

Cooked porridge plantain
A small serving of porridge
A large serving of porridge plantain
Healthy Plantain porridge
Tasty plantain porridge

A plate of sizzling hot plantain porridge
Smoking hot Plantain porridge
Healthy tasty plantain porridge
Hot unripe plantain porridge
Thick plantain porridge
Plantain porridge can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ingredients added at about 2 to 3 minutes intervals.
For sweet tooth:)This can also be cooked with fairly ripe plantain.

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  5. Dodo with fried black eyed peas
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  7. Fried brown beans and plantain by Shayor
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  9. Plantain porridge with goat meat and uziza
  10. Boiled plantain with sardine stew
  11. Plantain porridge by Elizabeth Obaze
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  13. Plantain with fish, liver and crunchy snails by Mavis
  14. Plantain with eggplant sauce and goat meat


  1. Anonymous5/17/2013

    Yummy aint d word boo..
    Damn lady Eya..
    Billie jean

    1. Anonymous4/25/2014

      Fake Billie, get a life. Oniranu oloshi

  2. Aunty Eya you have gone international wire. I just saw the lovely Nollywood Mercy Johnson and her baby purity among your Google+ followers.

  3. Hm, Locust beans....That's a new one for me. Will try it. Nice one!

  4. Anonymous5/17/2013

    Good food na maggi, i prefer it with uziza

  5. Anonymous5/17/2013

    I 'll neva believe in Technology until d Oyibo pple invent machine, jst any Machine dat can download Food. Damn, this Plantain looks outta d Planet, looks delicious!... That pepper though, *rme* I jst hope it won't burn down my 'Longer' throat. I always sing National Anthem in Mass n turn my books upside down each time I eat 2much pepper. No matter what, I'm gonna try dis. Broda Bona, Pls bookmark dis one make we try am 2geda.


    1. Looolz av done dat my brother.
      Do u serve at mass?

      ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    2. bia bonario u dey here too? nawa oooo BTW arent u suppose to change ur signature to LUMIA icho ndi nokia nwere ya lumia

  6. O boy, me I want to download into my plate if possible.

  7. Anonymous5/17/2013

    Aunty Eya can I cuk dis wit ripe plantain??? Unripe plantain no dey sweet me jor! But dis looks nice though, very very inviting!
    Great blog!

    1. Try mixing the two in the ratio of one ripe to two unripe, it makes it sweeter, while giving you the nutrients in unripe ones.

    2. I tried with fairly ripe plantain last night and it was great.

  8. So on point.......I want!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous5/17/2013

    Pls someone should help wit the recipe for fish barbeque. Thnkx

  10. Anonymous5/17/2013

    Not my kind of food...

    1. Anonymous5/18/2013

      You must be a lover of sugar then. Me likey.

  11. MissDee5/18/2013

    Aunty Eya this is nice but I don't like locust beans. Can I cook without it?

    1. Yes Misdee you can.

    2. Anonymous4/26/2014

      Eya u are beautiful in evry sense. Ur blog has been vry gd. I hv learnt a lot. Also a gd cook nw.

  12. Eya, you are a great cook. Your hubby and kids are damn lucky mehn.

  13. It'll help if you told us the time intervals between adding the ingredients. E.g how long between when you added the plantain and when u added the palm oil, 'cos if you add both immediately, the pot starts burning.
    I think timing is the only thing missing from the recipes on your blog. Not everyone is an expert that can deduce the time to add what and what to the pot knowing fully well that unripe plantain takes a while to become tender.
    All in All, looks nice and yummy :)

    1. Anonymous5/18/2013

      I add my ingredients in like 5 minutes intervals and it's very ok. After everything is added, if plantain is still hard, i Allow to ontinue simmering until tender. Eya uses her eyes to do timing, at least that's what she told us.

  14. Lovely!! I'm sooooooooo gonna try dis tonite. Aunty Eya, tnx for giving me dinner idea dis nyt. *e-hugs and e-kisses for u*

  15. Sorry, but Anuty Eya wat is locust beans?

    1. It's called dadawa at the local markets.

    2. Or Iru. Don't know if I got the spelling right.

    3. Anonymous4/25/2014

      @Jay, Iru is different.

  16. WORRIED LADY4/25/2014

    aunty Eya i have been very disturbed lately. firstly, there was this guy i was seeing in 2012, God fearing and all, but he was very petty and likes to keep mailce. and then whenever we have an argument or quarrel, he wants out. the last straw that broke the camels back was when he asked me to choose between him and my family. and i just tot that was the height. and i let him go. now fast forward later in the year in 2013, i noticed he started calling me again, i knew he wanted to get back wt me, but it was too late as i was already seeing someone that loves me for me. and then i got engaged. okay since then i have been praying about it and i have asked others to join me. i have a conviction in my heart that he is the one for me, but somethings just needs to fall in place and it will through prayers. A friend of mine who is a pastor confirmed it a week after my engagement that he was the one and i need to continue praying and another pastor told me he is the one for me that will love me despite all., but the problem i have now is that two other men of God has told me that it doesn't look like Gods will for me. and whenever they are praying for me, they keep saying if its remaining one minute for me to say i do to the wrong person, that God should scatter it. i find it very disturbing because am suppose to be walking down the aisle in august. how am i suppose to concentrate on planning my wedding with such report.? even rite now i doubt myself and these days am being mean to my fiance . i dunno am just so afraid and scared. i don't want to make a mistake in my marital journey.
    please i your advice. thanks

    1. Anonymous4/25/2014

      My advice; deal with the matter yourself, don't involve others... When ℓ̊ was prayin b4 my wedding ℓ̊ asked God to do his thing nd show ME, ℓ̊ didn't go to any pastor. A̶̲̥̅♏ not saying going to God fearing pastors re bad, buh @ dis point ƴ۵џ shld 4get dem cos its already causing confusion for ƴ۵џ. When Jesus died on †ђ3 cross, †ђ3 temple curtain was torn in 2 giving everyone direct access to God.

    2. Dear worried lady lol, I love what anon 8:40 wrote. What is your level of communication with God. If you don't know how God talks to you, you may spend a lifetime never hearing from God. If you already know that I will like you to spend time alone praying(not petitional prayers but fellowship with God). There is no way God won't talk to you 1st about something as important as your life partner. Remember God told Abraham about his plans to destroy sodom n Gomorrah this goes to show that God love to communion with us.

  17. I love plantain porridge a lot, especially with beans and goat meat, yommy! But you are doing advert for knorr o! Did Thay pay you And Must it be knorr cube?

    Your comment will be visible after approval

    1. I cook with all the seasoning cubes in Naija o. This day I chose Knorr. Any seasoning of choice.

  18. Hi worried lady.....that tag though.

    There are certain things I have learnt in my walk with Christ. one is :- God will NEVER till someone something about you that he hasn't told you already or let me put it this way.....Gos won't tell another person something about you without revealing it to you first. the question now is..... are u listening?
    That being said, I will advice you go back to God in prayers. You Need to get a word or two from him concerning the situation. I TRUST the God I serve. he isn't an author of confusion so I know he would reveal what needs to be revealed TO YOU.

    Also an advice to Single ladies, PLEASE before you go into any relationship pray about it. not just pray but also ask God for confirmation about the guy/girl in question. Trust me if our sister got confirmation(s) from God about her present fiancé she wouldn't be worried at the moment.

    May God direct you and may he grant u wisdom. Amen.

  19. Kaiyayai!
    Eya o!
    This is just what I need!
    Looks absolutely delicious!
    The locust beans is a new twist to it though.

  20. Anonymous4/26/2014

    worried lady. Pls if u dnt hv peace about ur former guy just leave him. Also as a xtian u shuld be spiritually alert and sensitive. Dnt depend on pastors.

  21. Plus, basil leaf is that leaf they call curry leaf.

    1. I think basil is scent leaves

  22. See yummy meal oh. Need to try this ASAP. Anty Eya Weldon oh I know cooking and taking pictures is not easy especially with a baby.

    1. Thanks Debs, this is old o. Baby is taking so much time as we are still on our baby friendly at least for the next few weeks. No time to cook and take step by step pics yet o. These old recipes are cos of requests in my mail box. My three months or less exclusive breastfeeding will soon end sha.

  23. Hi, I have just discovered your web page because I was looking for a recipe for coconut rice. I have my coconut rice cooking as I type this thanks to you! your Plaintain porridge looks delicious as well. I shall make it tomorrow! Thanks.

    1. Thank you Bylohi. Sure you enjoyed that coconut rice.

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  25. SheaMapo5/04/2014

    Do you know nothing taste better than vegetable soup prepared with unrefined shea butter? Coming up soon with a post on that. I hope Anty Eya will publish it. Hehe! Have fun wives.

  26. Anonymous7/13/2014

    I like your post, just stumbled on it while searching for Nigerian delicacies. how do i become a member of this site, where do i click.?


  27. Thank you Anon 4:00, click on the "subscribe" button on your right to register free.


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